EPD Releases Information About Woman Accused of Breaking Windows Yesterday

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Amber Robina AdamsOn 10/18/18 at approximately 5:17 P.M., Officers of the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to a vandalism that had just occurred at a business located at the 400 block of 2nd Street. The reporting party (RP) explained that a female subject had thrown an unknown item through the window of the business. The RP was able to provide a description of the subject.

Shortly thereafter, another vandalism incident was reported at a business located at the 700 block of 5th Street. The RP of this incident explained that a subject had broken a window by hitting it with a metal pole. The description of the subject closely matched the subject from the prior vandalism.

Responding officers located a female subject nearby, who closely matched the description(s) provided by the RPs. Officers attempted to contact the female subject but she fled on foot. Officers pursued her. When officers caught up with her, she resisted their attempts to detain her. After a brief altercation, she was detained.

The RP’s from the two vandalisms responded to the location that the female was detained and positively identified her. The subject, identified as Amber Robina Adams (35 years old), was subsequently arrested for two counts of felony vandalism and resisting arrest.

Adams was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on her fresh charges and is being held on $55,000 bail.

Earlier Chapter: Fight Between Man and Woman Breaks Windows of (At Least) Two Eureka Businesses



  • Poor Amber, sleeping in the rough?
    Eureka, many of you are very close to the same fate. Take care of each other, because this is a huge problem, and it’s not just for the police to deal with.
    Look up Jacksonville FL to see how their citizens have created solutions that work for their homeless situation.
    When you think about the disastrous condition of the SF streets these days, you know it’s going to get worse!

    • Stop giving then things and they will leave. As long as they’re getting all the free services and money why would they want to leave?

  • It looks like the lights are (almost on) but No One is home!!! She appears to be not playing with a full deck!!!

  • Offer her a way to heal. If that starts with confinement, 3 meals a day and a cot, but doesn’t end there (re: mental health care), then fine.

    • This is the crux of the issue. People are always on about how Humboldt gives out too many free services, but our mental health services are way, WAY underfunded and understaffed.

      • yeah, but it’s unfair to lump a mental disability in with alcohol and drug abusers. i’m not for allowing those who cannot function to become a public problem and give them rewards for bad choices. consequences are what keep humans on the right track it seems, too much “freedom” is a hazard for some

        • Oh, some people get drunk? Well, then I guess we’re off the hook for taking care of our fellow man. There is a phenomenon known as self-medication, that when the mentally ill are not given access to proper medication, they turn to readily-available alcohol and other psychotropic substances. Just because someone has a substance problem, doesn’t mean they aren’t also diagosably mentally ill. The contrary, in fact.

        • What are you talking about?

          • Years or decades of substance abuse, especially low grade narcotics lead to metal disorders. So it’s a chicken or egg thing, which came first the meth pipe or talking to imaginary people?

            • maybe it was the riddlian their doctor told their parnets they needed when they were 2 years old. so he could male a few extra bucks on that pharm kick back…..

              • Could be. Drugs seem to be the easy choice for so many in so many situations. Why struggle when a chemical can, if not fix a problem, make it so much more tolerable?

            • Yep. Mental illness brought on by hard drug use. Also face tats count as a disability. Stop buying drugs and get a fuking haircut. These people dont want to change …. so save your breath

  • I will not shed a tear for these Old Town businesses and their troubles. Many of them discriminate in hiring on the basis of gender. Shall I name names? Ten Window Williams. Ciara’s Irish Shop (owner won’t even interview men for sales positions). Abraxas. Many Hands. Kokopilau. Etc etc

  • 50000$s bail and she didn’t touch anyone, but those convicted of violent assault on a person get probation.

    Crime on a person should be considered more serious than crime against a window.

    • well bail is refundable ……. not a fine so apple and oranges …

      • A crime against a person should get at least as much punishment as a crime against a window, but it does not. Most people can’t aford bail, so bail is a punishment. Some punishment vs no punishment is not apples and oranges.

        • Probation is what happens after conviction. Bail is what happens before conviction. The person arrested for a personal injury crime also has bail issues. This woman inevitably will be on probation too.

    • She was resisting arrest and destruction of property. If she would have stole the things that were inside the store, she would have been out yesterday. Thanks jerry

    • So good to see sane comments here.

  • There is another name for “the subsidization of apathy degrading the gene pool”…………”EUREKA”

  • “Society”, ie lawyers and the media, want it both ways- that a mentally ill person should not suffer involuntary commitment just because they disrupt society yet that same society is expected to treat mentally ill people into wellness. Well mentally ill people have their own ideas about treatment too and mostly, being mentally ill, their choices are not always helpful. Legally prescribed medications have side effects that are not always pleasant, life still has stresses and the opportunity to take illegal drugs, which make for feeling good temporarily, abound. So the result of this schizophrenic fantasy won’t work and the typical cycle resumes of incarceration, enforced sobriety or appropriate medication improving health, then release to go off official medications, resume old life style and getting into trouble again. Insisting on freedom of choice for people whose choices are bad results in exactly what exists now.

  • so tired of ya’ll posting photos of people accused….stop the shaming, it does not work and is unjust.

    • I never have understood this argument. If someone is arrested, it’s news. The point of news is for people to make their own minds up about facts. It is a fact this person was arrested. She hasn’t been convicted of the crime but she has been arrested for it. We can decide as a society that we don’t want to post the names of people arrested but that usually happens only in repressive regimes and leads to abuse of power. Or we can decide that we will trust our communities with the facts.

      Some people wrongly decide that an arrest is proof of guilt. It isn’t. And that, in my opinion, is where we should be focusing our energy–working on getting people to understand that innocent until proven guilty is a worthy exercise in protecting the accused and society as a whole. But as to hiding facts—I’m not convinced that much if anything is gained overall by shoveling ignorance over reality.

    • stop the shaming??? it’s called reality and being out of control in public acting a fool deserves alot more than a picture. hell, i’d be up for tar and feathering and driving fools like this around the county to be sure everyone sees them. shaming, omg, ridiculous

      • People who are really mentally ill (not just everyday sort of jackass) are not in control of their own actions. Their internal pressures are not easily reined in and they frequently process poorly. They can’t be blamed for their behavior, which they usually find as distressing to themselves as it is to others. There are no easy solutions to these issues as frequently the same mental illness that creates the bad behavior prevents the person from seeing what will help them. They resist treatment.

        That is not the same as a drug fueled addict acting out. At least until the drugs have permanently damaged the brain. But it has something in common with innate biological mental illness in that, since getting better means stopping taking drugs, they too are resistant to help. At least until or if they reach a point of being more afraid of the drugs killing them than living without this crutch.

        It’s a real dilemma for a society where there is a flock of lawyers ready to sue to get a person released despite such freedom meaning a return to irrationality or if treatment is ineffective or professional judgement is proven wrong by subsequent death or injury. In the end since all paths are subject to being blamed, the government has done the only safe thing- as little as possible. Until the public understands that there is no guarantees, there it stand. To no one’s advantage except the lawyer’s.

  • Trying to save stupid is our downfall

  • This is one of the worsen place for medical care and that is not talking about mental care. I was told by a doctor that if somebody wants a good medical services they better move to another place. The lack of good doctors even when u have private insurance is ridiculous. Dental the wait is around 8 months with dental insurance. General practitioner around 4 months that was my wait 🙁 . The beauty of the terrain is incredible but between you coming out from a stroke or a heart attack your body in working order is not too good and all depends in luck. If it’s such a thing.

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