[UPDATE Friday] Fight Between Man and Woman Breaks Windows of (At Least) Two Eureka Businesses


Photos by Mark McKenna

A woman was arrested in Old Town in Eureka before 6 p.m. today after a fight led to broken windows at multiple businesses.

Reporter Mark McKenna was told by Captain Brian Stephens of the Eureka Police Department that witnesses saw a man and the woman fighting and throwing rocks at each other in the area. McKenna said at least two businesses had broken windows as a result of the fight.

Officers chased and arrested a woman who was attempting to flee the scene on foot. Stephens told our reporter that officers had not been able to locate the man.

We will update this post when and if we hear more.

UPDATE Friday:Β EPD Releases Information About Woman Accused of Breaking Windows Yesterday



  • So many broken store windows, Dominos window on F street has been broken several times. Downtown Eureka is being hit hard with drugs, psychotic individuals and homelessness just walking, stumbling, sleeping in doorways. Graffiti tagging is everywhere. We need cops take their dogs for a walk downtown daily and in shifts

    • All I can say is buckle up. Desperation and despair will only get worse there is an armada of tens of thousands of south american refugees headed for our southern border. if Gavin has his way he will open up the freeway.

    • Ahhh yes, a most lovely place for the Cruise Ships to bring visitors.

    • One of my favorite rememberances of downtown Eureka when a very unkempt man grabbed a chair, threw it through the window of a business I was in onto the sidewalk. He immediately said he was sorry, went out, picked it up and threw the chair back into the business through the other window, sat down on the curb and waited for the police.

      I used to love Eureka. But it’s been spoiled by people having a sense of entitlement so that they are angry at other people instead of themselves when they screw up.

  • Eureka the northern most tip of the tenderloin.

  • Geographically…. it’s the armpit of California.

    There cutting all hard drugs with fentanyl. Only a matter of time before junkies lives get cut in half of what they already are .

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