[UPDATE Thursday] Fire on Buck Mountain

vegetation fire iconA fire started about 5:30 p.m. on Buck Mountain below Swayback Ridge in eastern Humboldt County near the Trinity County line in the Four Corners area.

According to Polly Kinsinger, a local resident, “Fire crews are here and they should have a handle on it pretty quickly. Thankfully there’s no wind tonight or we would have had a real problem… [A] jet dropped fire retardant twice within 30 minutes. I’m so thankful and impressed with their response.”

She added, “The biggest thing is the mountain came together again. The whole mountain came with personal water trucks, chainsaws and shovels and picks until the professionals got here. It is a testament to the mountain community.”

UPDATE Thursday: According to Peggi Lawrence of Six Rivers National Forest, “The Buck Fire started yesterday about 1730 and was contained at less than 2 acres. It was not staffed overnight and currently is in patrol status. Cause is under investigation.”






  • Passed the fire trucks at Dinsmore, I was worried because at the top of Dott’s drive an excavator working on the steep hillside dislodged a large boulder that came out on the road and I barely got by in time punching it, braking or any hesitation I would have got f’d up, didn’t see what happened next, if there was more or what. Thanks FFers!

  • So….I thought I saw someone setting a fire on the edge of hwy 36 around 5:30 as well..I’m not sure exactly where I was but I but I know it was West of Bridgeville. I saw smoke in the road way and was looking to see where it was coming from… it was in a dirt area behind some bushes… there was smoke coming from the ground and a man leaving VERY quickly on a dirt ike, he headed up a dirt road. I could not stop or pull over…. and I did not have service. I saw a fire rig headed out code 3 so I thought it was going to what I saw. However, now I think it was going to this incident. I am wondering if what I saw was related. Yes, I did call Calfire and report what I saw. Time frame is the same…as I had just come through the closure

  • Boy, go to town for the first time in ages & see what happens 😳. Thank you firefighters & Buck Mtn community for being on it 👍

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