You’re Invited to ‘Heal the Mateel’ This Sunday

This is a press release from the Mateel:

The Mateel Board of Directors would like to invite the community to a Heal the Mateel event on Sunday, October 21st from 4-7pm. This is a potluck event, please bring a dish to share.

This event is a continuation of the Generational Gathering in September. Board members will be present and need to hear from folks more ways that the Mateel can serve our community and fundraise money, stay relevant and grow stronger.

This event is of course free, but donations are welcome. Attendees can also become a member or renew their membership at the event. Please join us as we envision the Mateel’s role in the community, connect with our neighbors, and continue the healing. #MateelForever



  • So boot the free meal program, then ask the kids to pay rent for their space to have a play.. And now you want to have a gathering to discuss your relevants in the community as a center…. Didn’t pay the bills on time , signed contracts without reading them and the list goes on and on… And now wants to throw more money at a sinking ship… Good luck the dream has died…

  • We Will Get By
    We Will Survive

  • The Mateel Community Center is a bright and shining light in a dark and dismal world and always has been. The “Dream” is still very much alive.Peace and love through community. Peace and love. Politics and $ will corrupt anything and most people. Peace and .love is,,,,,,,,well,,,,,peace and love. Of course peace and love is like a cure for cancer. There’s no money in it.

  • Mateel is dead
    Thanks board members.
    Greed and stupidity killed it.

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