15-Year-Old Suspect in Fatal Stabbing in Eureka’s Ocean View Cemetery Can’t Be Tried as an Adult Under New Law

An EPD vehicle with an officer blocks the entrance to the cemetery.

An EPD vehicle with an officer blocked the entrance to the Ocean View Cemetery on the night of the fatal stabbing. [Photo by Ivory Marx]

After gathering information from an arrest warrant used in the case of a 15-year-old boy and his mother, Lorna Leen, accused of the fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Brandon Brocious in the Ocean View Cemetery on August 9, the North Coast Journal published a detailed account yesterday of what law enforcement believes occurred that night.

This is one of the cases that was affected by a new California law that prohibits a juvenile from being tried as an adult unless he is over 16 at the time of the crime. The 15-year-old would have faced a sentence of 25 years to life if convicted as an adult. Under the new law, he can only be imprisoned until he is 25 years old.

Lorna Jean Leen

Lorna Jean Leen

Kim Wear of the Journal wrote,

According to previous media reports, Brocious’ family believes he became acquainted with Leen and her son while distributing his homemade sourdough bread to the homeless.

After finding Leen and her son at the cemetery, the affidavit states Brocious told the teen suspect that they were keeping his backpack until the phone was returned. The suspect then reportedly said, “Mom you got my back,” and “Either you hold him (Brocious) or her (the teen girl)” and displayed a large kitchen knife, which he began swinging at Brocious.


The rest of the highly detailed account can be found in the North Coast Journal.

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  • This is too bad. In my very balanced opinion they should both- mother and son- be put to death. We have too many people. We need to reduce population. We do not need extremely stupid, violent and homicidal humans wandering about stealing and killing. The 15 year-old is already ruined by his mother. These are people who should be humanely put down. We have allowed our justice system to be skewed to where it protects the criminals and fosters an unhealthy social atmosphere. We need to take some serious steps to correct our path. This kid will not be rehabilitated. That is a fantasy held by those who want to believe that everybody is redeemable and we can all be happy together eating gumdrops and riding pink unicorns. It’s a nice fantasy but here in the real world it only acts to make decent people more vulnerable to the darkness that lives in some.

    • “Balanced…” ?! I think you should look that word up….

    • Ramon Tello (Logic Professor)

      “We need more decent people in this world, so lets start killing people!”

      Spock tells me your logic is flawed…

      • white cops on dope

        Exactly, fucking morons.

      • We need LESS people. Millions LESS people. Not more of any kind. Who do you think should go? Because right now it’s 3rd World children starving to death. There is not enough to go around anymore and the noose is tightening. You think we should spend limited resources keeping murderers fed and housed? How about the children who never killed anybody who are living hungry out on the streets? Decisions need to be made or life will cruelly make them for us. Please- lend us some better idea instead of mocking mine?

        • So much for innocent until proven guilty. The kid is 15. His body and brain have yet to fully develop and you want him killed without ever going through a trial, but, according to your balanced opinion, it’s okay as long as it is done humanely.

          Your funny!

          By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, Nature is well on it’s way to taking care of the overpopulation issue.

          • Hoj in training You are literally part of and are the problem . Your the sick one in this equation and and so is anyone who agrees with you. So your saying his brain isn’t developed enough to decide maybe he shouldn’t have stabbed a person to death in a cemetery. Think about how the fifteen year old kid he murdered felt as he was having a knife stabbed into his body by a person and there mother. The thoughts going through the victims head as this happened . The victims mother and father crying after losing there child which is the most important part of there life . Imagine the pain the family will experience for the rest of there life . The family will never be the same . The murderer ruined the lives of the whole family . Harsh penalties are what keeps people from committing crimes . And the only problem is that the penalties by far are not harsh enough . And if anyone thinks different then let these criminals go to live in your house if there not so bad.

        • For everyone and anyone who believes truly that this world is overpopulated. There is one quick, easy thing you can do to help that problem Out. Feel Free! Wait, what’s that? you don’t want to kill yourself, somebody else should die in your place? fucking hypocrite!

          But yes, this kid and his mother should face very harsh penalties. Our whole penal system needs to be changed. Inmates should not be coddled with the idea that they’ll somehow be rehabilitated, they need to be punished for their crimes. If Punishment was severe enough other people would see said punishment and not want to be subjected to the same punishment. Just maybe they might behave themselves in order not to be punished like the ones that dont.

      • Yeah,well,having babies and letting them loose without direction while getting high for life is not logical. Or stabbing the friend who fed your family,or all of the other events that harm ones self or others.
        So a horrible end would be logical.
        Punishing a murderer with death seems logical to me.
        Feeding a person that kills,while babies starve does not seem logical.
        Jail is not unknown to minors,so their own lack of self-preservation is not logical. Remember,you’re feeding them now,also healthcare and other services. Shit I can barely afford,maybe I would prefer the space,money,time,investment be spent on someone without a murder rap.

    • How many children do you have.
      I agree with the idea of population control and that species management ought to apply to humans, but I see very few people practicing it.

      • For real! Why do all these unhappy or unstable people feel the need to produce a “mini-me”,to instill their failed hopes and dreams into.
        In an overpopulated world. I hate my neighbor because they have 5 kids. That’s too fucking many!

      • You do know the birth rate in America has been underneath replacement levels for decades. 65% of our population increase is due to immigrants and emigrants children legal or not. Not that I have a problem with legal immigration, we need it to keep our country healthy. However, I find most people that get on the Soap Box bitching about overpopulation are the same people that have no problem with illegal immigrants or believe humans should be able to go anywhere they want.

    • Good comment I agree. Anyone who doesn’t agree is part of the problem . Maybe if the crime happened to someone they love they would think different . I’m tired of criminals getting off with no penalties and all the good people pay the price . It’s getting more and more like that . Too much sympathy for the bad people in the world . The criminals make there own decisions .

  • whokilledourdaddy

    over it… is misinformed.
    the 15 year old has been a ward of the state since he was a toddler.
    Lorna never raised him,
    CHILD WELFARE did !!!
    he was in state custody in Bakersfield and ran away.
    CWS KNEW this and knew he was in Humboldt.
    and did nothing.

    get informed

    • Thanks for more info! I only have one opinion, I’m only one guy- so don’t get so upset when I express it. I still stand by most of what I said. I would like to see a death penalty return and I’d like to see us start clearing out some hopelessly violent and dangerous criminals. Perhaps others agree with me. We do have a major overpopulation problem that will kill us all. Perhaps you have a better idea for addressing that- something real because the problem is real and very current. Thank you!

    • Maybe it is every person following the news that is misinformed then. I never read that in the dozen articles about these life stealers.

      • whokilledourdaddy

        sometimes you have to ask Real people Real questions when you want to find out the Real story… not just read whatever is published…

  • California Child protective services, what a freaking joke.

    Here’s a report I’d like to see. How many of our career criminals, and homeless are there because they were raised by CPS.

    I personally know of a child who was taken from her parents at age of 8. The state institutionalized the child. When she turned 18 the state sent her out the front door of their facility, said you are mentally disabled, here’s a monthly Social Security Disability strippend and good luck!

    The child was given no life skills by the state. The state would not allow her mother to intervene (the child was taken from the house hold because her father was abusing the older child, unknown to the rest of the family. The mother divorced the man, filed charges, yet the state still took all the children away and took 70% of the mother’s salary to cover the foster care for her 3 kids. Mean while the father was in jail) 10 years later, The child is homeless, has a long list of arrests for everything from drug use to prostitution.

    She has “Friends” for the first few days after she gets her SSI then they disappear when the money does. She prays for a “Good guy” to come and rescue her, mean while, she has been beaten by guys, had two children, One of the dads in a drug fueled rage, took a knife and cut up all the furniture…..her children CPS took away. They (cps) mandate she take parenting classes. She did, She dumped the guys in her life, she passed every class and requirement the state threw at her and the state still deemed she was unfit and put one child up for adoption, the other is still in foster care, and still string this woman along with false hopes that they will give her one of her children back.

    Yet, the drug house down the street, gets busted all the dang time, cps takes the kids and they are home with in hours.

    I worked for CPS for 6 years. I quit. I couldn’t take the jaded, lying, underhanded bullshit the social workers pulled, they reminded me of a bunch of middle school bullies.


    How about the family of the deceased look into suing the state for failing both children.

  • This is appropriate. Either you are an adult , legally, or you are not.

    • Age of sexual consent is 16 in some states. I guess kids are smart enough to reproduce. But not pay for their horrible choices.
      The kind of choices that are looked down upon and punished by nearly every culture through time.
      But his birthdate is */*/** so he didn’t really know what he was doing…

  • So he may serve ten years. That’s still more than some of the adult murderers in the area.

    Either way he’s getting a parentectomy.

  • 38 years later he might be tried for this and publicly at that

  • Thank goodness some measure of sanity has been made law. Science has shown clearly that impulse control and judgement are not well developed at this age. Resonsibility is seriously diminished.

  • Yuk,this case boils me. The poor teenage girl that saw all this shit. Lets ask her if these two should be housed and fed on her dime. She will be paying taxes soon to take care of this scum,while trying to get ahead in life in a town full of these life-stealing,murderous pieces of crap with human skin.
    I hope them the very worst lives,since they are allowed to continue theirs somehow.

  • A mom shitty enough to help her kid kill,but won’t just take the rap for him.
    That’s your loving mother,kid.

    Better not see you around in 10 years.

  • Is there a site with updates on scum like this? To let us know when a murderer is released into society?
    Probably a violation of their rights…

    • whokilledourdaddy

      I wish you cared this much about the 4 year unsolved murder of Casey Campbell… that murder still walks your neighborhood Lucky… at least these 2 are locked up. im not defending them just stating facts.

  • Concerned Citizen


    If you sign up for it, The Vine website will notify you when there is any change in the incarceration status (changing jails, release, etc.) of an inmate that you have named. It works.

  • This is just a reminder that we must keep abortion accessible, safe, and legal.

  • What about the developing brain of the teenage victim? What about consideration for the victim, and consideration of the community’s safety.

    “Household of “thrill kill” sufferer, DA concern new laws might set assassin free.”


  • If we went to greater lengths to better our schools and programs for children through out the country, instead of funneling our tax dollars towards drug rehab, jails and prisons, handouts for the homeless…. if we quit spending our money so heavily on fixing dysfunctional, damaged, criminal adults and spent more time and money preventing the nations children from becoming dysfunctional criminal adults maybe we would see a better change in society. Quit hording the good schools away from poor communities. Quit handing out opportunity and advancement to only those with $$$$$$$.
    I went to many different schools throughout the state, over 12 and was homeless half my childhood. There are many problems leading the youth towards crime and violence. Poverty being the #1 reason.
    With all the new taxes being taken i see most of it being funneled to roads, police departments, government businesses like dmv’s, drug programs etc. Where i dont see them being funneled is schools, or other programs that help our youth succeed.
    Spend some money on our nations children, and their educations, instead of using to repair criminals and drug addicts. Prevention is more effective than rehabilitation.

  • Read what you vote for that law has had awful consequences. It made domestic violence an unprosecutable felony and leaves officers with babysitting duties when the arrests they made are released after a few days with no charges. Other murders have gone unsolved, of children, on our North Coast. I love my home but at times the evil of humans is almost unbearable. Death is awful enough without it being at the hands of others.

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