[UPDATE 7:49 p.m.] ‘Fast Moving Fire’ in Redding Forcing Evacuations

Crop of an image taken about 10:30 a.m. from Lake Blvd and Market Street in Redding

Crop of an image taken about 10:30 a.m. from Lake Blvd and Market Street in Redding. [Crop of a photo by Deanna Giuliani]

Firefighters are scrambling as a vegetation fire blew up quickly near Masonic Avenue in Redding which is north of the Sundial Bridge in the Sulpher Creek Hill area. Structure protection for homes on Barbara Avenue has been requested.

Redding Police tweeted around 11:05 a.m., “Evacuations orders for Barbara Rd, Pearl St. and Nancy Ct., neighborhoods north of Benton Dr, to Lake Blvd. and west of Market St due to a fast moving fire. Areas south of Benton should be prepared to evacuate.”

The Incident Commander estimated over the scanner traffic at approximately 11:10 that the fire is aboout 20 acres. The fire is being called the Masonic Incident.

The area, along with a large swath of Northern California is under a Red Flag warning meaning that fires are particularly prone to spreading quickly. There are predicted to be strong winds and low humidity.

The Facebook group Fire & Traffic Information Shasta County has multiple threads addressing this critical situation. Here’s one that is full of photos and videos.

UPDATE 11:50 a.m.: Flight Radar shows where a Forest Service plane is circling the area of the fire.

Flight radar plane path

UPDATE 11:58 a.m.: According to the Incident Commander speaking over the scanner, the fire is now about 30 acres. Forward progress of the fire has slowed. But there are spot fires.

UPDATE 12:14 p.m.: A Redding Searchlight reporter tweeted video of a home burning on Barbara Drive:

UPDATE 12:18 p.m.: Last night there were a series of fires believed to have been set in the Cottonwood area, about 30 minutes drive from today’s fire. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office just released the following information:

New Series of Fires
Cottonwood, CA

On Sunday, October 14, 2018 at 0258 hours, a vegetation fire on Trefoil Lane just west of Balls Ferry Road was reported to Cottonwood Fire Protection District and the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. Fire personnel and patrol deputies responded to the location and the fire was quickly extinguished. Over the next couple hours, additional vegetation fires were reported along the edge of the roadways in the Cottonwood area. All of the affected roadways include:

Trefoil Lane just west of Balls Ferry Road, Cottonwood;
Cremia Place at Manzi Way (Rhonda Road), Cottonwood;
Gas Point Road west of Della Lane, Cottonwood;
Main Street south of Front Street, Cottonwood;
Yokum Road at Cinnabar Road, Cottonwood;
Locust Street north of Trefoil Lane, Cottonwood;
Balls Ferry Road at Woolery Lane, Cottonwood;

Fire Firefighters with Cottonwood Fire Protection District and CAL Fire responded and all fires were extinguished quickly. No structures were damaged by the fires and no injuries were reported.

Members of the Shasta County Arson Task Force and Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Major Crimes Unit are currently investigating these fires which are considered suspicious and believed to be set by a person or persons. Investigators and Detectives are reviewing evidence in this series of fires and comparing evidence with the previously set fires to determine any similarities. Specific details about the Cottonwood fires, correlations between all the fires and investigative efforts cannot be released for the integrity of the overall investigations.

If any residents have video surveillance in the above listed areas, please call the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit at 530-245-6135 immediately. If anyone has specific information about who is responsible for setting any of the Cottonwood fires, they are urged to call the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit at 530-245-6135 or email mcu@co.shasta.ca.us. Tips can also be left with Secret Witness at 530-243-2319 or at www.scsecretwitness.com. Up to $10,000 reward is currently be offered for information that leads to an arrest.

UPDATE 12:27 p.m.: Redding Firefighters tweeted,

UPDATE 12:35 p.m.: According to a report over the scanner, forward progress has been stopped.

UPDATE 4:37 p.m.: Redding Fire Department Deputy Chief Cullen Kreider tweeted at 2:32 p.m., “Shaky containment on the Masonic Fire, 38 acres, 1 structure damaged, 1 civilian minor burns. Benton Drive remains closed to thru traffic. Crews will be mopping up for several hours.”

UPDATE 7:49 p.m.: Redding Police posted, “Evacuations have been lifted. Barbara Rd. Is still closed at Nancy Rd. due to fire personnel and equipment.”



  • Please get it under control Redding can’t stand another fire how did it get grown 20 acres no more homes lost please and no more firefighters hurt Pray For Rain

  • Oh good grief!!! Just in time for red flag fire warning!! It’s frikn October mother nature! Good luck FFs and be safe

  • Prayers don’t result in anything but self soothing. Just don’t start fires and be prepared.

    • Anti troll league

      How dare you be so rude to someone not harming anyone. There’s enough negative energy around already.

      • Cough…?

        Perhaps, something like…Even if prayers are not something you believe in, please allow others their own method of finding peace.

        • Well said Kym!

          You don’t have to believe & no one if forcing you to but please be respectful.

        • Beautiful Kym. I’ll bet you were a great teacher. 🙂

        • Are you becoming Canadian? (Aboout 20 acres)😊🇨🇦

        • Spoken like a true atheist, Kym. But the larger issue IS respect for others’ spiritual beliefs, I agree.

        • That is a refreshing and accurate statement. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no prayer is going to bring rain or prevent pain. But it makes for a warm and fuzzy feeling for many.

        • Anti troll league

          No. Enough. If a person has nothing to offer, they have no business ripping someone else. It’s too ugly to let pass.

          • yet your responce was just as ugly… two wrongs …… makes excatly that twice the negitive. cast the first stone and all that … glass house …. no rocks ….. but hey if you want to play on the internet best not to care what others say.

            • Anti Troll’s response wasn’t ugly, imo. It was just an honest expression to let the person know that what was said was offensive.
              Prettier language could have been used, which Kym kindly pointed out, but we’re all still waiting for “teacher” to kindly point out how the op could have said their comment in a prettier fashion. It takes two to tango so to speak.
              Both could have used prettier words, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, everyone has a right to believe their beliefs without intentional snide and hurtful remarks from others.
              People have a right to be offended.
              People have a right to defend themselves.
              People have a right to their beliefs and their non beliefs.
              People even have a right to offend.
              But it’s not polite, pretty, loving or even acceptable to intentionally offend.

              With that said, I admire AntiTroll for speaking up or we would never have known that AT was offended. With knowledge comes power of healing and understanding. Truce’s can’t be grasped when nobody’s speaking up.

            • Anti troll league

              It is being personally disrespectfull that is offensive. And finitely more offensive when handed out to respectful people who are unlikely to tell the insulted just what creeps they are.

              Not being all that sensitive and deferential myself, I have no problem with doing that. Those who live by trolling are fair game to be killed by trolling. The only fair game that is acceptable.

              • When I was a child, the irony of being spanked for hitting someone was not lost on me. How’s your sense of irony?

                • Anti troll league

                  I wonder if you got spanked because you hit someone in anger or a defenseless person or for some inappropriate reason. I don’t know your parents so I don’t know. I was only “spanked” once and I think it bothered my parent worse than me so can’t really speculate. I can see that a spanking might be done from a desire to teach. Whether it is ever a good method is beyond my experience.

                  But deciding that countering a bully’s words with strong language is equivalent is a questionable tranference of the emotions. It is no more, as you so patronizingly put it, ironic than shoving away an adult hitting a child or grabbing a purse back from someone who snatched it. I’m surprised that you don’t consider the difference between responding a bully and being a bully. And spare no words for the bully but choose to rebuke the effort to stop it. Now that’s irony. Sad world.

                • This was the original statement. “Prayers don’t result in anything but self soothing. Just don’t start fires and be prepared.” While not exactly a warm fuzzy way of stating someone’s opinion that prayers are not a substitute for action, I feel it far less bullying than “How dare you be so rude to someone not harming anyone. There’s enough negative energy around already.”

                  The first is an opinion that I think could be phrased more kindly but it is a valid opinion. The second, yours, is also a valid opinion but phrased even less kindly. And, by someone who is very aware, articulate and intelligent. I value you as a commenter with a different opinion than myself on many situations. But I think you aren’t aware that you contribute quite a bit of negativity generally directed at commenters you perceive of as liberal which is too bad because I think you are often make me think of things from a different perspective.

              • Take a deep breath and say “Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

        • Muddy Black Dodge

          Good for you Kym… Love how you flip the script on hateres, by simply proposing a different way interpreting a nother persons veiw

      • I agree with TQM. These people acting like their delusions are somehow beneficial and that they’re somehow helping fire victims with crazy instead of with anything useful really should be stopped. You see them at every fire-related article. Letting people think that talking to the voices in their heads is helping probably reduces the amount of actual help, which is harmful to others.

        If you want to actually help, here’s some ideas:
        Donate to your local fire department.
        Donate to the red cross.
        Donate blood.
        Maintain a clear area around your property and otherwise keep firefighters from needing to spend as many resources to try to save your own house.
        Reduce your carbon footprint or do other activities to slow down global warming.
        Donate food or clothing when asked for by reputable charitable agencies.
        Be a volunteer firefighter.

        Here’s some things that don’t help, and you shouldn’t do:
        Talking to yourself.
        Donating food or clothing when not requested.
        Pretending science isn’t a thing.

        • Yet the ones that are usually doing the praying or statistically the ones that are actually giving people money or opening shelters or helping others evacuate or cleaning up the mess afterwards.

        • The listening is in the heart, not the head. Head’s don’t go to heaven or hell, hearts aka souls do.
          It’s the heart aka soul that reaches out in love and kindness to help others, like THC points out.
          Just thought you might like to know where your learning needs a little bit adjusting.

        • Anti troll league

          If it was a reasonable idea that a person saying to pray for something is busy going around starting fires in reliance on praying to prevent damage, there might be something to your criticism. Or if a person believing in prayer, did nothing else, maybe. But those ideas are nonsense.

          What goes on is a hatred of religion. It is considered an offense to their own sense of humanity by some towards even the most benign beliefs. And, if a religion has standards for behavior and their adherents fail to universally meet them, as defined by the non relegious critic, it is considered by some proof of religion’s failure and worthy of the utmost contempt. Whereas, having no standards at all and therefore being incapable of not living up to them, such critics universally think themselves superior. They never fail because they never try.

          The evil that is done in the name of religion is also done in the name of politics, social causes, ambition or personally feeling abused. Fans of sports teams engage in evil in the name of their teams and that is trully the silliest of causes. The evil does not reside in religion. It resides in humanity’s greed, fear, emotional need, arrogance, stupity, power hunger, etc. It does not need the support of religion to act out. Frankly taking an unnecessary potshot at a harmless comment is an example the bullying nature of humans. If religion encourages a better sensibility in just a few of that tribe, more power to it.

          I do get offended by those who think it is ok to spit out their insults at individuals rather than ideas- at those who can’t articulate what their problem is but feel it ok to try to drag people down by insult, bullying and trolling. Especially against those whose troll’s shark like blood sniffing tells them are especially vulnerable. It is clear that they count their own worth in notches on their guns. Well the hell with you who do that.

    • prayers are like kegels……silent and personal…….but both have amazing strengthening power…….:)…..and I hope this fire can be contained…….

    • Actually, praying (focused attention) does work. It’s called quantum physics, and even bacteria benefit when studied in a lab. Also see Imoto’s water experiments. In fact what we call magic is really just yet to be proven quantum physics science. Science-the more you know….lol

    • Prayers do amount to everything , you start with trusting in the Lord. I’ve seen prayer save many times and I’m forever grateful.

    • Faith is not hope. Hope is not faith.

      “Faith” and “Hope”, are clearly distinct from each other, even used in the same sentence, so it seems there must be a notable difference between the two.

      Answer: “Hope” bears with it an emotional sense of “Joyful Expectation” ; whereas, “Trust/Faith” bears with it the rational sense of Certain Expectation”.”
      -taken from a random result from the search result list of hope vs faith. https://hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/questions/13935/what-is-the-difference-between-hope-and-faith

      You expect nothing, you get nothing.

  • Hope everybody is okay! This year is just a taste of where we are going with climate change. More fires, moving faster, bigger every year. Sell while you can and head north. It’s not going to get better.

    • “Climate change” is natural. Earth’s many climate zones ebb and flow with cycles. There have been millions of deadly fires in the past. Some far, far worse than anything we have seen (and mega-tsunamis, too). All long before humans started to pollute. We are likely entering a little ice age. Madman Gore’s pronouncements mean utterly zilch.

      • Get your head out of the sand!!!

        • The ice burgs are melting. Have been and you can’t do anything. It’s like trying to stop a apple from rotting. There used to be dinosaurs, there gone. I’ll bet we are next.

      • I agree. Do you feel humans may have accelerated this timeline tho?

      • Wow what planet r u on

        There have not been many 165mph fire tornadoes in the past.
        If you read some of the climate shift books from the 90’s&early 2000’s youll see the scientific models of what fires would look like should the ocean warm and the jet streams shift. Pretty simple science, &good explanations of how these kind of fires that create their own weather patterns are a byproduct of ocean temp rise. With forestry land mngmnt adding to it, tree stands should not be all the same age.
        No fires have been like these in the past because the nasty chemicals we build with now werent around.

        Unless youre an atmospheric climatologist or other accredited scientist (which i highly doubt you are), then you shouldnt even be talking about climate shift and the acceleration of it by our human activities that are due to the petroleum industrys long hold on our governmental decisions.
        Shell oil had info about it in the 70’s that their shareholders sued to be able to see, look it up.

        Talk to people at JPL, they know lots and have been warning the govt for years.
        Every single thing we use petroleum for can be replaced with a less harmful product. Every one. Our patent laws favor industry so they just buy up the patenrs to anything sustainable&sit on it.
        Strauss dairy farms produce all their electricity from methane from their cows poop.
        Plastic was originally made from flax oil.
        Sustainable ideas clash with capatalism big time, the fat cats would rather plan theur escape to the moon than make less money and save us. The point of no return has been passed so get ready, the fires and storms will only get worse, & we pay them everyday to kill us.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          Banks issue 30 year mortgages in places that would be underwater in the next 10 years if some of the climate change models are true. Banks would not issue a 30 year mortgage in an area that wouldn’t be there in 10 years. We have freedom of speech in this country. You can publish things that are wrong, you can say things that are wrong, its protected by the 1st Amendment. What you can’t do is issue loans and mortgages for things that will not exist. That is a form of fraud. I’m not saying climate change isn’t happening, I’m saying that many scientists speculate and embellish certain stats to get a rise out of the public, get grants, and basically have a job.

          One must always ask these 4 questions before engaging in a debate about climate change with someone in order to see if it is worth it.
          1. Do you think climate change is real?

          2. Do you think humans play a part in climate change?

          3. If so, how large a part?

          4. Is climate change good or bad?

        • Oil is from algae and everything is from algae.

    • Yes Absoultly I so agree

    • I’m sure there were a lot less fires 12,000 years ago when there was a couple miles of ice sitting on top of us.

      • However, if you are seriously concerned about humans impact on the global cycle of warming and Cooling, the two biggest things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint are. Stop buying food at stores and stop buying crap made in China. Both Agriculture and the transportation of goods via barge and air travel are two of the four top contributors to greenhouse gas…

  • Poor Redding area!! This has been a sh!t year for that area!! Everyone stay safe

  • I’m here at the bottom of the ridge off Benton. Things are mellowing out. Forward progress is stopped and they’re working on several spot fires. One thing is for sure, we’re getting really good at evacuating.

  • holycow.thats scary.

  • Special place in hell for arsonists. The corner that is frozen over. They don’t get to play with fire no more.

  • Tired of liberals

    Kym this is what happens when you let arsonist know we have red flag warnings. Sarcasm for the people who say you let weed growers know where the chipper is going

  • Holy jumping catfish! Are we downarguing about fucking fire now? Really folks, before fire, it was ICE! Before it was ICE it was LAVA. Before it was lava, it was acres and acres of medicinal weed bliss.. Now back to bitching about the here and now…

  • ” Crews will be mopping up for several hours.”
    Thank you firefighters!!! You rock it!!

  • Now here is a bit of tangible reality: natural disasters are good for the economy, some stimulate the economy better than others – such as wildfires that occur in developed areas that have encroached into the wildfire urban interface.

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