Sheriff’s SWAP Farm Welcomes 17 Piglets

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Sheriff’s SWAP Farm welcomed 17 piglets into the world [on October 10th]. Moms and babies are doing well. The SWAP farm gives low level offenders the opportunity to work off their sentence on the farm, rather than serving time in our Correctional Facility. The program builds character and teaches participants new skills that they can use in the future. #heretohelp



  • Such a good program and often for 2nd DUI folks end up shovellin pig poo for real!!
    Wish there was a way to incorporate the shelter with this program, both for helping clean shelter and working with dogs!

  • That’s a cool program! Actually trying to rehabilitate instead of leaving them with almost no options but more crime after their sentence is served.

    • Well if they plan on taking up a ful time pig shit shoveling job in the future the swap program will train them really well lol

      • There’s still such a thing as having a small farm. Not for a glamorous thug life, but for a life. Maybe some of these people might set their sights on living a peaceful country life with some little porkers, chickens, and goats running around.

  • Thank you for not being tacky with the post title Kim 👍 some other sites seem to thrive on petty clickbait.

  • Jack London was big into Red Durrocks. It was kinda OCD, the structures he made for them. Pigs and humans go way back. There is free soy bean fodder at the tofu factory in Alderpoint business park that sustains a pig well if its fresh. apples are on now if you need to finish their fat. Its a cheap and responsible way to fill the freezer. raise pigs people. They might eat you but try to eat them first. -sawz

  • On the way to economic failure.

    Breeding there own kind!!!! I see some environmental violations maybe the county should charge them 300,000 a day in lies.oh wait a minute there the extortion sword for the county there above the law for extortion crimes

  • Workers at the pig farm sort waste from several local grocery stores to feed to the pigs. Surrounded by flies/wasps/bees for 8 hours a day. The sheriff sits in his office hoping some young thing wants to give him a tug for a day off. At least that’s how it was in 2016.

    The food they pick up from the jail isn’t even given to the pigs, how about that?

    I loved the article about the 3m between the sheriff and dfw.

  • I did 280 daze at the swap yard( took me 6 years)… met my wife at swap. Been married 13 years. Life is what you make it. 280 daze turned into a life sentence. Be careful what you wish for. Hahahaha

  • On the way to economic failure.

    Gazoo best laugh of the day 😂😂😂😂😂. !!!!!!!!!!

  • Who.Run.Barter Town?

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