Eureka Police Officer’s Association and EPD’s Chief Support Measure I

Eureka Measure IEndorsement:

Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson and the Eureka Police Officer’s Association are supporting Measure I, the 1/4 cent sales tax dedicated to repairing and maintaining Eureka’s Streets.

The City of Eureka’s streets are in a state of increasing disrepair that endangers public safety,” Chief Watson stated. “Broken roads can lead to more traffic accidents and have a deleterious impact on the safety of our motorists and pedestrians.”

Measure proceeds can only be used for repair and maintenance of existing streets and will generate approximately $2.2 million each year, totaling $44 million over the life of the measure.

The men and women of Eureka Police Officer’s Association support Measure I,” said Terry Liles, EPOA President. “As professionals that utilize Eureka’s roadways numerous times everyday, we know firsthand that the roads need repair and constant maintenance.” 

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  • how about a proposition to have all gas/road tax go towards roads only. no more siphoning

  • Eureka......still the same good old boy financial hide and seek.

    And what about the statement that expenditures are closely watched. Watched going out the back door for expenses like attending conferences and receiving outlandish per diem? Or for food expenses for Saturday morning breakfasts. The woman shown in the news tape has no experience with fire department or police department expenditures. What’s her background? Who did her background check? Or was she a political hire? Does no one in the media check references? Or does the T-S have their same excuse; we don’t have enough reporters to do follow-ups. My suggestion if VOTE NO on money where there is NO clear transparency. Transparency that should be made public without the public having to hire an attorney to see the books.

  • Oh really, eureka is upset about the condition of their roads. How about the county fixes a road, any road just pick one. They could just blindly pull a name of a road out of a hat and it would be in a state of disrepair. Only in California do we reward incompetence with more revenue. Just do like they do in sohum and put up some stop signs everywhere.

  • How about we passed a proposition that audits the state every year to make sure they’re spending our fucking money right!!

  • Do you know how much money it takes to satisfy the government? Just a little bit more.

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