Where No Man Pursueth…

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Stock photo by Oliver Cory

This morning, deputies and an ambulance responded to the report of an injured man acting suspiciously near Alton.  Humboldt County Sheriff spokesperson, Samantha Karges explained what happened.

She wrote,

At about 2 a.m. this morning deputies responded to the 2900 block of Van Duzen Street in Alton for the report of a suspicious unknown male subject in the reporting party’s driveway. Prior to deputy arrival, the subject fled over the fence and into a neighboring yard. Deputies were unable to locate the subject at that time, but found evidence that the man may have injured himself.

Later this morning, at about 8:30 a.m., the suspicious subject was spotted crawling out of bushes near the 2800 block of Old State Highway in Alton. The man then began walking southbound on the highway and appeared to be injured. Deputies made contact with the man, who was uncooperative and refused medical care. The subject told deputies he had fled from the property earlier in the night because he was afraid he would be arrested and taken to jail on an outstanding warrant. It turns out that his warrant was a misdemeanor warrant for DUI, which allowed for a citation and release. So the subject was cited and released.




  • Well maybe he can use the citation paper to start a fire this winter when it gets cold out.

  • I like stars too!

    But is it news?

  • On the way to economic failure

    Probably the guy who’s been creaping around so Humboldt at night ripping off cars in people’s driveways.sounds like he was doing Alton last night

  • the verse is “the wicked man flees WHEN no man pursueth ” Not ‘where’ no man pursueth… proverbs 28.1

  • If he views it you lose it.....................

    Cars being broken into in broad daylight. At the South Side (Kohl’s) of the Mall a number of cars have been broken into recently. It might be the same person as doors are jimmined and left open are the breakin. DO NOT leave anything of value in view. Unconfirmed reports say the perpetrator(s) run for the trail behind the Mall and head towards Del Norte.

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