Anglers Expected to Meet Upper Klamath Adult Fall Chinook Salmon Quota on Sunday

This is a press release from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Based upon California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) projections of the recreational fall Chinook salmon catch on the Klamath River, anglers will meet the Upper Klamath River adult fall Chinook Salmon quota below Iron Gate Dam for the 2018 season as of 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Oct.14.

This triggers the closure of the adult Chinook Salmon fishery on the main stem of the Klamath River from 3,500 feet downstream of the Iron Gate Dam to the Highway 96 bridge at Weitchpec. The fishery at the mouth of the Klamath was closed as of Sept. 4, and will remain closed to all fishing for the rest of the calendar year, and the fishery on the lower Klamath closed as of Sept. 13. All reaches on the main stem Klamath (except the within 100 yards of the mouth) remain open for harvest of jack (two-year-old) Chinook Salmon (22 inches or less). All adult Chinook Salmon caught must be immediately released and reported on the angler’s report card.

Anglers may still fish for adult Chinook Salmon in the Upper and Lower Trinity River sub-quota areas.

Anglers may monitor the quota status of open and closed sections of the Klamath and Trinity rivers by calling the information hotline at (800) 564-6479.

For more information regarding Klamath River fishing regulations, please consult the 2018-2019 California Freshwater and Supplemental sport fishing regulations at



  • If the fish are almost all gone then why do they let people fish for them . Oh yeah money .The money spent on fishing licenses and gear and expenses on travel that is called tourism and recreation is what makes it ok in the governments eyes. Yet there’s very few fish left . How about we ban fishing and hunting for five years to let populations grow . What’s worse pot growers supposedly being blamed or directly catching and killing a fish . I say the direct fish catch and killing of the fish . Ban fishing and hunting for ever . Prove a point that animals deserve a life that’s not filled with terror from the one species that should have a conscious not to chase animals around and kill the animal in an especially an unfair way like driving around in a truck getting drunk and shooting with a high powered scope and rifle that takes little skill . Did you know natives are allowed to put nets in the rivers and block the entire river and trap the fish and then they take them and sell them . Someone told me that so I’m not for sure if it’s true but if it is that would make a good story to write about and it should be a banned practice . Just like the casinos should be banned on reservations there a horrible thing for any community. There just plain trashy and just stupid to go think your going to win money it’s such a trap . If people truly care about other humans then they wouldn’t have these. A human just looks at another human as how to prey on them to get money out of them and it’s sad . Also that if someone has a chicken or a goat and a mountain lion gets there animal they can get a permit to kill it . Why don’t the people build a better cage or fence . I’d say a wild animal like a bear or lion is more valuable than a goat or chicken and has the right to roam freely and it’s our job to put animals into safe surroundings when needed . They should get a dog like a bull mastiff for animal protection that’s what they were bred for . I know people won’t agree with what I say but hey it’s positive stuff to think about to help these situations. I do like meat I do like hunting I do like eating fish and I like fishing but I do think it’s healthy to question wether it’s right or wrong . And as evolving humans maybe changing our practices may help the earth . Like do I want to see one big buck hung on my wall or do I want to see big bucks roaming around every where even in my front yard . I’d say I rather see them roaming every where , big old monster bucks ten and fifteen years old big huge racks running free and happy with there whole herd of a family living a safe happy life . Then maybe us humans will be the civilized people we think we are .

    • Guest65, your rant is tooo looong! I’m one of the few people who will actually read it all the way through. And if I were a real snob I could point out the many spelling and punctuation errors, but that would be an ad hominem argument against a lot of what I basically agree with anyway. Tree-hugger rants are good. Just consider your readers’ patience and they’ll be better.

    • Fishing is not the reason that fish populations are struggling and banning fishing will not solve the problem. Not even close. It’s way more complicated than that. If you want to save the planet then what you need to ban is human reproduction.

      • Yeah, really! Stop . . .making . . .babies! It’s a no-brainer. In these so-called Third World countries they can’t crank out babies fast enough, while Russia and Europe are experiencing alarming population drops.

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