Newer Black Pickup Crashed on Benbow Hill

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA newer black Toyota Tacoma with Washington plates crashed south of Garberville on Hwy 101 in the Benbow Hill area just before 2:30 p.m. today, confirmed Officer Jason Taylor of the California Highway Patrol in Garberville. One southbound lane is blocked.

Taylor said that the driver reportedly drove recklessly prior to the accident. “The driver was speeding, crossing double lines ahead of time,” he said.

The truck then struck the guardrail and ended up blocking the number 2 southbound lane. “There was 50 foot of guardrail damage,” Taylor said.

Taylor explained, “The driver fled the scene.” But, he added, the driver has been located.



  • Just drove by it & the truck really did a # to the guardrail. He’s lucky to be alive & not have killed anybody.

    • Not so lucky we can hope.
      Wrecked truck
      Probably injured
      Insurance through the roof
      Legal hurdles to negotiate
      Mom seriously pissed off

  • Sounds like someone has been tipping the sauce!!!!

    • More than likely marijuana related.

      • Can you enlighten we humble readers with your knowledge of scientific data concerning drivers under the influence of delta 9 THC. From the sources that I have seen, traffic accidents in Colorado went down after cannabis was legalized.

        • Testing in the ’90s showed people drove slower and with greater caution after smoking cannabis…or POT as it was called in the olden days🤣🤣

        • Haha. I cast the line and you bit. Silly rabbit. Others were a bit smarter.

          • What a sad life 4 u.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            Nyah-ha, saw that one coming. Actually, the differences in physical co-ordination between alcohol and THC are profound and well-known. A major issue in geriatric medicine is the threat of falling. That’s why doctors worry so much about older drinkers. It’s well known that cannabis produces minimal, if any, physical impairment so a reduction in alcohol use could be beneficial. I’m just sayin’.

  • This entire incident more than likely began with that first drag from a marijuana cigarette.

  • does not sound like MJ behavior. Silly you.

  • That jack ass passed me on 36 yesterday on a blind turn; almost caused a head on collision

  • This guy passed me on 36 on a blind corner w a car coming the other direction. I had to brake towing my trailer or he would’ve hit the oncoming vehicle.

  • Sounds to me like he/she was in a hurry to get to his/her own funeral. Almost made it. SLOW DOWN.

  • How about we all just use a little self-restraint and not get high, drunk or Intoxicated by any other substance before driving. Seriously you guys are arguing about which drug is safer to drive on, fucking idiots! I smoke pot and drink, but I make it a point not to do either before I drive cuz it’s just fucking stupid… Not only are you putting yourself in Jeopardy, but also everybody else thats driving the roadway. Driving is something that should be taken very seriously.

    But I think everybody who’s had to deal with inebriated drivers or just fucking Pricks on the road, fantasize about turning the corner and seeing them pulled over by a cop or even crashed. Its just good he didnt take anybody with him. And just possibly he might learn from his mistakes.

  • It was probably a stolen vehicle.

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