City of Arcata Gives Mckinley Statue Measure M Update

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Plaza V, Installation of McKinley statue 1906

Installation of McKinley statue 1906.

Arcata, CA – On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, registered Arcata voters will have the opportunity to vote in favor of, or against the McKinley statue measure, known as Measure M.

If approved by the majority of Arcata voters, Measure M would prevent the City from altering, relocating or destroying the McKinley statue and its base from its current location at the center of Arcata’s Plaza.

If it is voted down, the City will finalize the Environmental Review process currently underway and proceed with relocation of the statue.

For updated information on Measure M, links to historic documents and news articles related to the McKinley statue and other updates, visit

The complete text of Measure M is available to the public online at or in the City Clerk’s office at City Hall between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The last day to register to vote in the upcoming election is Monday, October 22. For more information on how to register to vote, visit



  • Take the McKinley statue to McKinleyville.
    Then take the ‘Worlds Largest Totem Pole’ to Arcata Plaza !
    Win for everyone !

    • That’s actually a good idea, maybe replace the totem pole with statue of a dreadlock person with a big backpack and holding a cardboard sign with scissors on it, or better yet a bronze statue of a grungy tweaker guy sleeping next to a 18 baggies of meth and a scale.

  • Glad to see this is going to a vote! However it goes there will be lots of upset people. Let’s remember we are neighbors and soften the blow for the losing side …let’s respect the outcome but also respect our neighbors. I’m hating the bitter polarity in our country- let’s do better than that and move on together.

  • I said a long time ago did a vote of the people is the only way to go it was a gift to them and now the people have a right to vote I believe the people will vote to keep the statue he’s a president of the United States how many other presidents have done things that people don’t approve up do take down there statues I don’t think so problem is there’s too many people outside of Arcata causing trouble sorry you don’t have a right to side with the city of Arcata

  • Alt right the turd reich

    What a waste of time and energy. Arcata needs more housing, better roads and better employment opportunities other then hsu

  • I miss those steps around the statue.

  • Photo is irrefutable evidence that there has been at least one lynching on the Plaza.

  • Some people really have very little to do. Going after McKinley, for God’s sake. First they went after the real baddies, Confederate generals and all that. Those guys were the most visible and the most vulnerable. Now it’s the less obvious ones they’re going after in their inexorable quest to erase our heritage, to erase history. When this stuff was getting started, going after these guys with the three first initials, there were people warning us against this very thing happening. It’s an assault on history, and is by its very definition Orwellian.

    • We have to make do because we have no Confederate generals or politicians. Heaven forbid we should be left out.

    • See “isis”

    • Guessticular Cancer

      Wanna know a real great way to bring BACK Confederate generals and politicians?

      Destroy any record of them from history, slander what noble qualities and courage they may have demonstrated into some sort of morally inconceivable and socially reprehensible atrocities devoid of context and humanity. And, subsequently the consequences of what happened to them and what that gave way to.

      Deletion from history guarantees reemergence.

      “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” – Mark Twain

  • Seriously, it reminds me of the Taliban.

  • HSU & CR students, register to vote so you can vote on this and other issues on Tuesday, November 6

  • did anyone see the new southpark where they ban Columbus day

  • unbridled philistine

    I do not think most of you will be happy until Arcata is a twin of Berkeley….Sad face here.

  • I stand by what my tribal chairman said “Why do we have this man standing in this square where they used to sell our children?”

    The is a lot of pain within the tribe over the events that have happened. The treatment of the Wiyot people was some of the worst any tribe received. They did sell Wiyot people into slavery in that very square. Why must there be a monument to white culture there? Why can’t it be moved somewhere else?

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