Operating Engineers Endorse Measure I

This is a press release from Yes on Measure I:

Measure I, Eureka’s 1/4 cent sales tax slated for the November ballot, has received the support of Operating Engineers Local 3

“Passage of Measure I allows the community to do desperately needed road repair while providing great opportunities for local employment,” said Jeff Hunerlach, District Representative for  Operating Engineers Local 3. “It is a win/win for everyone.”

The measure includes a preference for local contractors and provisions for a citizen’s oversight committee. It is predicted to generate approximately $2.2 million  each year for a total of about $44 million over the life of the measure. The funds can also be leveraged to bring even more funding to Eureka.    According to HCAOG Executive Director Marcella Clem, the California Transportation Commission has already committed to matching measure revenues for the first year, which would add an additional $2.2 million for Eureka road repairs.

“Proceeds from Measure I would provide a critically needed funding source to repair Eureka’s roads and will cost each Eureka resident approximately $7 a month,”  noted Eureka City Councilmember Austin Allison   “The funding is restricted and could only  be used for repair and maintenance of the city’s existing roads. It cannot be redirected to highways, bridges, the airport or other transit.”

According to Eureka Public Works Director Brian Gerving,  local roads are rated by a Pavement Condition Index or PCI and range from 0 to 100. A newly constructed street will have a PCI of 100, while a  failed street will have a PCI of 25 or less. The City’s average is 65, with a remaining service life of  approximately 16 years. “Without a funding source, Eureka’s roads will move from the  current PCI average of 65 to 49 over the next ten years, “Gerving said. Without funding to do needed repairs, deferred maintenance  will more than double the cost of Eureka’s road repairs  from $35 million to nearly $85 million by 2026.

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  • Just one more reason to shop online! Google even sells Costco bulk items for less than the store with free shipping. Good luck with the tax increase your in competition with the county on this one and everyone know how the county spent the money… bad news eureka!

  • Sixty cents to the State for every gallon of gas purchased, and they need to raise taxes to “repair” the roads? Think about it.

    • Yes, but think of the budget.

      • When the gas tax was imposed Jerry’s dad Pat promised every dime would go to road work. The Jesuit Brat moved the tax money to the general fund where he and his friends can feed at the trough. His dad was a crook, but he loved Californians and always kept his word. Jerry is a lying crook who never does.

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