Leading by Example, On and Off the Field

Photo by Ray Hamill/HumboldtSports.com – St. Bernard’s senior center Connor Chase makes some adjustments before a play.

We’ve joined forces with Ray Hamill of HumboldtSports.com to bring you local sports. We’ll be sharing a teaser and a link to his stories here for easy access. Click through to his site for the latest in local action but here’s a teaser of a story about St. Bernard’s Crusader Connor Chase:

When Connor Chase talks, his teammates listen.

The senior St. Bernard’s lineman is constantly directing them before every play, telling them what to expect, to hustle, or just to shut up, if necessary.

He’s also the sort of player who walks the walk. An abundantly talented lineman who backs up his directives with his own play.

That’s the sign of a good leader.

For more analysis on this game by Ray Hamill go to HumboldtSports.com.


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