Department of Fish and Wildlife Convoy Spotted Saturday Morning

Fish and wildlife truck

[Background image from the Department of Fish and Wildlife]

Two different readers spotted a convoy on Saturday morning. One saw a large group of law enforcement (possibly with a chipper) at the Dyerville Overlook about 9:30 a.m. 

Another reader reported in the comment section that he saw “12 green CDFW trucks, no chipper, Sheriff, or any white vehicles…passing Honeydew Saturday morning…who knows what came from Ferndale…Poaching bust?”



  • California department of collect our % from our new permit slaves!!!!!

  • DFW gets $10 million a year for enforcement….Prop 64.

    • Prop 64. If it’s legal….. than why is it a never ending war?

      • Because MAGA

      • Fucking sick of it

        Right ? Quite unsettling how regulation looks not unlike prohibition . Only it costs 5 figures more and there is now *presumed guilt* instead of presumed innocence.

        +Remember when greenhouses were a form security for some folks ? (Heads up! Not every green house has pot in it. Don’t be stupid.) I digress. A judge needed to sign a warrant for search /seizure unlike open field.

        Fast forward, and it’s all open field to the waterboard/f&g/planning. Because that eye in the sky sure knows ! Even what’s under a poly film, they know. So neener. Pay comply, compete, and/or disappear. (I’m not so convinced yet that those inside the permitting process will endure very much longer than those outside. There are huge forces working against the small rural grower model . )

        The county is waging a hair-pulling, punative war, and the state is not far behind. Recently the state waterboard jumped in the mix with these hokey vague letters with outdated photos saying we know what u r all about. Get permitted , (they give u 30 days, that sounds reasonable 😉 ) or stop. Stop what ? What the property owner may not even be doing but some cheeseass letter says they are because, because ,,, green things ,, plastic,,

        What happened to the protection of 215?

        No one has time for this bullshit.

        That sound you hear? Our communities are circling the drain.

  • Sadly, they did not hit Honeydew Creek Farms.

  • political moderate

    Happy to see these articles moved back to the Crime section.

  • The end of the Constitution,bill of rights=======. Department of fish & game. Sorry folks you now have no rights,no freedom,no water rights,no property rights. You now live in a police state subject to search and seizure on the whim of draconian nazi Pera military government theives. The end of America!!!!!!

    • Welcome to yellow boy copperheads new regime

    • it’s for nature, so you’re bad… 🙂 why? cause they say so… meanwhile they had to drive by 30 5 acre “legal” farms to get to the small minnow farms doing it old school

    • That’s right Spotted Owl, if you cant grow properly without ripping up the soil with roads and greenhouse pads, or spraying your illegal Mexican chemicals onto the ground or into the water, or pulling water illegally out of the creeks, and springs that feed the Mattole (Eel, Mad, Redwood Creek, Trinity, etc.), and you allow your greed to dictate how you behave in the community……then yes we are going to bust your ass.

      And rightly so, if you cant handle that then you have no business being around here. We are done with this destruction of our environment and community.

  • So we probably won’t know if this is Cannabis related for sure, but a weekend raid sure is a sign of the times.

  • I spoke to them – They were looking for the scum bags who have been poaching deer in the mattole – dfw protects public assets, be it fish, game, waterways, etc. I applaud their efforts. You should too.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Dude you f***ing work for DFW

      • Anti troll league

        That doesn’t make his information wrong. If you think something else, say so.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          They don’t protect public assets anymore. They used to. Now if there is a poaching on private property how many people in the rural community do you think will actually report it and allow DFW on their property? They will find any other thing that has to do with normal homesteading and take you to task on it. No they no longer protect public assets, they want people out of the mountains and are willing to do whatever it takes to push that agenda, as well as pull off Gestapo type raids in secrecy. I would’ve agreed a couple years ago, but not anymore. They are just another arm of overreacting gov’t at this point that cannot be trusted.

    • I agree! Quit poaching! I would hate to see deer season end like abalone season did. Maybe we can have an abalone season again

  • Vote no on measure o!!!! Too bad that’s not fish and games funding as well

  • If they were to end the war they wouldn’t get any funding the following year. It will never end for that reason alone.

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