County Offices Closing During Organization-Wide Training Day Tomorrow

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

The County of Humboldt will again use an upcoming holiday as an opportunity to efficiently provide important training to employees on subjects like the Americans with Disabilities Act, ethics, discrimination and sexual harassment and more. For the third year in a row county offices will be closed to the public on Columbus Day, which is Monday, Oct. 8, as staff participates in this training. County offices will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, Oct. 9. Law enforcement and other critical services will not be affected by this closure.

There are several types of trainings that all county employees are required to undergo on a routine basis. However, it can be expensive and overly time-consuming to schedule enough training dates to accommodate more than 2,000 county employees. The All Hands Training Day is an opportunity to get the majority of staff trained on one day, saving both time and public funds. In addition, county offices have historically been closed on Columbus Day, and several other public agencies are closed on this day as well, including the US Post Offices as well as the Humboldt County Superior Court. By coordinating county office closures with this date the impact to members of the public should be minimal.

Below are the mandatory training sessions being planned for the All Hands Training Day:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Ethics in the Workplace (AB 1234)
  • Discrimination/Sexual Harassment (AB 1825)
  • Workplace Safety
  • Defensive Driving

Finally, local vendors will be available at Halverson Park during lunchtime to sell food and provide information on local services.

For questions or concerns, please contact the County Administrative Office at 707-445-7266.



  • They need to be trained on employment discrimination. I applied to the county many times and only got interviewed once in recent years. In 2014, three women were hired by all female management staff at one department. No men hired. I was the only male interviewed. I filed a complaint. Nothing done. Now I am blackballed by the county for all employment. I have a college degree, lots of great skills and experience, clean background, good references, etc. and the county of Humboldt refuses to even consider me for any position.

  • Too bad they don’t close indefinitely.espesialy the planning department!!!!! Vote no on measure o !!!!!!

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