[UPDATE 6:20 p.m.] Two Vehicle Accident Blocks Northbound Hwy 101 Between 299 and the 200 Exit

Traffic is backing up on Hwy 101 near the 299 offramp

Traffic is backing up on Hwy 101 near the 299 offramp after a crash. [Photo provided by a reader]

Two vehicles have crashed on northbound Hwy 101 between the 299 and the 200 exit at around 4:30 p.m. According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the first vehicle struck the guardrail then another struck that vehicle.

An ambulance and tow trucks are responding to the scene.

UPDATE 4:56 p.m.: The roadway is now open, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

UPDATE 6:20 p.m.: Video sent in by, Charles Fox, a reader:




  • Every time i drive the 101 near arcata i see a car swerve and almost go off the road, easy to tell the person is texting.
    The tailgating has been awful too!!!
    Cmon chp start pulling over tailgaters.

    • I agree, it’s awful. LEO’s are a part of the problem as well. Just yesterday there was a sheriff deputy on I Street in Eureka who was less than a car length behind another vehicle from Buhne to 7th Street. He was in the center lane with no cars on either side of him. When he passed me by Carson Park, he was on the phone. Another shining example.

      • I remember overhearing a CHP officer complaining about everyone constantly slowing up when they saw a patrol car and holding them back when they needed to get moving.

        • WillSmithFreshPrinceOfHumCO

          I have followed CHP on the 299, hitting speeds of 65-70 they didn’t pull me over even though I was ovbiously exceeding the speed limit behind them following. It’s confusing cause 80% of the time you blow pass them exceeding the speed limit and they do nothing. 20% of the time they pull you over. I have been pulled over twice for exceeding the speed limit and not even given a ticket just a warning but the cop was ovbiously just checking me out. Infact I would agree most hate when civilians slow down when they are behind them. When CHP is behind me on the 299 I don’t slow I drive 60-65 (5-10) over. Most people that drive the 299 alot drive 10 over, so it is just the flow of traffic and those out of towners and tourist that oppose the flow of traffic and choose to drive 10-15 under the posted speed limit and not pull over into the slow lane are putting them selves and the public in danger. I understand that not everyone is capable of traveling the posted speed limit but that is why passing lanes and turnouts are invented! Use the slow lanes people and please focus on the road and for godsakes if you have 7 cars behind you pull the heck over or use the turn out!

          • Yes. Use the turn outs. That is why god created them.

            Followed a big rig with 10 other cars doing 40 the other day for 10 miles. He passed 1/2 dozen turnouts without yielding…. This causes anxiety and other drivers will start passing dangerously. It’s gotten worse since Caltrans has “improved” 299 and allowed 65′ trucks on the highway.

          • You nailed it! 299 demands awareness and respect… sometimes I’m truly amazed at the amount of clueless drivers

          • How about driving the speed limit? With respect to weather and road conditions. What a concept.

            • What an amazing idea! Speeding is most likely the reason we have fatal accidents so much more often than anywhere else I’ve ever lived, including Alaska!

  • Wasn’t there a wreck in that same place a week or so ago?

  • There are so many accidents around 299 and 101 that’s got to be at least three or four this week I’ve commented on this before Caltrans needs to do something to change it when you’re merging from 299 to go north on 101 you can’t see traffic and neither can the people on 101 it’s very dangerous I don’t know how many accidents it’s going to take for them to do something about it but I hope they do

    • I totally agree. I NEVER drive past that intersection in the slow lane since someone nearly creamed me zipping directly into my lane while I was in it!

  • Officers are on phones they’re also on their radios they have to be able to do that to get to incidents you would want the dispatcher to get a hold of him right away wouldn’t you

  • That isn’t near 299 interchange nor is it in the southbound lanes. That is on the Mad River bridge.

    • pretty sure car 1 merged onto 101 from 299 into slow moving traffic caused by chp headed south, at which point some other leo started tailgating them whilst simultaneously talking on cell phone and radio and eventually nudged them into the mad river bridge guardrail because there was important shit going on elsewhere. this led to the commonly noticed swerving phenom as others started snapping photos of the wreck. yep i am sure thats how it went down, definitely cal-trans is to blame, lol. Hope everyone involved is ok.

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