CAMP Arrested 52 People Statewide and Eradicated Over 600,000 Plants This Year

Marijuana helicopter feature

Image from a 2011 Cal EMA website. Public Domain.

Press release from California Attorney General Xavier Becerra:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra today announced the arrest of 52 individuals as part of the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) Program, which is the largest illegal marijuana eradication program in the nation. This year, CAMP eradicated 614,267 plants in over 254 illegal grow sites across the state. Agents also seized 110 weapons.

“This year’s results put an exclamation point behind California’s multi-agency illegal cannabis campaign, holding accountable individuals who damage our public lands and hurt our communities,” said Attorney General Becerra. “At the California Department of Justice, we will continue to work with our partners at the federal, state, and local levels through our CAMP program to vigorously enforce California’s laws against illegal cannabis activity.”

The twelve-week CAMP operation headed by the California Department of Justice includes local, state and federal agencies that work to eradicate illegal indoor and outdoor marijuana cultivation and trafficking throughout California. Agents were divided into four teams covering the Northern, Central and Southern California regions. The following counties were targeted: Amador, Calaveras, Colusa, Del Norte, El Dorado, Fresno, Glenn, Humboldt, Inyo, Kern, Lake, Lassen, Los Angeles, Madera, Mariposa, Mendocino, Monterey, Napa, Nevada, Plumas, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, San Joaquin, Shasta, Siskiyou, Solano, Stanislaus, Tehama, Trinity, Tulare, Ventura, Yolo, and Yuba.

In the course of the operation, CAMP teams protected public resources against misuse and safeguarded public land and water from illegal pesticides. A CAMP team in Stanislaus County stopped drug traffickers from diverting water from the San Joaquin River in order to fuel their illegal operation. In other cases, the CAMP team busted suspects using a deadly, banned pesticide called carbofuran. Agents shut down these illegal grow sites, shielding public land from this dangerous chemical.

The 2018 operation is a product of a multi-agency collaboration between the California Department of Justice, the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Forest Service, the United States Department of Interior, the National Park Service, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the United States Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration, the California National Guard, the California Bureau of Land Management and the Central Valley High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program and other local law enforcement departments.



  • When are they going to stop chasing Cannabis & get on to some REALLY Dangerous subtances, such as Meth& Heroin??? Chasing Cannabis growers is “low hanging fruit” they could spend some time doing some actual USEFUL law enforcement by eliminating the Meth Labs & Heoin Dealers!!!

    • Because the majority of those substances come from Mexico. Last time I checked we don’t have jurisdiction there. Any more brain busters?

      • Lol!!

      • Ya ya ya blah blah blah

        So chip, your saying all those substances are too hard for you to find when it’s being smuggled in so you have go find a plant that can’t drive away from you! Easy paycheck eh! Thank goodness donuts and coffee can’t drive away from you.

    • Illegal growers are ruining the forests and the rivers so it’s not just the mj they are after.

      • I call BS big time on “ruining the forest” no… THEY ARE TAKING TIMBER PRODUCTION ZONES and turning them into NATURE PRESERVES except for 1-2% of the land which is a grow. IDIOTS if you didn’t know any better — these guys WANT MORE LOGGING and they DON’T MIND FOREST FIRES because it drives people out of the hills and into SAN JOSE where they have complete control.

    • The money used by camp and any other eradication efforts are to be used just for that purpose. There is money for each county to eradicate the grows that are not permitted and no I do not know how to find out how much each county receives.

    • It's probably too late for most of you

      Economic 101 Supply and DEMAND. If Demand is there supply will always be filling the void. Dealers are not the problem, because for every dealer you eliminate two more dealers show up. Users are the problem. Many users become dealers. And the grease for the skids. MONEY!! And guys like Trump and the Koch Brothers and Walmart family and the list would fill this entire page are only interested in Mo’ Money. Trump and Republicans just passed another tax bill under the hopla of the Kavanaugh appointment and the tax bill only benefits the top five percent of money makers in the country. They own the country because they OWN the country. The fix is in! And your dollar just became worth less. No toys for you in the future. The rich have you in a Ponzi scheme and like drug users there is NO way out for you. They are here and like the homeless they are not leaving. The rich are here and they are here to stay until like the Roman Empire the entire system implodes and the first casualties are you while the rich sail off with all the gold and silver. There is no American Dream for you. The rich control that also. So bend over and spread those cheeks because the rich and the manufacturers of Heroin and Meth( they could be the same) are about to insert their cold steel enforcers and splatter your ass against the wall. And yet you wander around with a sack over your head ponificating B.S. about law enforcements raiding weed grows. There is a way out, but you will never find it!!

    • Meth labs? Where? There’s almost none in the US. Sure there might be one or two and a bunch bath tub manufacturers but other than that almost all of what is in the US is produced in Mexico

      • Can't You Smell That Smell?

        Where are you getting your information? We’re not talking about large factories or commercial labs. Small “Shake & Bake” labs are everywhere in Humboldt County and all over the USA.

      • Not true for meth. They smuggle the supplies in an manufacture right under your noses here on US soil. Don’t be clueless.

  • future land auction bidder

    This aint no party, this aint no disco, this aint no foolin a’round

    • Ya ya ya blah blah blah

      Let’s go chip your booze bitches!

      • Huh?

        • Ya ya ya blah blah blah

          Sk8. It was a joke on recreational use of a more dangerous drug. I know most like to call booze alcohol. However it is a recreational drug that actually kills people.

          • Yes it is. But it’s a strange argument that adding pot impaired people to numbers of alcohol impaired people is a good thing. It’s not as if pot use will stop drinking. It is more likely that people who enjoy handicapping their thinking as a recreation will enjoy doing both. Drinking for the rapid buzz and pot for the longer lasting paralysis of the brain that will mean never having to worry about regret.

            • Actually, alcohol consumption went down in Colorado post legalization.

            • Drinking for the rapid buzz and pot for the longer lasting paralysis of the brain? Have you ever tried either?

            • You’ve got that extremely backwards, alcohol is one of the few drugs that if stopped after many years of use a person can and will die. You’d think this would be so with some of the “harder” drugs like meth, cocaine or heroin but nope, not at all. The two drugs that will cause death from the body growing dependent upon it are alcohol and benzodiazepines. Yes there might be others but as I said before, not the ones you’d think.

  • 39 Counties & 52 Arrests- I think the message being received is that the odds of pulling off a crop are pretty much in the growers favor, as usual. Their Whack-a-Mole tactics have never worked. But hopefully, most new greenrushers will give up and go away. Long live Mom&Pops!

    • It’s very much like that. Except that you’ll have to explain why you think “Mom and Pops” are not doing their more than own share of the damage in the county.

      • It’s hard to do any damage if you only grow 10-20 lbs. A person could easily grow 10 +lbs with their 6 legal plants. Even at $500@lb, that could pay for property taxes, insurance…the Mom&Pops I know don’t take vacations…they work on their homesteads year round- (read The Good Earth, a timeless classic by Pearl Buck.)

        • I can’t see that “mom and pops”, as evidenced by posters here or my new neighbors, restrict themselve to 6 plants. Those would be hobbyists. Nope. In go the 100 foot long heated greenhouses with all night lighting. You’d be right if these 6 carefully tended plants were the norm. Apparently they are not.

          Ten thousand smaller unregulated growers are very likely to create a worse situation than one well regulated larger one. There is an unlikely assumption there that all smaller grows are run by people who care about the damage they do while all large growers wouldn’t.

          Both groups are equally the markets for pesticides, labor saving chemicals like Round Up, use water poorly and abuse of neighbors. But the first group spreads their ugliness everywhere.

    • most areas of CA have recent 2018 images on Google earth. I don’t think Humboldt is where all the growing is going on in the State. and the “growing will not be tolerated Calaveras” has so many grows I wonder what is really going on in that conservative stronghold, if I were to guess I would say corruption.

      • Anti troll league

        Liberal government = corruption. Conservative government=corruption. Habitual personal integrity means much more in terms of good government than political philosophy.

    • Note: This in CAMP’s figures alone. They pretty much stick to trespass grows. Not included in these figures are all the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s raids nor each local sheriff nor code enforcement, or any federal busts.

    • Camps tactics on public lands have been effective in the past. Back around 2011 they cleaned out Mendocino National Forest and for two years afterwards there were no detectable grows there (I’m not saying there weren’t any but there were no big ones out in the open)

      Of course the growers came back eventually cause there wasn’t any follow up. After 5 years of raids on the Hoopa reservation there wasn’t a single large garden planted this year. so they didn’t even have to do any raids.

      I think this police state sucks and humboldt is the worst. I’d rather deal with camp than humboldt county or the water board or fish and game.

      • Humboldt got it’s reputation as the pot capital of the nation by being the worst- the worst at enforcing laws, the worst public behavior, the worst at looking for a sustainable economy. Bickering, petty spats and conflict does not lead to a good place to live. If it wasn’t for what nature provided, there would be little quality of life for those who think about other thing than getting high.

  • “YOU” scene???

  • All I hear is that they are done for the season

  • Yep same as it ever was!!!! Propaganda fear pumping. Just like weapons of mass destruction when we went into Iraq. All those departments costing tax payers billions all so they can get there percentage and be in the pot buissness themselves with the help of there new permittees/slaves/suckers. By by California

    • hey spotted owl. sorry to burst your bubble . but there were weapons in iraq. they just did not meet the requirements to be classes as weapons. as the chemicials were merely in barrels next to the rockets. the rockets and chemicials just were not stored combined. since they techanicly were not weaponised they were not classed as wmds in tue strictest sence of the word.

  • Hey guest mom&pops are the environmentalist [edit]!!!!! Here fighting for the environment for the last 50 years

  • I like stars too!

    Only 600,000 plants? Did they run out of funds?

    Seems like they could have gotten more than that…

    It is amazing how many plants are cultivated, and that there is any value in the crop. What do you get for flower these days? $400-500?

    • Anyone paying more than $400 is a complete fool.

      A portion of the 64 tax money will be used for law enforcement against illegal scenes. Just wait until the legal grows down south start putting real pressure on the state to eradicate the illegal competition. Once the dispensaries are required to buy exclusively from TNT the black market folks are completely fucked. Most are competing for out of state sales now, it will only get worse.

      The state has a responsibility to protect the companies that have invested real money in their operations.

      The state is are not going to put up with crews of gro-bros who made a half ass’d attempt at getting permitted using dirty black market money. They best get into blow, meth, or heroin if they want to make a buck in the future.

      • You’re spun!!!! The out of town buyers always bought more than all the dispensaries could ever imagine buying and will continue to do so.

        • The out-of-town buyers are going to be buying more locally. seeings as how Humboldt County isn’t the only place growing dope these days. But even if they do keep coming here, there’s so much overproduction. That’s what’s killing the price not the regulations, if anything the regulations might increase the prices.

  • Why aren’t the names of the perpetrators, that place money over damaging our fragile environment, published? We are informed of the busts, but not the criminals, landowners involved. Shouldn’t the public be aware of these people in our community. Follow-up on the outcome of their trials and the penalty received is never published, which leads to the illusion that illegally growing pot has no consequences.

      • I read your article and agree whole heartedly in the need for governmental transparency. However, the individuals perpetuating lawless behavior in our community need to be publicly identified. Common criminals are frequently identified by name and photo. I purpose that all criminals are “common criminals” and should be treated similarly. These individuals have not only poisoned and degraded our environment, but their quest for money has resulted in the over production that is driving the mom and pop growers out of the market.

        • If names get out there is a risk that the feds will come knocking some time in the future. People complained about being identified in the abatement notices and the county stopped publishing names and locations. Maybe they are not identifying people to avoid future problems for the perps and the agencies. One of these days the feds will want their slice of the toy fund, and arrests.

        • If law enforcement puts out a press release, I post photos of those arrested. Honestly, not that many arrested. But I can only get photos if the lead agency agrees and…Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is not even confirming that they have been raiding.

        • finding it funny that fish N game plays usin the same equipment that they claim is ruining the planet. skid steers etc. guess they dont mind if it is their machinery that is driping grease oil and fuel, just like cal trans rigs as well. lets not even bring up the idleing suvs so the a/c can keepthem all cooled off…… wasting fuel,emiting fumes, burning carbon fossil fuels …….

          • Interesting rational for criminals: Enforcing the law is more damaging to the environment than not enforcing. It makes use of the difference in thinking between a person who only sees what is immediately in front of them versus seeing into the future.

            Another way of thinking is that obeying the law eliminates both the environmental damage done by the offender and the enforcer. Wow. What a concept.

            • no. its that the system is TOTALLY CORRUPT! This guy over here can grow 7 acres, but you can’t grow 7 plants… HORSEDUNG

          • They don’t care when the diesel from the fuel lines they cut leeks into the ground either, or the pesticides they dumped out or the garbage they spread around.

    • Yeah the should follow the senate on doing background checks, character assassination, and complete history. Give me a break. Like we need to spend more tax dollars on knowing these people and their associates. No permit=No grow. Bust em all over six, just like Mendo county.

  • Probably because they’re not really environmental perpetrators(most of them) that’s just the lie to buy in to being a slave for Sacramento,or be ripped off and slandered with lies

  • The flower I grow costs $1,300 to $3,600 per pound and it depends on which state I am in. I make a full melt hash wholesale for $9,000 a pound. I also make a THCa isolate that wholesalers pay $27,000 a pound, looks like cocaine and near cocaine prices, lol. My crystals pictured below 😁

    • Looks good legallettuce!!!!!

      • Thanks it is actually medicine is why I make it. Helps people and doctors say it is good. I can get sarcastic in these comment areas but that is the truth, no bullshit. I actually in real life give a shit!

        • I can attest to it helping on the medical side. Its allowed me be more active than I have in years. Not to mention not have to live in pain, or take a ton of opiates. I can’t take over the counter painkillers, they do very little, and i am forbidden from taking them due to the additional kidney and liver damage that some of them can do when you take them everyday.

          • You should try Mitragyna speciosa for pain. It works incredibly well and is legal in most states. Common name is Kratom and can be found online. The Wikipedia page for it is loaded with false information, so I recommend reading American Kratom association’s website. Best of luck with your pain management.

          • Thanks been a tough year with all the legalities so it is good to hear for me and my crew. I will be sure to let them know a few people care about our efforts.

    • Troll rule #1: Do not go over the top right out of the gate. You have to reel them in slowly, let the line out a wee bit. Never reel hard with your tip down.

      Your pic is chopped from the Guild Extracts website.

      Your prices show a genuine lack of knowledge. Please play again .

      • Yes I know

      • Yea please. Plus you’re rippifng people off so go fyoursekf

        • Rip off who, lol I only apply my new math skills to the federal government call it hill justice. The federal government has lied saying the plant I grow has no medicinal value. I awarded myself compensatory damages and the feds still owe. Talk about ripoff have you read the article above! 52 citizens arrested because the government lies!!

      • Good call LBH, my sentiments exactly. $9000 wholesale for full melt! $27k for L of isolate!!!! Riiiiiiiiiight.

        • I can make a crap load of shitty full melt and dump on the market for 5 to 6k like the rest of my competition. As far as the isolate only one other place in the US I know of makes the same product in bulk and they are in Seattle.

          So as I said let the competition begin!! You have anything to compete with or are you just like everyone else going into a saturated flower market growing the same strains or maybe just a keyboard warrior while I produce a premium product.

    • Those are the real prices for those that love the plant. Grow better and make a better product or suffer like the rest of the growing herd. Let the competition begin!!

    • That isolate is stronger than strong could ever BE strong. It’s strong!
      Thanks for making it.

      • The Entropic Empath

        Probably should just shoot up some Heroin, if you need this stuff to get high.

        Just because it is possible, does not make it advisable.

        I predict that this “isolate” will be the next outlawed “medicine”, so thanks for letting everyone know about it…

        • Yep a little farm in Humboldt County scaring the shit out of big Pharm and big AG. Making medicine they cannot, has no side effects, you cannot overdose and actually helps people. You want it banned, lol.

          I hope you never have to use my product but the day you do I hope you are humbled. You can pay me back by standing at the bottom of Alderpoint road with a sign that says “Thank you growers of Humboldt County!!”

          • The Entropic Empath

            I feel certain that marijuana addicts everywhere cannot wait to do some of your latest drugs.

            I have said repeatedly, legalization will result in a period of experimentation, followed by a period of apathy, and then everyone will move on to the next thing.

            Weed is for losers, and isolates, just for confirmed drug dilettantes and people who deal drugs, and therefore have the money to try this stuff.

            Most people in the USA would not think of buying your powder-drug, and, even if I were dying, I would not be looking for it.

            Humboldt is full of broken down and disabled people, and, folks who are suffering from cancers and debilitating conditions, same in Mendo – If anyone thinks that pot or pot isolates will cure them or add quality to their lives, I hope they will try it. I won’t be joining them, but, I am still healthy…

            I predict that the market for this product will be limited, and, that something else will come along soon.

            • Thank you for your sediments they for me only solidify why I grow and manufactuer products from the plant I love. I will do my best to show the world her capability up against all odds and negativities.

              Fitting as it is for me the challenge has always been up against the odds. Being an outlaw from the hills taint easy, lol. Well, who better, I say to meet the challenge. I am a grower from Humboldt and Trinity County and damn proud of that fact. Let’s see if the US capitalist market appreciates my hard work. I think they will as they already have for quite some time.

    • Impressive delta -9

    • That’s more than cocaine prices bud

  • There was probably 40 million plants in CA this year so 600,000 is a joke for the amount of money they spent to get em

    • Hush!! Look at all the federal and state jobs we growers create no one ever talks about that silver lining. Finally we’re a part of the 1%, the war is over, we won!

      • People working in the legal, non-traditional market pay income taxes. Dispensaries pay state sales taxes. Taxes pay for LEO and toys for LEOs like their super awesome Caterpillar 246C Skid Steer complete with a ‘SHERIFF’ label. They will have a HK sound system and LED wheel spinners on that bitch before the end of October.

  • Trump’s gardens?
    “”It’s an enormous cost, and there’s an enormous amount at stake,” said Jessica Levinson, a clinical professor of law at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. “I’m surprised it’s not a greater increase, because Xavier Becerra was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown to use every legal tool at his disposal to show that we are the capital of the resistance.”

  • What is the legal basis for confiscating firearms in cases where there are no criminal charges? I read here over and over about raids with over-the-top absurd civil charges, plus guns seized, but no arrests or criminal complaints.

    Provided we are talking about properly acquired legal firearms owned by non-felons, this doesn’t make sense — if there is no crime alleged, then no firearms were used in the commission of a crime. Same with cash — how can they start down the civil asset forfeiture road when there is no criminal enterprise ??

    Am I missing something?

  • Thank Jah it’s Friday! Another superb season in the mountains of The Emerald Triangle. We did it again boys! Outlaw crew did a great job, excellent work fellas! Celebrate folks it’s Harvest Time! Here’s Johnny!

  • And how did they steal our riperian water rights which was amended into the Constitution in the 1880s.(nation wide not just California) without any voter approval.these letters going out in the 95660 zip that you have to register your water if you own rural property and pay the water board a bill are against the Constitution of the united states. It’s time for regime change in California.go vote people!!!!!!!

    • Good question Spot!!

      This video explains the riparian water rights, property rights, grazing rights, and all that.

      The Reclamation Act still confuses me, because it’s supposedly only for the main bodies of water like the Sacramento River, that is still held under the title of public that’s supposedly supposed to fall under the Reclamation Act. (apologies for strange wording, it’s past my lunch time).

      This article exposes some of the lawsuits that some kept hushed.

      Strange notable: Some people find it really interesting that the Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyer was also one of the epa directors during questionable times. Maybe a local reader will attempt a deep dive on it. Go for it buddy.

    • Completely against your property rights! If you have a spring that doesn’t leave your property.. the courts have ruled you own that water. Not the water board. Also, Repairian rights were fought long and hard for.. so now the water board is above law, and can just overturn laws that have already been decided by the courts? Dairy farmers, Ranchers, veggie farmers, and the like, I hope you are paying attention to what is happened here, because one day, the heavy handed gov. Is going to start implementing these rules on your industries.

    • Honestly voting is boring when only a few bridges stand in our way to freedom. I, of course absolutely meant those bridges between the grower and government to get legally permitted. I was by no means suggesting the very few, 3 to be exact, physical bridges to our geographic area (I never liked Del Norte let Oregon have’em).

  • Wow didn’t know camp was still a thing!

  • 52? Haha. We win. You lose.

  • we be better off if we grew industreal hemp.

  • Get permits and slave to give the state and county all your profit margin. Lol. NEW AGE SLAVERY!!!!!!!!!! Go vote people we can reverse this rip off scheme. No on o,no on Gavin newsom,no on rex bone,no on Estelle fennel,no on Huffman,no on McGuire,no on woods. No on politicians that steal water rights,property rights,constitutional rights.go in November and pick through the garbage and try to pick someone who’s the least amount of a lying rip off peice of trash!!!!!!;

    • Estelle’s seat isn’t up this time. Unless the fledgling recall effort comes to fruition, enjoy at least two more years.

      I got my sample ballot. The actual one usually isn’t far behind.

  • communitywatcher

    over regulated ! its fucked really cant win in this county.. i heard someone has to pave thier road to comply? ummm really? and what is the worst is when you buy land based on water being there for your house and now we have to give up our water rights and ask permission? house and grows? everyother county has a permit process that is effcient and pretty fast .. this county is probably going to test the air ! hope this county gets a smother running permit system ASAP

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