Man Arrested for Attempted Murder After Allegedly Stabbing Roommate in Chest

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On October 4th, 2018, at about 9:48 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department (EPD) responded to the 300 block of P Street for a stabbing that had just occurred. It was reported that the suspect left that location on foot, but was being followed by a witness.  Officers soon located the suspect near the jail and detained him without incident. The suspect was identified as Christopher Charles Matzick (34 years old).

The initial investigation has determined that Matzick attacked his roommate with a large knife, stabbing him in the chest.  The motive for the attack is still under investigation.  The victim sustained serious injuries and is in critical condition at this time.

Matzick was taken into custody and was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF) on a charge of attempted murder. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

This is an ongoing investigation and anyone with information is urged to contact Det. Watson at 707-441-4032



  • How do these guys sharpen their blades? I`d really like to know if they have any skill or just use some cheap Silicon carbide stone they shoplift from Wal-Mart or even a file. I`m pretty good at sharpening due to my trade/craft; probably in the top 5%. Therefor, I know it`s a developed skill as well as the correct tools neded. A graded series of sharpening stones of the correct type and grit. Silicon carbide or file would I guess work, making sort of a rough edge that`s good enough for sticking someone. o they ever have a good knife or do they just use whatever they can shoplift?

  • Thats the important thing here.
    How he sharpened his knife?

    • It’s not about the knife, it’s about irritating people. We have a professional troll that loves to push people’s buttons here. Every day.

      • Probably the Main Troll from LoCO, an A$$hole of the highest magnitude!!! He LIVES to push peoples buttons with some of the most insensitive & downright disgusting possts I have EVER seen!! His real name is Trevor, but he has an UNstable of socks he uses!!!!

        • I’m well aware. It’s pathetic to watch, on this site and on Loco. Every day, trying to rile people up. Some people are mentally disturbed.

  • It was a homemade prison shiv,he sharpened it on the concrete the way they do it on the yard!!!!!

  • I got to say, for such a screwed up story, you other posters sure did make me laugh…..

    I think the first poster was saying he must of had a dull knife, as he didn’t murder him…

  • “He who lives by the sword, dies by those who dont.”

  • Charles Manson once said “everybody`s afraid of a knife”. Now, do you think this was a superlative and Ol’ Charlie said this just to sound cool or “hip”? Or, do you suppose there was a possibility he knew what he was talking about and had some personal experience?

  • I guess he might of just sharpened it on a grinder or something maybe he was trying to sharpen it on the guy he stabbed of possibly trying it out on him to make sure it was sharp at any rate at least it was 5% sharp i hope the other guy makes it sounds like he was a cuting board or the other guy was a bit board and had nothen to use his knife on to see how sharp his knife was we know one thing for sure it was at least5 % sharp or better

  • You’re probably holding your knife wrong

  • what i want to know is why does attempted murder get bail? they didnt offer bail to Kyle Z, and i know that was murder charges but still

  • This incident occurred yesterday at 322 P St- the same “halfway” house the 18 yr. old girl was found in dead two years ago- which has not been “solved” yet. At that time the paper mentioned 22 people were registered at the house. This rundown eyesore currently houses nearly the same number and, yes there are currently children- ~3 young girls of elementary school age living there with the skin- headed tattooed dope smoking oddballs milling around all day. This house is not a healthy situation and is mixed in around legitimate residences and businesses. The police and first responders know this location well- they are there quite a bit. The city needs to close this craphole eyesore down and fine the owner for this nuisance. Based on the constantly revolving tenants and similarities of behavior, they appear to be recent prison releases, and are mixed in amongst a residential and business neighborhood- not a good situation. The owner would receive state guaranteed money for their rent, so why would she not not pack in all she could? A prediction- this will not be the last incident here, until it’s closed down. This place has been and is still BAD NEWS.

    • Google maps shows that place to be super slummy! Blight results in increased crime. You could easily find out who owns it and it really wouldn’t be that difficult to take them to task through the court system.

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