Joe Olivo III Sentenced to 12 years in Prison for Fatal Stabbing

This is a press release from the District Attorney’s Office:

Joe OlivoToday, 20-year-old Joe Olivo III was sentenced on charges of voluntary manslaughter with personal use of a knife, for the killing of 14-year-old Jesus Garcia-Romero on December 17, 2014. Judge Christopher Wilson imposed the maximum term of 12 years in state prison. The District Attorney’s Office argued in favor of this sentence, which was also recommended by the Probation Department.

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  • coward gang banger

  • That’s just doesn’t seem right for cold blooded murder, (I know it says man slaughter but it was not) he will barely be over 30 when he is released even if he served a full term. Meanwhile the victim is dead and the family will be suffering for ever. This is one of the worst crimes you can commit I don’t get it.

  • His lawyer made a backroom deal with the da,probably to sell another one of his clients down the river,or to give up info in another case.

  • Typical liberal DA (you voted for them) and liberal judge (community allows them to serve forever and ever …)

    • you apparently have no information about Contra Costa County. its similar to Humboldt, run by conservatives, full of meth and all their constituents blame liberals for the social problems in the comment section. guess where our DA and her specially imported team is from?

  • 12 years? Thats all that is allowed?

    Geezz… my last thought will be if someone kills me is going to be “they’ll just get a slap”..

    I know liberals don’t value others life very much..but…geezz….

  • Thats only two years less than how old that kid was that got killed12 years in the pen for killing a 14 year old person he will get out and think he is all that because of his crime o what did you do o i killed a 14 year old kid like it hes a real bad ass killing a 14 year old kid what a joke let him tangle with soom real killers

  • Wtf is wrong with this state?
    Im all for fair sentencing and mitgating corcumstances, but 12 years (MAX!) for stabbing a kid to death? He might serve four? Might as well let him go tomorrow since he probably has credit for time served.

    On the other hand I’d sure like to retain his lawyer. If I’m only gonna do 4 years there are some people I’d like to stab

  • Yea he only got 12 years but you know he will only due 5 with time in and the 40 % they call prison time so he will be put by 26 maybe 27..for taking the life of a child….super sad.

  • Wonder who his next victim will be when he gets out in less than ten years.

  • Now had he raped the minor would he have gotten more time then he did for killing him? 12 years is an unacceptable punishment, a 14 year old was intentionally stabbed to death, this guy deserveres the death penalty. Should be an enhancement for it being gang related, like if your in a gang and someone ends up dead due to your actions it becomes premeditated murder in the first degree.

  • Marci kitchen killed bring her own and she might do a couple years. White woman, Brown young man..he get thrown to the dogs…she protective custody. WTF. Judges..Attorneys and back yard handshakes

    • he murdered a child with a knife, left him to bleed to death alone in the dark, hardly thrown to the fucking dogs, he’ll be out before you know it, any other state he would be getting the needle, niece try on the racism bullshit though.

    • Probably if he had run over the victim in a DUI incident, he too would have received a lesser sentence. I agree that in the light of Kitchen’s behavior, she got off lightly. But then that’s true of Olivo too, who had intent to kill whereas Kitchen just had disregard for other humans.

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    This guy is a psychopath. He would happily kill anyone at all. Do not kid yourself.

    Whatever strings were pulled here, he murdered a child and got 5-6 years.

    Something is wrong with your prosecutor, your judge, and your whole County.

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