Humboldt County Library’s McKinleyville Branch Offering Virtual Reality Experience Program

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Library:

The McKinleyville branch of the Humboldt County Library is offering a virtual reality experience every first and third Saturday of the month from 2 – 5 p.m. that the public is invited to attend.

   The Oculus Rift virtual reality system allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual world and experience fun new technology.

   The McKinleyville library is part of the California Virtual Reality Experience, a joint program of the California State Library and the Califa Library Group to bring this new technology to communities that might otherwise not have it. Come in to try it out!

    All events are free to attend. The library’s programs and services are accessible to persons with disabilities; please let us know if you require assistance. The McKinleyville branch of the Humboldt County Library is located at 1606 Pickett Rd. in McKinleyville. For further information, call 707-839-4459 or visit our website at



  • Yay, more high-tech weirdness to advance the agenda of the technocrats! When will people realize that this crap is not going to liberate us? It’s going to do the exact opposite– it’s going to enslave us and our progeny.

    • Poor John. Aren’t you using a computer today?

      • Using a computer in a public library. But still, where is all this technology taking us? I don’t even need to wait for an answer to that, because I already don’t like where it’s taking us. I always try to be one of the last hold-outs for any of this. I didn’t get an e-mail address until almost 2000. I only got a cell phone a couple of years ago, after there were no more public pay phones around. I don’t have a computer at home, nor do I have a car, preferring to get around by public transportation. I use all this stuff largely because it’s no longer possible to function in life without using it. The world probably would’ve been a better place if it had frozen its technological development at 1975. I proudly voted for the Unabomber in the 1996 presidential election.

        • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

          John has a point. Facebook’s ownership of Oculus is the opposite of reassuring. And I did a deep dive recently into recent research which is full of machine learning studies with titles like, “personality detection using real-time automated facial expression analysis,” measuring the facial expressions of subjects reacting to the virtual reality. Among other things, they are scanning for micro-expressions like Tim Roth in that tv show, “Lie to Me” (which was based on actual science).

          How long before the topic becomes commonplace that Mark Z and all of the other Silicon Valley oligarchs are using VR and AI to identify, recruit and assemble armies of sociopaths for their own nefarious purposes like in some evil remake of that classic movie, The Last Starfighter? They say Zuck already knows if you are gay before you do, and does anyone remember that kerfuffle a few years back when Amazon started sending young women (who didn’t yet know they were pregnant) pregnancy-related ads once they were identified as displaying associated behaviors. The sophistication level of the technology that is watching us while we are watching a show, surfing the web, or playing games is far beyond what we as a society are even considering, right now. And who knows what’s next?

          You’ve been warned!

          • Thank you, Hermit. You’ve articulated the problem a lot better than I did. And with a name like yours, I’d like to meet you one day. Of course, you may not even read this, as it’s already old news.

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