North Coast People’s Alliance Endorses Erik Rydberg for McKinleyville Community Services District

Media release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

At its general meeting, September 15, the North Coast People’s Alliance enthusiastically endorsed Erik “Yahmo Ahqha” Rydberg for the McKinleyville Community Services District.

Rydberg is of Kashaya Pomo and Chamorro descent, and he is following in the footsteps of his family, who have been advocating for clean water [and] ecological restoration for generations. He is running to bring renewable energy, a town center, and city status to McKinleyville. “There is projected growth in McKinleyville,” Rydberg said. “We need to get ahead of that and plan for it.”

Part of Rydberg’s vision for McKinleyville involves the construction of a renewable energy plant. “There is a $2.5 million matching funds grant for a renewable energy plant at the airport that could provide a lot of the district’s energy. I would like to see that go through.” As a former organizer with the Office Professionals and Employees International Union (OPEIU), Rydberg would work to ensure that all of the jobs at the solar plant are union jobs. “I witnessed first hand what the working class of America looks like sitting with shop stewards, AFL-CIO leaders and laborers in California and Montana,” Rydberg said.

“Rydberg’s commitment to dignified, high-paying union jobs, balanced with environmental stewardship, makes him the obvious choice for our endorsement,” said NCPA Treasurer, Mike Hetticher.

More information about Rydberg and his campaign can be found at



  • NCPA is a communist organization dedicated to destroying America. They scurry in and out of the “labor temple” in Eureka. They openly support sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens like the psychos who murdered Mollie Tibbetts and Kate Steinle and the six-times-deported homeless killer down south. Doubtful anyone this pack of rats supports is any good for our communities or our country.

    • The current ‘administration’ in Washington is the only organization I know of ‘dedicated to Destroying America’. Pretty ironic that you accuse an indigenous person who wants clean water of that. You may want to include some actual sources and facts next time.
      Might want to re-read our Constitution and Bill of Rights again too ‘Rebel’.

  • KYM KEMP it says for Mckinleyville services district? does that mean for a seat on the board of directors? thank you in advance for the clarification

    • I am presuming so…I can’t imagine what else there is up for election. Am I missing something?

      • Kym I dont think so they have a board … just a confusing press release… I mean???? really? I know you didnt write it though. How good of a job will you do if you cant convey the job you are running for clearly?

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