Humboldt County Library Receives Grants for New Materials

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Library:

The Humboldt County Library recently received two grants from the California State Library to purchase new materials.

   The first, the Rural Libraries Initiative grant, allowed the library to purchase almost 300 titles, with adult books on subjects pertaining to veterans and people over 50 years of age, and young adult and children’s books about mental health, early literacy, and diversity.

   The second, the Rural Libraries AV Collection Development grant, a partnership with Midwest tapes, awarded the library $3000 dollars, doubling this year’s DVD and Blu-Ray budget.

   The grant allowed the library to add nearly 150 adult and children’s DVDs and Blu-Ray discs to their system-wide collection of approximately 29,000 audiovisual materials.

    In addition to a print book collection, the library has a large number of audiovisual material, including DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, CDs, and book on CDs, along with a vast e-material collection on Overdrive’s Libby app. Audiovisual checkouts are included with library card privileges, and, as always, are free to borrow.

   To explore the library’s collection, or to place a hold, please visit the library’s website at

   The Eureka library can be reached at 707-269-1900.



  • My grandmother was a librarian when the County library was in the basement of the courthouse. I moved away decades ago, but visited this new (to me) library a couple of years ago. It’s really beautiful, and what a great location. Glad to see it’s continuing to do good things.

  • Congratulations, HCL. Our library system is an excellent one and a valuable resource, no matter where the location. Did you know that our library has thousands of feature films on DVD (and now some on Blu-ray too) that you can request online?

    • Oh I agree that the Library system is a valuable resource no matter the location, but I just love the location. Having spent a lot of my youth in the courthouse basement*, looking out over the bay was a pleasant and relaxing experience.

      *Including an earthquake or two. My first job was as a page at the old library (after my grandmother passed away suddenly), then I worked for the County system in the old City library, in the department that worked with the County school libraries. Always in the basement. Except that later job allowed me to travel all over the county, delivering books to rural schools all over the county.

  • Wish there was a grant for a new microfilm reader!!

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