Fire Station Window Shattered by Traffic Cone; Man Arrested

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Ronald KeyOn 10-2-18 at 8:51 p.m. multiple Eureka Police officers responded to the front door of Humboldt Bay Fire Station 1 located at 533 C Street for a report that a male subject had just shattered the front window to the building and was threatening to harm himself.

Upon officer arrival, the male was located sitting on the ground near the front door of the station. He was extremely upset. The male refused to comply with officer commands and appeared to have an unknown object in his hand that he was holding to his wrist.

After a few moments of negotiations, officers were able to approach the male and he was detained in handcuffs and placed under arrest for vandalism.

The male was identified as Ronald Wayne Key, 50 of Eureka, had thrown an orange traffic cone through one of the large plate glass windows. Battalion Chief Emmons estimated the cost of the damage at $1,000.

Key was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for 594(b)(1) PC and 1203.2 PC. Key was not injured in the incident.

Key has been arrested multiple times by Eureka Police for vandalism. The most recent incident occurred on 9-20-18 when he vandalized a parked county owned vehicle in the 700 block of Wood Street.



  • Pharmstheproblem

    He’s just looking for 3meals and a cot, tierd of being wet and cold…Not that that’s a good excuse, but probably a fact…

  • it is nice of the police to not shoot him.

    • Sounds like he is one of their “regulars.” So many criticize police when things go wrong but never notice the number of times police are the only ones who even try to take care of difficult populations, by the best efforts they have available.

      • When people have failed at every option and society is unable to pick them up the police are stuck dealing with the problem(s).

      • why is he allowed to wreak havoc on society at large?? $1,000 on a window, damaging vehicles,… wth??

        • Because, while his behavior is scary (probably to himself as well as the public,) he is probably not a danger to himself or others. So he can not legally be held against his will. There are no easy solutions.

  • He looks like he could use a hug. His actions were a cry for help and I hope someone helps this poor guy.

    • Of course it’s a “cry for help.” But it’s pretty much a sure thing that help has been offered many times by many people but he rejected it one way or another.

      Feel free to give it another go.

    • how about helping self?? tired of people mis-using “freedom” to run amok, at the expense of society

      • I totally agree carol….

        • He is not likely in control of his own behavior. I don’t know him personally but it sounds likely. He could just be a nasty aggressive person but the press release sounds more like a person who can’t find his way due to mental issues.

      • trump is a fucking pervert moron

        Carol, welcome to the Garden of Eden, NOT. We are tired of you people being tired of people who are not meeting your idea of perfection. Society must bear some of the responsibility for what we hath created.

  • I feel like bald people are more likely to commit crimes out of the anger they feel over losing their hair.
    It’s why I don’t trust bald people or hire them.
    Take notice of these mug shots and you’ll notice most of them are bald.

  • That poor misguided soul is not bald. Gravity has moved his hair from the top of his head to his chin.

  • He ain’t really bald. His chin got sick and his hair went down to help take care of it.

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