Stuck, Saved, and Ready to Find Her Family: Two Strangers and a Humboldt Animal Control Officer Rescue a Trapped Dog

I was out fishing on the jetty and some kid rode by on his bike and then a few minutes later came back by Way out in the 10 or 15 feet down She had definitely been there a few days. She started backing up. She found a jug of water on the jetty She definitely needed water. We were able to get a hand on her and lift her up out of there. First I called the Coast Guard. I'm glad we were able to get her out. THe animal control people. They hold her for a few days. She is really sweet I hope they find her people. She is not fixed She is really skinny. She is so lucky that dude rode his bike by. Mid-twenties She was way down in there. She is way lucky. It was all wet around her like one big ocean day and it would be all over for her. Ryan (Baird?) Darin Mitchell Hum co Animal shelter. We found her on Friday. Really skinny and real weak and really needed water.

The trapped German Shepherd as she was first seen trapped in the Dolos. [Photo taken Friday, September 21 by Darin Mitchell–note: the image has been cropped and the edge has been cloned and extended to create a horizontal image.]

Two rescuers saved a German Shepherd from where she had been trapped– starving and thirsty—for days in the Dolos (large, angular, interlocking cement objects) on the North Jetty. 

According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Ryan (last name unknown) was riding his bike in the area when he saw something orange “about 10 feet down” in the Dolos. He soon saw that it was a collar onthe neck of a trapped dog. He rode back the way he came and asked Darin Mitchell who had been fishing nearby to help him.

Mitchell said when he saw the dog he could tell she was scared, hungry, and thirsty. (He snapped the photo above and posted it almost immediately on a Facebook page asking if anyone knew who owned her.)

He had no idea how long the dog had been trapped, but, he told us “she had definitely been there a few days…She was way down in there.”

At first, he said, when they tried to get her to come to them, she backed away. But, with a jug of water, Mitchell said they were able to coax her closer and pull her up out of the hole.

Ryan holding the rescued dog and Darin Mitchell standing to the right. [Photo from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office]

“She is so lucky that [Ryan] rode his bike by,” Mitchell said. “She was way down in there…It had been calm but it was all wet around her…[O]ne big ocean day and it would have been all over for her.”

Mitchell said when they pulled her out, the dog was “really skinny and real weak and really needed water.”

According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, their “Animal Control Officer Rob Patton responded and took the dog to the Animal Shelter. ACO Patton says the dog had a slight fever, but is now resting and healing from the experience.”

The rescued dog is now listed as found on Pet Harbor in case anyone knows her owner.

“She is really sweet,” Mitchell said. “I hope they find her people.”

The rescued beauty. [Photo from Pet Harbor]




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