Medivac Coming for Motorcyclist Who Hit Deer in Shelter Cove

medical helicopter, medivac

A Cal Star helicopter is flying into Shelter Cove this morning to transport a motorcyclist who struck a deer on Humboldt Loop Road, said Cheryl Antony spokesperson for Shelter Cove Fire.

“We took him in an ambulance to the south end of the airport and Cal Star is going to get him there,”  Antony explained.

“He has an obvious fracture of his left lower leg,” she said. “He was talking though.”



  • This is right around rutting season and deer have only one thing going on in their little pea brains.

  • Damn deer. Don’t they know that’s it’s everyone else’s respoability to be extra careful because some idiots decide to use an outrageous dangerous mode of transportation.

    • There are currently three times more deer in North America since Europeans showed up. They thrive in forest boundary areas so deforestation has caused a population explosion. They are also incredibly stupid, nearly blind and weirdly aggressive this time of year. Like it or not, they are a dangerous pest animal and in need of artificial population control. I don’t think that the way we do it is perfect (culling only healthy males,) but it’s better than nothing and they’re made of food!

      • Reactive is not stupid. Animals who are prey better run first and think later.

        Deer are much less common where mountain lions are on the increase. I’m not sure that I find that losing the destructiveness of deer to a creature who will stand there deciding whether I am a tasty substitute is a good thing or a bad thing.

      • So please do not kill the mountain lions!

    • Outrageous and dangerous???? You mean like a piss-ant, I mean Prius, which in an accident will fold like a Coors can and bake you into a crispy critter all in the name of virtue signalling.

    • I hope this guy is ok. He is not an idiot for riding a motorcycle and how dare you call him that just for riding a motorcycle. Get a grip and look in the mirror. I could come up with a few names for you. But gee I don’t know who the fuck you are, to be doing that. [edit]

  • I hit one jumped right of the cut bank i dont think the dam thing hoves even got a chance to hit the black top totaled my car killed the deer i was a five pount buck with two eye gards

  • Vehicular homicidist

    These idiots drive all over the place including down the airport with reckless abandon. I’m surprised he was not run over when he got picked up.

  • Well, “Well”, My car has been hit by a bear and my other family members have had their vehicles hit BY deer multiple times. Why this seems unusual to anyone living in Humboldt makes zero sense. Prayers for our friend’s quick healing are appropriate here. Criticizing him for riding a motorcycle, not so much. #kickemwhiletheyredown

  • R-dog usually has interesting things to offer. I like when he posts even if it’s not written conventionally.

  • Took a friend to the cove one fine fall day. Up jumped a big buck on the side of the road looking tired with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. “Oh look! He’s sick!” my friend said. I never laughed so hard in my life. Yep, he’s sick alright! HaHa!

  • My friend saw some deer literally body surfing the waves near the cove! Saw mom&2 babies right on side of cove road today, ive found some serious honking helps send them back into the woods.
    They are definitely not stupid nor are they overabundant compared to historical records. Think how many are needed to make one pair of pants&one top.

    Our idiotic way of building roads and how we manage our clearcuts uh i mean forests leave no wildlife corridors for critters to follow and avoid humans. They have to traverse fences, roads, houses, dogs, etc as they attempt to wander the paths their ancestors did for centuries. Wild animals need shade and cool water in the summer like all of us. They are having to travel farther and farther to find it while encountering more human “development”. If deer find a good food source theyre gonna stick around especially if travelling (as they should be) ends up killing a lot of them. They will also hang out in areas where they dont smell/sense predators like mtn lions. Adaptations = survival.

    I find them extremely intelligent, theyre not running into cars because theyre idiots, they are prey animals whose first instinct is run and run fast. I was running from someone once and ended up going through a bush right onto a street before i knew it.
    Odds are in the deers favor if we set out to test who could survive better for 2 weeks in the woods!

  • Fast and speedy recovery to the motorcyclist. How scary this must have been.

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