Traffic Blocked on Myrtle Avenue Near Eureka After Multiple Vehicle Collision

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 4:35 p.m., multiple vehicles were involved in a traffic collision on Myrtle Avenue east of Eureka near Pigeon Point, according to a report called into the emergency call center. An ambulance has been dispatched to the scene and there are five people with minor injuries, according to the scanner.

Traffic is blocked in both directions, according to the Incident Commander speaking over the scanner.

The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports that there is a black Ford pickup, a black sedan and possibly one other vehicle involved.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • Since there is not a stop sign on Myrtle at that intersection, I wonder if tailgating could have been a factor in some of the collisions.

  • Yeah, 1 car stopped to turn rt. Couple more waiting behind her, here comes a growdozer behind them. Nuff Said

  • So much speeding and tailgating, i wish the chp were parked on myrtle and the corridor all day long. Theyd make some serious $.
    Myrtle has a lot of residences and businesses and blind driveways. If youre taking it to go faster than corridor, pls stop driving on myrtle. The other day someone tailgating me went around me on myrtle near pigeon point doing at least 65 as i was doing around 47. Super dangerous.
    To the chp do you have a direct 24hr number to report dangerous drivers instead of having to call 911? The 2 times ive ever called, by the time i got to the person taking those reports the car being crazy was way out of sight.

  • Funny how a 3 quarter ton work truck that will actually move a load of something for you in Humboldt by judgmental lames is called a grow dozer.But anywhere else in the country it’s a work in the Dakotas or Montana it would be a ranch truck,in Iowa or Indiana a farm truck.hey chump’s that use the phrase growdozer at least these people are usually buying American made rigs and supporting our economy(unless it’s a Toyota). You should be like there’s a smart American who is buying American supporting American jobs when you see that dodge,ford,chevy role by!!!!!!

  • There is a space to wait to turn both left and right there. And it’s got some length of clear viewing so it’s hard to understand this accident.

  • Proud Deplorable Grandma

    I was involved in the accident, I was the black sedan, a Toyota Camry. I don’t have any ill will or feelings towards the truck, but I really hope people take this as another example that shaving a few minutes off wherever you are going is not worth it.

    Big shout out to the people from Lost Coast Hay who took my little dog so I could try to find my phone to call my husband and let me use hers when I couldn’t find mine. She checked on everyone and continued until all emergency personnel were there, assisted me in getting my info together, was just a huge help.

    I hope the other people involved in the accident are okay.

    • Can you say what happened? I’m glad that you are ok enough to post.

      • Proud Deplorable Grandma

        Truck in front stopped to legally turn left on Myrtle Avenue by Mitchell Heights or Pigeon Point. I slowed and stopped waiting for truck to turn. I glanced up in mirror to make sure car behind me was slowing and stopping, it was. I looked forward again and then I heard while simultaneously feeling the impact of the 4th vehicle, a large truck hitting the car behind me. I mistakenly thought there were 5 cars total, but my husband took pictures or I probably would have kept arguing with him! The car behind me and the truck that caused the impact were both really bad. My back bumper was completely off and back crunched in. My front was damaged, but not like the back.

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