Bear on Hind Legs

A reader spotted this bear near Piercy the other day. The reader said, “I thought it odd the bear was standing so erect.”

According to, “Bears can see, hear, and smell better standing up than they can when they are down on all four legs. So when they are standing up they are just trying to see what is in front of them.”



  • Aaaaaaaa it’s bigfoot!

  • It looks like that one is standing to more effectively feast on apples.

    • My thoughts exactly!!! (S)He wanted to get to the apples easier!!!!

    • Actually not an uncommon sight during apple season. At least it didn’t break the tree down to get fruit.

      • Scareyoubadenough Tomakeyourun

        We had a really really big ass cinnamon phase male on our property that would stand up like that and beat its chest like a gorilla and roared really loud. Then it would steal your lunch or your gas can. I generally just jumped in the truck and rolled the window up. Had several confrontations with that monster over the years, but he never gave chase, so I let him make an ass of himself. Extremely entertaining.

  • I’m waiting for the bear to smell the grapes on my back fence… Seems to come around every year. Drives the dogs crazy, of course. Finishes the grapes…
    I suspect we’ll be seeing an early winter if the bears are out raiding gardens this early in the fall.

  • Definitely a cool picture but I would be more impressed if it were a picture of Bear On Front Legs.

  • Game cam photo of a painting by my daughter with dancing small black bear. She insists that the photo is better than the painting, but while the photo may be cool, only her paintings grace the walls of Papa Bear’s den.
    oBe Juan

  • The adult b ears stand up and pick the fruit. The baby bears climb the trees and break them. At least, that is what has been going on in my back yard.

  • One way to keep the bears out out of my trees, is that I pick the fruit during the day so the bears don’t have to climb the trees to get a meal.

    • I pick most but leave a few for who ever wants them. Here fox are up in trees to get fruit. Of course raccoons, crows (too many of those) and ravens take too.

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