Roll Over Traffic Collision Blocks Singley Hill Road Near Fernbridge

About 6:17 p.m., a vehicle rolled over twice on Singley Road near Fernbridge Drive. An ambulance is responding.

“The roadway is blocked,” reports the Incident Commander about 6:30 p.m.

The driver is refusing to be transported by ambulance.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • Ambulance rides are expensive. If you’re not seriously injured you can drive yourself. If you can’t drive yourself, but your condition is stable, you can call family or a friend to take you to the hospital or urgent care.

    • In a rollover there’s a pretty good chance they have serious injuries. Ambulance rides may be expensive but they cost less than your life.

  • Right at the Casino entrance. During rush hour. How do you roll over there?

  • What a rediculous predicament we as american’s are in. Fat cat’s in washington D.C. waste our tax dollars, and we worry about an ambulace ride that could potentionaly bankrupt us. Sad. They work for us!!! But serve unlimited years, making millions. Time to turn the tables. They are public servants. Suposidly. We all deserve free health care. To keep us working and healthy. I have breast cancer, free implants, (strong breast cancer lobby), i’d much rather have dental care. Tooth decay is direct corrolation to heart disease. We must vote! Everyone vote. It matters. Especialy this november 6th. Vote. 💙💙💙💃💃💃

    • Please draw a distinction between the “public servants” who are really politicians in your comment and actual public servants employed in our state and federal civil services. All too often, the Civil Service takes the rap for misspent dollars only politicians control. We must never forget that the Civil Service replaced political patronage. And I agree with Sharon 100%. Across the country, we must all vote to make our democracy healthy again.

    • Reminder: people who work as government workers (i.e. public servants) are NOT politicians. There is a big difference. Politicians are NOT public servants.

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