In Honor of Faith and Kiya, Local Jeweler Hosts Dig for Diamonds (and Other Gemstones) to Raise Money for a Fortuna Skateboard Park

Video provided by Bartow’s Jewelers in Fortuna

Gems and jewels glisten in preparation for the Third Annual Fundraiser hosted by Bartow’s Jewelers in Fortuna on October 6. Every year the participants pay to dig for sparkling beauties and the money raised goes to benefit a non-profit. This year the money goes to help create a skate park in Fortuna in honor of Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas who were killed while skateboarding over two years ago in a rural area outside the town.Barstow Jewelers gems

Noting that the trial of Kiya Kitchen’s mother in the death of the two girls was emotionally exhausting for the community, Trish Foster, Bartow’s manager explained, “It is time to focus all our energy on something positive.”

Dig for Diamonds will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during Fortuna’s Apple Harvest Festival right in front of Bartow’s Jewelers new location, corner of 11th and Main Street.

A sandy scoop is captured as a tiny participant awaits her chance to dig for diamonds and other shiny gemstones.

A sandy scoop was captured last year as a tiny participant awaited her chance to dig for diamonds and other shiny gemstones.

“We will be asking for $10 per scoop per person,” the event Facebook invitation states. “You are welcome to donate more or less. Keep in mind we are trying to build this amazing skate park that OUR YOUTH need desperately.”

The event adds, “Join us in making this a possibility for the kids of Fortuna and Humboldt. Help us make a change! We love you Kiya and Faith.”




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