Heavy Rain Makes Hwy 36 Construction Zone Slippery

Heavy rains made driving through the construction zone on Hwy 36 hazardous.

Heavy rains made driving through the construction zone on Hwy 36 hazardous. [Photo by Summer Bashore]

Numerous drivers complained about heavy rains causing a slippery roadway on Hwy 36 at the Federal construction zone around mile marker 36.

“It was like driving on snot,” reported Summer Bashore, a local resident who provided the photo above.

The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reported at 5:06 p.m. that they had received a report of 30 cars “pulled over afraid to drive on the road.” They had another report that 4-wheel drive vehicles are “sliding out and unable to maintain control.”

Bashore said a grader was working on cleaning up the roadway around 6:15 p.m.

“Grading made it way better…[It was] possible to get some traction,” she said.




  • Sounds scary, hope everyone makes it out ok Drive slow and safe

  • Are they still on schedule to finish the project this winter? Just wondering….

  • What’s with the clown with his hands in his pockets? Looks like a CalTrans worker.

    • Caltrans workers keep your roads drivable. This project is being done by a privately owned construction company and it is being overseen by the Federal Highway Administration. Caltrans had little to do with this or any of the other projects on 36 where the one lane sections have been widened. But stoke that bias. You don’t seem to have much else.

    • No. He doesn’t have a safety vest, orange hardhat or a clipboard.

  • Mercer frasier is a shit company. I remeber when they paved 101 between CR and eureka a few years back. They left so much gravel on the road that it was flinging up and breaking windshields and denting cars. The owner is to worried about getting their “legal” grow set up

    • Yup. Broke my windshield twice! The first time I got hit it was from gravel pouring out of the tailgate of one of their trucks. And the other day near the Fernbridge exit… gravel was flying all over off one of their trucks! People were swerving like crazy trying to get away.

    • It’s funny you never hear any complaining from the Trolls when the highway is nice and smooth. There is a lot of work that goes into it to get it that way.

  • POS gravel trucks need to be better at containing their load,every target and safeway truck isn’t dropping shoes and tomatoes on the road.
    Fuck those guys

  • Do we have our silt runoff containment in place? I know I had to have it on my tiny, flat building project. That picture looks like they didn’t bother.

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