Sara Michelle Cox-Ludwig: Known for the Heart She Carried and the Love She Had

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Sara Michelle Cox-LudwigSara Michelle Cox-Ludwig suddenly passed away on September 23, 2018. She was 35 years young and resided in Logan, Ohio. She was born to her father, Johnny Douglas Cox and mother, Mary Kay Kriz in Hayward, California on September 17, 1983.

She grew up in the redwoods of Humboldt County where she was loved and admired by many.  She loved to be engulfed by the outdoors and go on adventures. She was a free spirit with a fiery soul who dared to be herself in a world where being unique has backlash. To those that denied her of her truth she would gladly bend over and tell them to kiss it. She refused to ever apologize for not fitting into someone’s box or for being herself. She was kind of amazing like that, which lead to much admiration from anyone who met her. To those whom she loved and loved her back she would go to the ends of the earth for. She is quite well known for the heart she carried and the love she had for her friends and family.

Sara Michelle Cox-Ludwig

Sara Michelle Cox-Ludwig

She is survived by her wife Amie Ludwig and children Annette Ruth Ludwig, Nolan Michael Ludwig, and Tucker Abbott Ludwig. While they are her step children by law, she never once viewed then as anything short of her own flesh and blood. She is also survived by her sister, Jennifer Morton and her children Seth Robert Morton and Dominik James Morton, whom Sara often referred to as her nephernoodles. Also survived by her sister Ashley Cox and her daughter named Khloe Lynn Walker who Sara never once called Khloe; she would call her Clara, Why do you ask, because it sounded like Sara. Sara also has a young cousins named Aria Wendy LaCount, Nathan LaCount Jr. andCadence LaCount. Sara is also survived by her brother Johnny Cox Jr. and step mother Kim Oliver, her two aunts Debbie Cox and Geri Sledd, her sisters -in- law Erin Carlson and Stacie Lane; brother-in-law Charlie Johnson and parents-in-law, Dave and Ruth Johnson. Most importantly, she is survived her grandmother, Marilyn Miller Cox, a woman Sara cherished more than words could ever come to express.

Sara is preceded in death by her parents and aunt, (Wendy LaCount).

Her presence in this world has touched many lives. She will forever be missed but never forgotten. Her family and friends will carry her legacy. I am almost sure she is looking down at us throwing up a peace sign and saying “Peace out B******”.

Everyone is invited to a memorial gathering to share stories and celebrate Sara’s life this Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 1:00 PM-6:00 PM at Kachelmacher Park, St. Rt. 93 S., Logan.  Arrangements are by the Cardaras Funeral Home, 183 E. Second St., Logan, Ohio.

Please sign her online guestbook at

If you would like to help, there is a fundraiser to put on a Celebration of Life in Humboldt County here.



  • When the kids you had in your elementary classes die so young it is painful. Sara did have a playful spirit and lived life to it’s fullest. RIP sweetie.

  • The memorial information is for the services in Ohio. We will be having a celebration of life here locally for everyone to attend. We are working on details at this point and will announce as soon as we have them

  • This truly breaks my heart. I will never forget you Sarah. Your whole family has always had a special place in my heart. Just seems like yesterday I was working for your grandma at the waterwheel. I was only 18 which means you were only 11 🙂
    You will be truly missed. RIP beautiful. 💕

  • Rest In Peace my sweet trail sister. Your smiles and comedy were second to none. One day we hike together again in heaven.

  • Always had a pretty smile, hadn’t seen her in a few years but new her well when she was younger. Rest in peace girl see you on the other side someday. My condolences her family!!!!

  • I remember Sara from when i worked at the waterwheel in 2000-2001 . She was always riding her BMX bike around . Sorry to see you go .

    – FJ

  • As my family has lived in Garberville and the surrounding area since 1937 when my Grandfather, Loren “Speed” DeVee became “THE MECHANIC” in Garberville when he opened the doors of ” SPEED’S GARAGE ” which decades later became Brooks Tire… I’ve known and at-least met and talked with most of Sarah’s family over the years. Mostly her wonderful Grandmother who tirelessly ran the old Water Wheel in Garberville for such a long time. I’d go there sometimes just to talk with the old gall at the counter and we enjoyed those conversations everytime she and I had them. That is where I met Sara for the first time. Sara was a bright and cute little thing who had a genuine glow about her. She had a sweet smile and a way about her that just made her likable. She was just a very young lady back then with her whole life ahead of her. This is how I choose to remember sweet Sara Cox. There should be a star up in the sky named after her so people could look up and remember who she was. That “Bright Little Light”. NuclearDave

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