Man Arrested for Allegedly Shooting His Girlfriend

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Michael Lee RussellOn Sept. 26, 2018, at about 10 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on the 300 block of Thomas Road in Miranda for the report of a gunshot victim.

When deputies arrived on scene, they located a female adult victim with a non-life threatening gunshot wound and other injuries. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Upon further investigation, deputies determined this incident to be domestic-violence related. The suspect, 31-year-old Michael Lee Russell, was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of inflicting corporal injury and violation of probation. His bail is set at $50,000.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: Gunshot Victim Reported in the Salmon Creek Area



  • Wow! Another one, isn’t that three this week so far?

  • 50k bail? Might as well just OR him, wait that’s next year.

    • I guess domestic violence is not considered attempted murder. The woman in Trinity did it right.

      • This is what happens when people watch those a-hole politicians argue on TV. It escalates any minor disagreement into violence. Congrats to all that voted for Trump and his BS!

        • Tell that to Juanita Broaddrick.

        • Get off the pony; domestic violence has been around a lot longer than Trump. It happens world wide through many different cultures. People need to take responsibility for themselves instead of blaming someone/everyone else. People need to stop with the politics where none exit and get a grip on reality and get a life!

    • On domestic violence he will get 90 days

  • I remember when Salmon Creek and upper Thomas was a nice quiet place to raise a family and run shops. These days it slightly resembles any other disfinctional hill in our county.

    • Your memory is seriously flawed.
      Kathy Davis RIP

      • No time is perfect–not now and not then. There are problems here in Salmon Creek but my kid roams the hills alone. I walk the roads alone. And I’m never afraid.

        • This is only a guest

          Nobody fucks with a redheaded blackbelt either way it’s gonna get heated

        • Thanks Kim. I feel the same way.

        • You’re lucky, I walk the dog at nite here in Fortuna. At Newburg park one nite this clown “juice” and his “ crew” rolled up on me and pulled out a stun gun. No words were exchanged just a dead stun gun with a low power snap noice. It was only me and my dog and we just backed out into the darkness and the Tweakers crew drove off saying “ you don’t know who you’re fucking with…”. It took me ten minutes to figure out who it was and now I see them in the dumpster and just smile as they have no clue their time could be over at any moment. I don’t go to that park at nite anymore. Not out of fear of getting mugged but out of fear I might extinguish him at some point and my life is way more important than he. Moral of the story is pick your battles and fight them intelligently.

        • I love Upper Thomas.

      • Everyone has fond memories of the 50s&60s years…But the WHOLE world has changed since then. For heavens sakes…pot is only a part of what has changed around here. The ranchers who annihilated Indians, except for the ones they married, were living all around these hills& there was alcohol& violence then. The population was less, so people could hide behaviors more easily. The first 20 years of ” back to the landers”, with small amounts of pot growing, were sweet and productive. After that, due to 12-15 years of CAMP publicizing the pot thing, a new wave of not so sweet people moved in& they only wanted the money.

      • a generation of no spankings

        yes 1983? ish

    • You should travel more. People like this are in every county and on every ‘hill’ in the world.

    • Sothern Humboldt County used to be a great place to grow up in the 60s. The drugs turned it into what it is today. So just live with it…

      • Yes marijuana ruined southern humboldt.started in the late sixties

        • I was here then. Economically, southern Humboldt was extremely poor. I remember most vehicles as being battered and old, for instance. Logging had done massive amounts of damage to the river and the hillsides. Amphetamines, though for the most part, I was oblivious, were prevalent. Racism and bigotry were prevalent.

          Don’t get me wrong there was much beautiful then that I miss. But to try and pretend that marijuana is the scapegoat for all SoHum’s ills is…not being very accurate.

          • In the last 40 years, it has been. I’m sorry that 21st century science and values did not exist in the 1970s but no numbers of battered old trucks being replaced with new ones makes for a better society or creates long lasting contentment. It just doesn’t work like that. In fact it was the boom town riches combined with a belief that laws were meaningless that lead to today’s world.

            I wonder why, when everyone was poor, the fish still swam in great numbers up the smallest creeks. Despite logging that was really ugly. There were butterflies in clouds. And birds everywhere. In fact looking back on it, today’s world is much less vibrant and lively. Not a good showing to recommend it.

            • Definitely, there are less fish and some of that is on the growers AND some of that is on the loggers and some of that is on other causes. But there have been good changes too (I’m not sure they are all worth what we have lost but to blame the bad all on marijuana without acknowledging the good that has also resulted is ignoring the full truth. In Southern Humboldt, we have some great organizations financed in differing amounts by marijuana money-Everything from Hospice to Trees to the Mateel Meal (now defunct) to the Healy Center to Redwoods Rural Health Center to the Community Park to the Community Credit Union etc. Some of the worst of the logging excesses were restrained in good part from money provided by growers.

              • “Some of the worst of the logging excesses were restrained in good part from money provided by growers.” I’d have to see proof of that. Most of the money, from my recollection, came from San Francisco.

                • “I’d have to see proof. . .” Of course you would have to see proof rather than evidence. That is the language of someone with a confirmation bias showing. I’ve heard stories: about Trees Foundations support of the Piercy Watersheds Association who helped put cumulative impacts into the Cal DF&G assessments of logging plans; hippie activists who prevented mountain top removal mining of red mountain; Mattole Restoration Council and other folks who lived off of pot money while proving that restoration practices could stop the bleeding and influence better behavior over all neighborhoods. Do I think the net effect has been positive? Maybe not. Everybody’s roads (loggers, growers, ranchers, heck even teachers), fire suppression, and all of the extractive landscape level activities including pot have been an environmental drain.

              • Thank you, Kym, for defending cannabis.

              • Right on Kim! I feel like I’m always fighting w you about weed grows but we are in agreement about the watershed restoration that was funded by early weed dollars. I walked into that scene when I arrived. The Sally Bell Grove defenders are still my heroes. Lots of good stuff was done. People weren’t greedy ballers yet. Of course some good folks came later too but it got real weird real greedy and ugly. How bad? Well, that’s where you and I disagree But today I thank you for speaking your truth. And always for providing this forum.

                • I can offer first-hand witness to growers supporting anti-logging events.

                  I remember a gathering at my house where money was being collected from growers for anti-logging protests and legal fees. That movement spread from Humboldt to beyond its borders. But the momentum began in part from money that was collected from growers.

            • Guest if you were here in the seventies and early eighties you’d know what Kym is talking about. The meth was horrible and being made all over these hills. Tweaked out nazis and bikers were running shit. Clearcuts were everywhere and silt made all the old swimming holes fill into what they are now. 3rd world poverty was effecting many children. The herb was a boon until the greedrush started 12 years ago.

          • I could concur

    • I can only speak for my own experience, but I have lived in Chicago,LA,New Orleans,Atlanta and for shorter amounts of time, even New York and Barcelona and I can honestly say you could drop me in any slum or ghetto of any of the above mentioned metros and I would feel just fine… What scares the hell outta me is small backwoods Hamlet’s where the sheriff, county supervisors, the mayor and the highway patrol all make the laws, play judge,jury and executioner and then Pat each other’s back for it like $50,000 bail for attempted murder of a cohabitant, satellite surveillance, taking people’s water rights and sending these abatement notices to scare the wits outta some poor people just trying to live their lives on what they thought was their own land..
      I sleep better with some sirens and gunfire. At least in the city, I know someone’s bound to see something and make a rukus.. these backwoods communities at least recently seem to be blurring the good guys/bad guys line a little and please don’t misinterpret, I love me some Salmon Creek, Miranda,Myers Flat, etc.. I wouldn’t be on here if I didn’t, just not happy with some recent and some long-standing goings ons..

      • An idiotic opinion based on emotion and not facts. If you would have baselessly slandered any other demographic that way, the whole board would have attacked you and your comment likely would have been deleted. If for instance, you would have pointed out that blacks are the most violent demographic in America, and then backed that up with readily available crime statistics, your comment would have received multiple, angry responses from clueless social justice warriors. Never mind that the statement is true, and not a baseless opinion; and EVEN IF you didn’t slander the entire race by calling them crazy fucking black people.
        Sadly, it’s perfectly acceptable to attack people based on color these days……if that color is white…..and if the gender is male. No doubt you are a liberal. That is why I call you hippycrites and find your ideology so despicable. It’s so laughable when you claim the moral high ground.

  • Kym does it sound like all 3 are domestic issue related?
    Good thing all those cops are busting people for growing while the domestic violence issues get worse and worse.
    I bet if more women shoot their male abusers the men will start paying more attention.
    The characteristic most associated with mass shooters? Domestic violence at home.
    The awful car burning with 2 bodies was also dom violence related.
    Even if you dont care about abuse, you should care how much money these instances cost taxpayers!

    • If only our LEO knew how to do anything other than chase drug war stats for dea grants and perform home invasions disguised as environmental cleanup as departmental fundraising. Close an open homicide, a rape, a home invasion.. nah. Just imagine preventing one! That’ll be the day… (the day the “drug war” ends)
      This is crime. This is on them. The “peacekeepers”. There is no law and order. Just another criminal syndicate. RIP Sherlock Holmes. Never read an account of Wild Bill shooting a child in the back.. while running away.
      The modern day LEO is a pitiful sight.. save for Honsal, at least he’s in shape.

  • $50,000 Bail…..? Really!
    So Cannabis Cultivation has higher bail than attempted murder and domestic violence…. Something is corrupt and wrong in the Humboldt County Sheriff Dept. And Judicial system of Humboldt, fire them all starting with the DA and Sheriff. Take Humboldt Back!

  • Pain and Suffering

    Expect more cases like these since the County put everyone outta work with their overzealous rules and regulations and consequences of poverty and a broke Humboldt County. Ultimately it is thr women and children who will suffer from prop 64 and strict county regs

  • Shot his girlfreind and a 50 thousand dollar bail son got caught with a glass tube with less then an oz of stale pot in it and had 100 thousand dollars bail …wat is not right here ..stupid

  • Oh gosh such a tragic situation period adverse childhood experiences start even when a woman is pregnant in the womb. If there is domestic violence and continued stresses the baby’s brain does not develop as well. Then once they’re born if stresses continue it is known fact that reasoning, cognitive strength, and emotional stability decrease immensely.
    It’s such a hard subject to talk about but I don’t think there’s a person in the world that hasn’t been touched by adverse childhood experiences. The key now is getting people on board the recognizing this and starting to treat each other with a little respect. I still have hope for Humanity. Praying for us all. ❤

  • The Hwy 299 and this one sound like domestic violence issues.

    The car burning was domestic violence related?

  • I was around in so hum when everyone drove the beaters,there were 200 people at reggae and the summer arts fair.we had to go to the food bank between harvests for the blocks of American cheese. cannibas cultivation changed our economy for the better.people prospered and didn’t have to go without.the buissnesses in town thrived.the non profits and Mattel and kmud stayed afloat.thats all going away now because people have gotten to comfortable,and ain’t doing what’s necessary. ORGANIZE AND RECALL The SUPERVISORS!!!!!!!!

  • The abatement letters are a supervisor enacted ordinance.get rid of Estelle and bone and put people in there that truly represent THE PEOPLE OF SO HUMBOLDT

  • Let’s join with Paul encimer,help him,and recall the extortion!!!!!!

  • If not for the Marijuana industry, So.Humboldt would have been a deserted ghost town. The Haters who always defalt to pot growers for all problems, are just kidding themselves. Whats happening is the genesis of the depression of a society, a microcosm, but either way. Its dying a slow and painful death. And what was a wonderful community, filled with beautiful carring, neighborly people for 40 years is imploding under the weight of its own economic uncertanty.

  • That generation never got spanked

    you people who don’t believe in spanking your kids, how’s you people who don’t believe in spanking your kids how’s that working out for you?

    • I like my kids…They weren’t spanked.

    • it has worked out great. there are more intelligent ways to discipline a youngster. striking your kids simply teaches them that physical abuse is OK.

    • Mine are both way healthier and more mature for their ages than I was. My mother and her father both used to say, quite philosophically “Never strike a child in anger.” as if that would sanctify their actions. He would calm down just enough to make his anger righteous and then truly demean a child while hitting them. She never got over her suppressed rage and regularly pounded the crap of us. It took me til I was 50 to get to where I felt safe being myself.

      My oldest used to say, “If you’d just spank me and get this over, I wouldn’t have to listen to the lecture. I could go back to what I was doing.” He’s fine but he’ll debate anybody at the slightest provocation.

    • There is mountains of evidence supporting the conclusion that spanking children has seriously negative effects. Perhaps you should read some of it before you blindly open your mouth and advocate violence against children. Domestic abusers, violent criminals etc. were almost invariably abused themselves. I have never laid a hand on my children. They are kind and caring, wonderful people.

  • The smell of the over opinionated!!!! You should figure out something constructive to do other than slime on the way of life people had to live in order to survive in the mountains of northern CA the last 40 or 50 years!!!!! And feed off of there demise like a annoying little leaching parasite!!!!

  • Let’s not forget what really happened here!
    May the victim heal quickly. And find a better life soon! May she be surrounded with love.

  • Corporal injury my ass! When you beat and shoot someone it’s attempted murder! Oh yeah I forgot. That would only be true if the victim were another male.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      For attempted murder you have to show intent. That is why there are so many manslaughter sentences given out instead of murder sentences. If he beat her and shot her in the leg or arm, then yes, it is inflicting corporal injury. If she had died from her wounds it would’ve been murder. Had he shot her in the head or chest, yet she survived, it would be attempted murder. As messed up as it sounds, thats the way it is. Hope that somewhat clears things up for you. No sexism necessary!

      • In my, what if she’d tried to defend herself and he had died?

        • In my 1911 I trust

          What do you mean? If he died while she was defending herself she would’ve successfully defended herself, not tried. If it was in Texas she would walk free because it was self defense. Here in California she would most likely be tried and convicted of murder, unless she had a ton of money and a really good lawyer.

  • Brain Dead Meth Mongrels

    This is what is going to happen more and more if you just let the meth mongrels run amuck! There is no money in arresting these losers, so they are ignored besides an occasional possession charge catch and release arrest. Same people over and over. Put Michael’s full name in the search box at the top of this page and see what comes up. Loooosssser!!! Some things never change!
    Lets hope the DA will do the right thing and change the original charges to attempted murder.

  • No, car burning not domestic violence. Simple violence, greed and thievery.

  • That creep is a coward, he’s twice her strength and still uses a gun.

    Wish she could get justice.
    Why such low bail?
    Her life is just as important as anyone’s.
    They need to keep him in jail for her safety.

    I hope she’s ok.

  • Is this the same guy?
    The age, picture, location, first and last names are the same.

    One of SoHum’s Most Wanted Escapes Capture Last Night – Redheaded Blackbelt

  • I’ve never raised a hand to my children in anger and they are exceedingly well behaved, bright, intelligent, well adjusted students/people/community members. What’s even better than that, they don’t flinch or shy away when their father walks up, they run towards me for that big hug and instead of hiding things from me, they can’t wait to open up and share with me or ask my advice..
    But then I don’t beat my lady or my dog either and they both like me too…

  • Bahahahahaha! His photo downloaded slowly, but as soon as those snake eyes developed I knew right away who it was… I dont need to see a report…guilty!! Nail that POS, he deserves EVERYTHING he gets! And thats knowledge folks, not an opinion!

  • Middle names different:
    Michael Lee Russell
    Michael Hoyt Russell

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