[UPDATE 12:10 p.m.] School Bus Driver Calls in Fire in Alderpoint Area; Burned Trailer at the Scene

Smoke from the fire hangs low over the hills.

Smoke from the fire hangs low over the hills. [Photos provided by a reader]

At approximately 8:30 a.m., Cal Fire received a report from a school bus driver of a fire burning near River Road west of Alderpoint in southeastern Humboldt County. According to Cal Fire Battalion Chief Laura Coleman, the fire is slowly spreading through leaf litter and is about one acre currently.

Chopper 102  arrived on the scene first, she said. “When the helicopter got there, a trailer was burned but they haven’t determined the burned trailer to be related to the fire yet,” she explained though she added it was likely.

Alderpoint Fire, Cal Fire, and Chopper 102 are now on the scene and more information should be coming in.

Smoke from the fire hangs low over the hills.

UPDATE 12:10 p.m.: Firefighters are getting control of the Sequoia Incident which is located in the Rancho Sequoia area west of Alderpoint. There is still smoke coming from the scene but, according to a local resident who spoke to a crewmember on Chopper 102 which had landed the fire is knocked down.

Chopper 102 Calfire

Chopper 102 [Photo by Michelle Bushnell]



  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Damn it people, enough already. Quit setting shit on fire.

  • It’s up in Rancho, no where near River Road

  • This one may have been unintentional!!! Out in that particular area especially, it was likely, yet another Hash Oil “Lab”!!!!

  • Reallydontcommentifyoudontknow

    If you don’t know how it started don’t comment. If you don’t know there’s a river road in Rancho don’t comment. Not helping anyone.

  • Evidence fire run amok.

  • They’re probably just trying to get Netflix to come back

    • That show was a fuckin joke, way to point out one area and blame all the missing people in humboldt on rancho and not the inept law enforcement and tweaker growers or cartels, no one they talked to was from there, dilder joe from down south who lives in alderpoint brought half the tweakers up here who then stayed in rancho when he was done with them, bunch of Hollywood bullshit passed off as fact, basically scripted.

  • Just for your info Joe has lived here most of his life. You don’t know what your talking about.

    • Haha bullshit Leanna has, not joe, I have lived here my whole life.

      • You’re a complete idiot whoever you are! First of all you dumbass he only brought Philepe no one else.. You’re completely out of touch. Joe has lived in Humboldt longer than me, specifically in Rancho and Alderpoint. His whole family is from Rancho, he moved away in the middle of high school like most of us do and returned.. He’s an active member in our community and always has been. I have a yearbook for every year Joe attended Casterlin, Kindergarden to 8th grade. So, whoever you are shut your uninformed ass up. And if you are my age then you realize this is true because you too went to school with him. You are clearly a transplant whoever the fuck u are because.. All the real ones know… Joe Fasho..

      • Wow “guest” for one Joe has lived in the southern Humboldt Area forever! And just because you have lived there your whole life doesn’t mean Joe hasn’t. I have lived there my whole life and i bet you wouldn’t even know who i am.
        So what if Joe tried to help people by giving them jobs? Then they get fired cuz they get on drugs and they want stay.
        Joe is a great member in the community and is always ready to help his friends.

        And as far as that film crew goes they wanted ratings that’s all. They wanted me to be on there but i didn’t want a part of it. They wanted anyone who would go on. And I’m glad someone respected went on camera to talk about our community and the changes we are all faced with.

  • I’m pretty sure he went to casterlin school. Did you go to casterlin?

    • I don’t remember him from casterlin, I know he wasn’t in ap in my lifetime until about 8 or 10 years ago max, the rest is true I remember when more and wierdos started showing up and it was o there just joes workers, tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about I really don’t care. FYI I personally don’t dislike joe. Peace.

      • Sorry, But, Joe did go to casterlin school, I had kids in school at the same time.

        • Cool i was wrong about that, I sure don’t remember him but that’s not my point, he brought a lot of garbage here, if you don’t want People to talk about you don’t go on national tv and bring attention to yourself and community.

          • Ok hide behind your screen name, “guest”. You don’t know shit. You’re a troll who hides behind a screen to talk about shit you don’t even know.. Name one person that is a piece of shit that Joe brought here… go on.. I’ll wait.. and you know what they say all press is good press so thank you for keeping his name relevant.. Which is exactly what we want.

  • Thanks A.P.+ Cal fire folk. This one was WAY too close for comfort. Toxic smoke was nauseating/ chocking. Thought it was a Bulgarian tarp fire.Curious why CALFIRE didn’t
    land the heli WAY closer to the fire? Much better/ safer/ leveler spots. But then alot of things are a mystery… THANK YOU!!!!

    • Ya, a lot of people are into ignorantly blaming everything on Bulgarians. It’s always the outsider, never the local to blame. LOCALS ARE GODS, DUH! lol

    • Oh. Copter 102. Hows that? Oh, and Bulgarians? They are a wonderful /sweet sachet to Rancho. Always kicken down kash at the local school and firehall events.

      • Yea you are right about that geoff. Remember when our local residents use to tithe back to their community? Oh wait did they ever? And here we have some productive respectful BG transplants who come from halfway around the world, who are always getting trash talked here over rumors; and still they are actively supporting are rural childrens schools and volunteer firefighters. Thanks guys!
        And the joe thing… jeeeezeus people.. this article is about a fire. Not joes life story……

    • Right, cal fire and ap volunteers rock. Thanks for the awesome response. Be safe

  • The offocial designator is “Copter 102”!!! Just saying it’s easier to type & say as well!!!

    • Official* damned Dyslexic Typist at the keys!!! I usually have spell check on to point out stupid typos but it keeps shutting off on me unexpectedly!!!

    • Hi KYM KEMP I really appreciate your awesome reporting. As a matter of clarity. The Correct fire terminology for COPTER 102 is COPTER a helicopter to the fire service. A chopper is a customized harley or something the terminator would use. I know you love accuracy and clarity. Thanks for all your hard work. Love you
      ps it is like finger nails on a chalkboard to fire personnel

  • Heli’Tack Rocks!

  • Guest your wrong joe has been in ap for a long time a little boy playing baseball going to the schools. If you have been there you’re whole life you should no that. Just like Leanna they grew up left for a few years and they both came back to where they grew up.

  • There isn’t very many locals left to me locals are the family’s that have been there for generations the majority of the town they’re not locals they’ve come from somewhere else San Francisco area south they’ve all the majority have come from that direction maybe they been there for years but they’re not locals there’s some local families that have been there for decades and they’re nice people, but again the majority are tweakers they don’t give a shit about nobody there rob you blind.

    • Omg, No punctuation makes me feel like I’m listening to a one of those majorities, btw. (Head spun)
      Again, this article is not about our “towns” census, or the population density of ‘joe’.
      Fire folks… focus.
      Thank you Cal Fire.

    • What’s happened to alderpoint? I’m not from there but what I watched on Netflix nauseated me. Good people are being slammed into poverty due to legalization…no one can afford the ungodly government fees. I would rather be an illegal consumer and deal w black market than the poor farmers who are losing all due to government bullshit. It sickens me that the local government turns on the families and due to all that now the area is getting inundated w tweekers and shit. Leave families alonr and let them support tbeir families. I support “Austin ” from the show and will rally w anyone who agrees that the legal weed business is a joke…its made to destroy hard workers not help them. I’m rambling but so damn mad. Thanks for reading.

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