HSU Rugby to Celebrate Milestone Season at Alumni Game

[Photo from humboldtsports.com]

We’ve joined forces with Ray Hamill of HumboldtSports.com to bring you local sports. We’ll be sharing a teaser and a link to his stories here for easy access. Click through to his site for the latest in local action but here’s a teaser about the upcoming alumni game:

This weekend, the Humboldt State men’s rugby team will celebrate its past as it looks to the future.

The Jacks will officially kick off their 45th season as a club team at the school with their annual alumni game, and the coaches are expecting a big turnout for the milestone occasion.

“Typically, we get about 40 to 50 that turn out for the alumni game, but this weekend we may have 60 or 70 driving up,” long-time HSU rugby coach Vincent Celotto said.

For more analysis on this game by Ray Hamill go to HumboldtSports.com.

Also, former HSU Women’s Rugby Coach Haley French wrote us, “[I]n addition to the men’s 45th anniversary year, the HSU Women’s Rugby team is celebrating their 21st year as a team and we will also be having an alumni game at the same field as the men at 11am on Saturday.”



  • HSU can keep the stupid rugby team but not the football team. Something wrong with this picture.

  • You need students with skills to play football rugby not so much. Just grab the ball and run run like a dumbass

    • Nonsense. Rugby is a real test of endurance, strength, speed and strategy on the fly unlike football with its namby-pamby time outs, padding and 300 lb blockers. Rugby kickers even have to kick goals from wherever the ball stopped unlike football where the refs prettily center the ball for each precious kick.

  • HSU Rugby is a club team, not funded at all by HSU. It is a club like the others on campus, other than providing a venue (College Creek Field) there is no official HSU sponsorship.

    As far as skills go, it is highly athletic, the more physically fit you are (mostly your legs and lungs) the more likelihood you will win.

    Interesting thought…….maybe now that football is gone they can play their games at the Redwood Bowl!!!

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