‘County Administration Cost Estimates of Measure K Implementation are Extremely Exaggerated,’ Says Yes on Measure K Committee

This is a press release from the Yes on Measure K Committee:

Letter to the EditorThis November, voters in Humboldt County will have the opportunity to vote for Measure K, the Sanctuary Initiative. This simple proposal will assure that local resources are dedicated to local law enforcement rather than national scapegoating political agendas. Community members gathered thousands of signatures from our neighbors to put the Sanctuary Initiative on the ballot because we want everyone who lives and works in Humboldt County to feel welcome, safe, and considered equal members of our community.

We also want to have a truthful, honest discussion about this issue. Unfortunately, some county officials resistant to change appear to have gone out of their way to mislead the public.  At the Board of Supervisors meeting on September 4, the County Administration presented an estimate of annual costs for implementing Measure K. But the numbers are ridiculously exaggerated.

First, these numbers were presented as if the County will have to write a check for $171,000 to $310,000 each year. But the staff hours represented are part of a fixed cost system which has to integrate new laws passed locally, in Sacramento, and in Washington.  If the simple provisions of Measure K would cost that much to “train” for and implement annually, there are so many laws passed on a regular basis with requirements much more onerous and the county budget would go to nothing else.  Measure K is actually a very simple proposed law which merely enhances the minimum standard of protections created by SB 54 (California’s Sanctuary law), the California Trust Act, and other laws.

Measure K adds three basic points to SB54.  First, it prevents County social workers from actively attempting to keep families of deported parents separated. Keeping families together is a fundamental value.  Second, it helps protect due process for everyone and avoids painful mistakes, by eliminating exemptions for past convictions in SB54. Sheriff Honsal admits these would have applied to three individuals over the past three years).  Measure K also establishes protocols for arrests made in the very infrequent event that ICE requests action on a court-issued warrant (protocols Sheriff Honsal says he already follows for arrests in most circumstances).  Everything else in the Measure is already made law by SB54.

Our second objection to the cost report is that unlike every other ballot measure cost analysis, it contains no analysis of offsetting savings Measure K would bring, such as avoidance of lawsuits from separated parents, or the costs of training for joint task forces with the deportation force.  No offsets reported whatsoever, while County Counsel based its estimates of costs on anticipated lawsuits from disgruntled employees disciplined for somehow violating the ordinance and lawsuits from people wrongfully deported. The report is completely one-sided – focusing on costs which are purely speculative, while ignoring savings which are inevitable.

Of course, by far the largest item of estimated cost comes from the Sheriff who has opposed Measure K from the beginning.  He estimates an annual $85,000 to $130,000 in costs for “tracking and reporting.”  There are three paragraphs which address these requirements.   The first paragraph calls for an initial report about detentions made solely for suspected civil immigration violations and then requires the Sheriff and Probation departments to make the following semi-annual reports:

(a)  a description of all communications received from the Federal agency charged with enforcement of the Federal immigration law, including but not limited to the number of civil immigration detainers, notification requests, or other types of communications.


(b) a description of any communications the Department made to the Federal agency charged with enforcement of the Federal immigration law, including but not limited to any Department’s responses to inquires as described herein.”

That’s it.  That’s what’s in Measure K for “tracking and reporting.” Basically, the Sheriff is required to “track and report” his own communications with ICE.

Contrary to what the Sheriff apparently told a Times Standard reporter, there is no requirement to track ICE’s activities in Humboldt County.  The Sheriff repeatedly says that he has contacted ICE only three times over the past three years. He claims to receive requests from ICE (which he says he ignores) about once a week.  His office’s responsibility therefor is to log these communications and write a semi-annual report.  If this is going to take $85,000 to $130,000 in staff hours, then he really needs to hire someone who can type a little bit faster.

Any other tracking and reporting requirements are already mandated by state law and has no bearing on Measure K.

Please note, that the Probation Department, which would have identical requirements, estimated its annual cost at $1250 to $2500 for the two reports.

We are not understanding the excessive amount of money estimated to make sure the ordinance is being honored.  Nor the DHHS numbers, and please note that the representative at the BOS meeting stated that their numbers would be lower had they known that the Sheriff has only made three detentions over three years to which Measure K might apply.  But if DHHS is going to expend staff hours to reunify families, we believe that is money worth spending.

Lastly, the estimates of $7,500 to $15,000 per year for the Human Rights Commission are just silly.  Its job would be to receive complaints of Measure K violations (hopefully would be extremely rare), take statements from each party involved, and prepare a report for the Board.  It does not require that a hearing be held – the statements could be in writing.  It does not require that the HRC make findings, or even recommendations to the Board.  It does not even require that the Board act on the complaint.  The whole point of the HRC involvement is to generate a Brown Act and other sunshine-protected paper trail so that the public can be aware of the complaint and any action taken on it. If the HRC lacks the resources to perform this minimal task, then it is seriously underfunded and is merely a ceremonial exercise.  If that is the case, the County should address the fact rather than oppose anything which would call upon the HRC to actually do something.

The proponents of Measure K worked hard to obtain over 5600 signatures to put it onto the ballot and bring the discussion to the Humboldt Community.  It is unfair of County staff and certain Supervisors to undermine meaningful discussion of a Measure which is intended to support the thousands of immigrants who live here and the health and safety of everyone in the county.  We hope that in the future County officials will avoid using official letterhead for blatant and misleading campaign purposes.



  • No on k. Cut law enforcement funding

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍄

    ‘YES’ on Measure K will win easily.

    • Over 30 days, ICE arrested 364 illegals living in the Midwest including: 187 with prior criminal convictions ranging from murder to child pornography 97 who had been deported at least once 1 animal wanted for raping a child
      ICE agents are NOT thugs, they’re American heroes

    • Hey [edit], Kavanaugh is IN. A major victory for the country, for us all. Gloat gloat.

      • C’mon, I’m a liberal and Trumptastrophe makes me crazy, too. But let’s just go to basic sportsmanship we learned in Kindergarten. Winners shouldn’t gloat. If we can’t get beyond bad behavior ourselves, how can we expect more from others.

        • Gloating is part of winning. To the winner goes, um, the supreme court! Or the spoils. Gloating is not bad behavior. It is part of life, and those that win celebrate, or gloat. Winners put more time and energy into what they compete in, be it sports or other. Those that loose need to put more time into their endeavor. They work hard and they too can win. No participation trophies, win or go home. Try again later. Step up, or accept the loss. If you do not have what it takes, there is a great alternative. It’s called being a fan or spectator. In NASCAR, there are 40 or 50 drivers, and 200,000 people in the stands cheering them on. Because not many of us at all can drive those things. There is no competition in political stuff, it is just entertainment.

        • But we do teach our students to be grace full and nice when they win, And they do win, and save your celebrating for back in camp, where the competition can’t hear or see. Or, after you have loaded your horse in the trailer, and you are heading down the highway, fukin a blue jay, I, am a winner! But political stuff? Who gives a shit?

          • I think a lot of people do care.

            • Losers should not rant , race and threaten either. But that part of the equation seems to be forgotten. When losers transform their emotions into hateful, petty, spiteful attacks, good sportsmanship is already dead- in fact it’s been murdered.

              Gloating is apparently just fine in some posts. In fact it seems de rigueur for many liberals to put forth their distorted ideas of what conservatives are, proceed to assign ‘losing’ based on their erroneous ideas then gloat over their fictitious victory without a peep of censure from any liberal anywhere.

              • I can’t answer for liberals everywhere. I can only answer for me. I can also say to people I otherwise deeply respect that, hey, this thing you are doing here troubles me. I like to think I do that equally to all sides of the political spectrum. I try not to ask them to answer for all conservatives just answer for their own behavior. Please point out to me if you see me not living up to that standard.

                • 6 posts up. It has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing. It has to do with lecturing one about sportsmanship and not the other. That does not read like an answer to a person ” I otherwise deeply respect .”

                  I know, I know. I should go elsewhere if I object. But it’s too good an opportunity to broaden understanding.

                  Now let the sycophants roll…

  • NO On K!!! America for American CITIZENS first. so sick of thes so-called “social justice” wankers!! Sod off!!

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🏌️‍♂️🍄🇰🇵

      Don’t cry too hard 😭🐘💩🔥 when Measure K passes easily.

  • Vote yes on K. Keep the heroine and meth flowing.

    • We do need more positive female role models.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        “Positive female role models”?

        The Republican Party’s sick & stupid idea of a role model is Maricopa County, AZ prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who not only is a dead ringer for AUNT LYDIA from The Handmaid’s Tale, but Mitchell literally has the WORST record in America of prosecuting sex crimes successfully.

        Psycho Senile Senate Republicans were incapable of finding one female attorney in D.C. to do their dirty work for them. So they had to go all the way to Phoenix to find literally one of the most incompetent attorneys in America, Rachel “Aunt Lydia” Mitchell, who will be prosecuting and further abusing a sex assault victim on live national TV, instead of asking the perpetrator Brett “Gang Rape” Kavanaugh some tough questions.

        We’re up to FIVE accusers now, with more victims to surface soon no doubt. Nobody cares if the Senate Republicans are “inconvenienced” by doing their damn jobs’. If they don’t want to do their jobs, they can go ahead & LOSE their jobs in November.

        • Dude you seriously need to take a chill pill, it was a joke about a misspelling. You going to lecture us on how you’re gluten free next?

          • What did he say that was not true?

            • it was edited. the first comment had nothing to do with brett
              and the lady that claimed she was attacked by brett is proof that she doesnt know what she is talking about. the lady that questioned her never attacked her and the other lady in question showed how much she didnt know
              that has nothing to do with illegal aliens and if you think so please express how

        • There are not 5 accusers. Kavanaugh is not a rapist, nor did he know her or assault her. She is a liar. The prosecutor is far more competent than you, has lots of experience. But I want to know how you get away with calling people vile immature names, you make false claims that have been turned into the Justice dept. How do you know she has worst record in sex crimes, and if she was, she would not have been hired. You say all kinds of mean and ugly things, but I cannot refer to anyone as monkey? Psycho senile republicans? Feinstein lied, she hid the letter to use it just like she did, then , oops, I’m sorry, it just got out. The democrats used and abused her, but some think she is a dedicated operative who willingly volunteered to hurt Kavanauh and Trump. I would never ever vote for anyone you endorse, nor would I trust you at all. Because of you, as you are a progressive, I would never vote for any progressive or democrat. Q 17

    • Have you actually met any of the people you’re talking about? I mean, you have, but you probably don’t know it.

      • Yes. And some are pretty fine people. But far, far from all. And even “good” people creating an atmosphere of illegality can crash a society, preferring as they do what advantages them – a disregarding of the rules others live by- over what advantages the people already established- an orderly society. Immigrants have a upward time adjusting themselves to local culture but being illegal makes them agents opposing it. It is damaging while the solution offered- an open border for some, not others- is even more detrimental.

        • Measure K doesn’t establish open borders. It assures that someone can report a crime to the police without worrying about being turn in to ICE.

          • california already established that. this makes it so no government employee, including voter registration workers, are allowed to look up the immigration status of anyone. so they have to be allowed to sign up to vote and no one can check to see their immigration status

            • First of all, that’s not true. There are numerous services which require that residential status be requested when it is essential to the service. Voting is one of those. But it’s redundant anyway, because voting status has to be confirmed through vital statistics records.

              This is why all the investigating into immigrant voter fraud has generated nothing burger after nothing burger.

              • then i suggest rewording the measure

                No department, agency, commission, officer, or employee of the County of Humboldt shall use any County funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of Federal immigration law or to gather or disseminate information regarding release status of individuals or any other such personal information in the County of Humboldt unless such assistance is required by Federal or State statute, regulation, or court order or decision. The prohibition set forth in this Chapter shall include, but shall not be limited to:

                • Addressed by the following:

                  Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit:

                  (a) Any County employee from discussing a person’s immigration
                  status as part of a service request from that person;

                  (b) Any County employee from obeying any lawful order issued
                  with all of the protections of the United States Constitution,
                  including but not limited to probable cause and due process;

                  (c) Any County employee from taking any action to protect a
                  person or respond to an emergency; or

                  (d) Any County police officer from investigating or assisting
                  with any investigation of criminal activity other than violation
                  of the immigration laws.

      • nice people break the law. so if i am a nice guy should i be allowed to break the law??
        i see how you try to use feelings as an argument to the law haha

        • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍄

          “So if I am a nice guy, I should be allowed to break the law” is basically Brett Kavanaugh’s main defense at this point coming from Creepy Kavanaugh’s deranged defenders. Judge “Gang Rape” Kavanaugh & “Gang Rape” Mark Judge have been and will continue to be in a state of denial for legal reasons, but no one who has been paying attention believes a single word Brett “Boofing” Kavanaugh has to say about anything.

          • Thanks for that kind of rhetoric needed to keep Democrats out .

            • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🐘💩🔥

              The best part of this political bear trap 🐻🇷🇺 set for (and willingly stepped into to the astonishment of many Democrats) by the Republicans is most of you cons aren’t even aware of your predicament yet. You are acting like this is over.

              Kavanaugh making it past the confirmation vote was always a foregone conclusion due to the numbers. Elections (especially stolen elections 🐘🇷🇺) have consequences. Democrats know this. OK, perhaps most of the activists believed they had a legitimate shot at stopping a rich boy Republican rapist from becoming a Supreme Court “Justice” under one-party Republican rule, but Democrats in positions of influence in the party have been around long enough to know Creepy Kavanaugh would squeak through.

              Making bold predictions of unlikely success is not only fun, it’s of course a primarily aspirational exercise. But what you checkers-playing Republicans don’t understand about the current situation in which you find yourselves politically (and even more importantly for the future – culturally) is that chess-playing Democrats are actually several steps ahead of you on this one.

              There was no realistic way that Senate Democrats were going to be able to prevent a right-winger from replacing Kennedy on the court, so with the glaring fact that this confirmation battle would come right before the mid-term election, what do you Republicans out there think Democratic strategists decided to do with this particular political football?

              Go ahead and take your time to think about it if you haven’t figured out where this story is headed yet… ⏰

    • Guest,
      Law enforecenent says yes on k enables hard drug cartels,
      can you explain this better?

      I want to help the illegals but I don’t want the cartels and the crime and gangs that come with them.


  • There’s a law suit going on right now between the Federal Government and the State of California. The initial decision by a California judge upheld 99% of the California law but of course it was immediately appealed. Unfortunately the Ninth Circuit Court is almost certain to uphold it again but then it’s off to the Supreme Court, when it will most likely not be upheld except for a very, very narrow situation. The Supreme Court has reversed most the the Ninth Circuit Ninth’s rulings in cases much less clearly defined by the Constitution.

    What a colossal waste of the State’s money this is. Why should the County follow suit in wasting a dime of theirs is the issue.

    • Actually, it’s a tenth amendment issue and a spending powers issue. It’s very likely that any conservatives of integrity on SCOTUS will uphold the precedents.

      • That is an interpretation most liberals are fond of citing. And they apply it arbitrarily to force the federal government to either do what they want against the States or against the Federal government of they want to support the State.

        Unfortunately it disingenuous to call it a spending issue, raised because is the only slim thread they can use to uphold their ideas. In the Constitution, the power to create rules on Naturalization, uniformly and throughout all the States, is a Federal power. Clearly designated. The State of California can not frustrate that right by sitting like a damned obstinate ass in the middle of the road, saying we won’t let you move us out of the way in this case but then routinely demanding the Feds help move lots of other asses out of the way. California saying that it can’t be forced to spend a dime to enforce Federal rules is shown to be utter nonsense by the fact they recognize that they must in too many other ways to get away with the nonsense of “just not here.”

        • It’s a spending issue because Congress has the power to determine how money is spent. Can’t be controvened by an executive order. If Congress wants to deny spending to sanctuary cities, it has to take that action.

          It’s a 10th amendment violation, however, to insist that “voluntary joint legal task forces” become mandatory.

          • The big dose of mandatory that is going on here is the State (and now you) mandating that no one be allowed to notify the Federal government. As far as I know, there is no Federal mandate to notify. It is either voluntary or a result of Federal discovery. And the Measure, as written, excludes joint action even when it is deemed needed by local officers. It has never gone the other way where the Feds can mandate local participation. They can ask but never force it. You seek to mandate the locals not cooperate.

            Once notice is voluntarily sent, a retainer is issue a 48 hour hold is mandatory. That is to allow time for them to picked up if needed. It doesn’t necessarily mean even holding them longer because the notice can be provided in advance of release. No, the purpose is solely to frustrate deporting any illegal.

            • Do you mean a detainer?

              First, we can’t prohibit anyone from notifying ICE. But they have to do it on their own time and dime. And by the way, it’s already law.

              As to what is “deemed necessary” by local officers, if it pertains to a criminal investigation other than an immigration violation, they can do whatever they want. Measure K applies when the sole issue is immigration. Read the measure!

              • lie.
                your new “law” states that no one is allowed to tell ICE that they have a criminal alien

              • yes “on their own dime” means after work. and if it is already a law to tell ICE then why do we need a new law

              • weird i cant reply to your latter post so i will respond to this one. first your link didnt have the full text or even a link to the full text but that is ok because i know how to use the internet so here is the full text link. https://humboldtgov.org/DocumentCenter/View/64710/Certification-of-Petition-071018

                and here is what you couldnt find
                No department, agency, commission, officer, or employee of the County of Humboldt shall use any County funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of Federal immigration law or to gather or disseminate information regarding release status of individuals or any other such personal information in the County of Humboldt unless such assistance is required by Federal or State statute, regulation, or court order or decision. The prohibition set forth in this Chapter shall include, but shall not be limited to:

                • Actually, the link has the full text, but that’s fine. Note the key words “shall use any County funds.” That is not a prohibition against notifying ICE of suspected immigration violations. It just means that an employee has to do it on their own time and dime. Can’t use local funds in the process.

                • that statement “on their own dime” is bogus. how can one find out someones immigration status “on their own dime”? it is the governments job to protect us and the laws of this country, i cant fathom why anyone would want to keep criminal aliens here. and the whole they dont use the hospital because they are scared is bogus. the hospital doesnt look up your record anyway.

          • I’m pretty sure that loving congress of yours has the power of the pursestrings to stop the perpetual wars, but they don’t. They just say “Oh, well, it’s more complicated than that. All of the reps have to vote for that, not just me.”. (pass the buck so they can get more bucks).

            The 10th clearly states that
            The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.
            One of the easiest ways to tell if it falls within the limited and defined duties of the US, is knowing that most all of the duties delegated to the US, are for foreign matters. That’s why they were delegated the duty to set uniform guides/codes/laws for our borders and immigration.

            Even in the old Homesteading laws, foreigners could mark out their homestead and as soon as they took the necessary steps to improve the land and to also become a citizen, it was theirs. All theirs. The Spanish Mexican Law (Kearny Law?) was one of the main provisions the US admired and kept. It’s never been repealed, until the devious ones snuck through the water reclamation act that now forbids the freed slaves from owning their own water which means they no longer own their own property. Imagine that. But it can be repealed once the people know about this, and thanks to the Spanish/Mexican immigrants who love their property rights, religious freedom rights and their right to self defense, I’m really looking forward to when they put a stop to all the demonic bs they’ve been having to endure. They ain’t stupid. They know what liberty is. Liberty isn’t being forced to accept murderers living next door and not being free to move to any state at any time like a real citizen with their liberty papers can.
            Karma is fun.

            Most people aren’t even aware, thanks to govt marxist education, that homesteading was opened all across the west to provide property to the poor and to the freed slaves. Now we’re back to being enslaved, at the snap of the fingers.

          • are you really suggesting that if the feds gave you money you would report a criminal that also committed another crime? please answer otherwise i know you are prejudice

            hint… they already give us lots of money… where do you think it comes from. where does all our other services come from… i.e. military…, like protecting our country, who is paving our freeways, where do all the other monies come from?

      • In my 1911 I trust

        You have to be a LEGAL CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for the CONSTITUTION to apply to you. If you aren’t, NO BILL OF RIGHTS FOR YOU. It was written for us, not the world. Thats why everyone wants to come here. I suppose everyone in favor of Measure K supports the large Bulgarian, Portuguese, Russian, Mexican, and Romanian grows around here. You can’t be for one and not the other. Open borders and sanctuary cities/states/counties are going to have cartels and bad people that take advantage of them. We already have enough home grown criminals to sustain the country, we certainly don’t need to import any. I have a strange feeling that the same people who are for sanctuary cities also oppose the 2nd Amendment. See how well that works out for you in ten years.

        • anyone who comes here illegally is under the jurisdiction of the army because they are invaders so yes the constitution does not offer them any rights. about the 2nd amendment, we dont need to try taking guns away to know that it doesnt stop violence.

  • Local law enforcement needs there funding slashed and burned.!!!!!!!

  • No on K.

    Why should we believe Eric Kirk over the sheriff?

    Why should we be concerned about people that have broke the law, on purpose?

    The real concern should be toward honest people that try, through the legal system to become naturalized citizens or Americans.

    Illegal immigrants use up resources that legal immigrants may need.

    Don’t even try to say the costs are exaggerated, there are many hidden costs to becoming a sancuary city.

    Why do libs fight a legal process versus an illegal process.

    Oh yeah I remember, potential future voters.

    That’s it, without a society full of victims, there would be no Democratic or Progressive Party .

    • I personally don’t care what the cost is they need to have ice involved and deport any illegals they arrest no matter what the crime is. The sheriff is there to uphold the law and no one should pick and choose which law. Years ago they law enforcement went to Fortuna and arrested many illegals on felony warrants and finally deported them, of course many came right back but now some people think they should all stay. There was also the taco wagon in Arcata that was busted for selling drugs and one mother was deported, her kids were left here with a friend because of course they were citizens on cash aid, but the mother got back across the border a couple of days later. We need our laws enforced!

    • The county pretty much admitted that they pulled their estimates out of the air.


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  • this country will only be great if we uphold the laws. this is an initiative to tear down the laws. these laws have been in place long before these illegal aliens came here. its not like they came here and then we changed the laws and said sorry now you have to leave because we decided to change the rules. no on K. no other country that wants to succeed would put up with this. there is a reason why we control the amount and kind of immigrants and why would we not want to kick out the illegal aliens that break the law. its not like they say, that illegal aliens feel like they cant use public services (even the police) because cops dont ask if you are here illegally when you report a crime (duh). and if so show me one example of someone who called the cops to report a crime and then got deported. we need to move toward working with ICE because they uphold the law

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍄🏌️‍♂️🍄

      “This country will only be great if we uphold the laws.” I AGREE!

      That’s why Traitor Trump 🏌️‍♂️🇷🇺💰⚖️ must be Impeached, convicted, removed from office, and imprisoned. 🏌️‍♂️🚔⚖️🚿


      • do you have any examples of evidence of President Trump breaking any laws or are you just going to make a claim with no evidence

        • An insult is better than a fact any day.

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🐘💩🧠🇷🇺

            That’s what Crazy Kellyanne Conway says. 🐘🤪🧠💥🔥

            # “Alternative Facts” 🔥🇺🇸🔥

        • thick blue line of criminal corruption

          Trump grabs women by the pussy, his own words, aint that assault?

          Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

          Bush: Whatever you want.

          Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.

          Or how about has his lawyer pay off his hoes with campaign money?

          I could go on all day.

          • false. that is incorrect. Trump was asking billy bush if he could just go up and grab women by the pussy (billy bush that is). Trump was not saying that is what he does. and billy bush answered his question with a yes answer. if you take things out of context you can spin them to make them sound like something else. try again

            • Here’s the full transcript. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/08/us/donald-trump-tape-transcript.html

                “Bush: It better not be the publicist. No, it’s, it’s her, it’s —

                Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

                Bush: Whatever you want.

                Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.

                Bush: Uh, yeah, those legs, all I can see is the legs.”

              I don’t see the question you are referencing. Can you point it out?

              It looks to me like President Trump is talking about himself. [Note the link also has the audio in case you dispute that there should be a question mark instead of a period. I don’t hear it though.]

              • That’s not, to my recollection, the entire transcript.
                He was steering Billy away from making advances on the fine Christian married lady that doesn’t play games for money. Billy was the hot and bothered one and Trump used his slang talk to hit his message home that (at that time and probably now as well) that if a good looking, rich & famous star couldn’t steer that lady into sinful pleasures, then the likes of Billy stand absolutely no chance in hell with her.
                Trump was cooling Billy’s jets, so that the highly respected lady they were going to meet, wouldn’t be assaulted by childish advances.

                “”And when you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump continued. “You can do anything.” (then he continues on with ‘but not this fine Christian woman who values her God and her marriage).

                He should have used mature language instead of stooping to his co-speaker’s level, but he didn’t, so we move along and get over it. Or not. It’s each individual’s choice whether to forgive and forget or hate and begrudge.

                I remember how my respect for that lady went through the roof, and my lack of respect for Billy on through the floor. As for Trump, I just said “meh. He could have chosen better words to get his idea across”.

              • here is where it becomes a question.
                Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy? You can do anything. ?
                Bush: Uh, yeah… (or yes) and a pause, (i listened and i know )
                those legs, all I can see is the legs.”

              • p.s. i will gladly make an audio for you to hear if you want Kym

                • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

                  “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” 🇪🇬
                  — Stuart Smalley

                  Trump is a scumbag.

                • The audio is there at the link I provided and if you hear Trump defending a married woman from the advances of Billy Bush….all I can say is we must each be listening through our own prejudices.

                • Trump is what he obviously is an aging playboy of questionable behavior towards women, a painful mixture of defensiveness and bravado, and a very inexperienced politician whose saving grace is that he thinks well of his country and surprisingly keeps his promises. The alternatives offered were so much worse.

                  That he provokes the inarticulate outraged cries of the hateful left is reassuring. They are still howling in the wilderness where they ought to be.

                • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in Nobember 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🤢🤮

                  You should have taken my advice, GOP. You should have withdrawn Creepy Kavanaugh’s nomination when you still had the chance. Now it’s too late for the Republican Party. You’re stuck with “Justice” Gang Rape Kavanaugh hanging around your collective necks like an alcoholic rapist albatross who is going to come back to life and bite you in your backsides so damned hard, you are going to wish that you had never been born (politically speaking of course).

                  To quote John Belushi from “Animal House” (which strangely enough seems both wildly appropriate and inappropriate simultaneously on this present topic), “Over?!? You say it’s over?! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?…”

  • then he really needs to hire someone who can type a little bit faster.

    really? they are going to insult the sheriff and say they know better the cost of government employees? maybe they should look at how much a government employee cost to taxpayers per hour. i remember reading a recent news story where the taxpayers had to come up with $400 per hour for one park staff at standish hickey. yes the government wastes lots of money, maybe they should start figuring a way out to save the county money by cutting out some unnecessary steps (regulations) if they want to become the authority on the cost of government workers

    • So you think 85 to 130 thousand dollars in staff hours to type up two reports is realistic?

      • funny how they didnt put a time limit on it but lets assume a years time. now what are we going to account for? employee time, cost of the building, insurance, electricity. ect. now tell me how much is it going to cost to have that report made

        • Again, the measure requires that he log communications to and from ICE and type up a semi-annual report. He says that he receives communications from ICE on a weekly basis and ignores them. He says that he has communicated with ICE three times in the past three years.

          He told the TS that the figures were based upon a fictional requirement that he “track and monitor” all ICE activities in Humboldt County and that he would have to dedicate one or two officers to that task. Measure K contains no such requirement.

          • You keep repeating this as if it was meaningful. It’s the same as saying the seismograft uses pennies worth of ink, therefore the county should not worry about earthquakes. The recording is not the significant cost. It’s the barring of using the option to deport criminals at the county’s discretion that’s the problem.

          • no the report sates that the new measure wants police to write a report every day

            • Well that’s not in Measure K

              • here is a misuse of county funds

                (d) Including on any application, questionnaire, or interview form used in relation to benefits, services, or opportunities provided by County of Humboldt any question regarding immigration status other than those required by Federal or State statute, regulation, or court order or decision. Any such questions existing or being used by the County at the time this Chapter is adopted shall be deleted within sixty days of the adoption of this Chapter.

                • You need to read that in context – the opening paragraph states that as one of four items which are prohibited. So it means they have to exclude questions about immigration from any forms. That would cost money to print out new forms, but then it’s already mandatory under SB54. Hopefully they’ve cleared out and replaced all the old forms by now, assuming they had immigration status questions to begin with.


                • i didnt take it out of context i copied the whole section but nice try trying to make me look like a liar. if it is already mandatory then why put it on the bill? and they would have to pay gov worker to go through and delete info already received about illegal aliens. did you read what i copied, it doesnt say we need new forms it just says they will have to delete anything about immigration status, kinda like white out. so if someone says they are an illegal alien then we have to pay a government worker to white out past and future status info

  • worked hard to obtain over 5600 signatures

    i am calling bs. this measure would also make it illegal to make sure voters are legal citizens because it wouldnt allow government employees to look into the status of their citizenship. maybe some of these signatures arent from citizens. how can i trust them if they arent wanting to be transparent

    vote no

    • Right, I talked to one of the people gathering signatures, he said he was paid hourly to gather them and didn’t really are either way. Said it wasn’t a bad gig considering he was a con. I’m not saying all the signature gathers were paid employees but that one was.

      • You’re making crap up. We didn’t pay anybody to gather signatures. We had barely enough money to print out petitions.

        • As I’ve said before, Erik Kirk you are a liar, I have personally seen you lie in the Eureka courthouse on several occasion in a case and before you even attempt to deny it I have the paperwork to prove it. It’s not a attack against you personally, it’s a attack against your profession, as a lawyer you sold your soul to the highest bedders a long time ago. So to reiterate I would never, ever believe a single word that came out of your mouth because I know for a fact that you will skirt as close to perjury as you possibly can.

    • You do realize that voter confirmation procedures are set by state law? Measure K doesn’t apply to that.

  • Not PC, but correct anyway

    Vote NO on this misguided political BS. It’s not about compassion, it’s about power.

  • Deport illegals. ID for voting.

    • Voter fraud is real: Nearly 250 counties across the United States have more registered voters on the voting rolls than the number of eligible

      • you should watch the movie “Black Sheep”. most of the ideas conservative think up to implement are actually from movies.

        • i think you got that mixed up. i think liberals are using dead people to vote for them. good reference though

          • you do know that it already happened in Florida right.

            • i thought we were talking hillary but yeah if you want to bring up bush. bush was deep state

              • do you know why both Hilary and trump visited the same William Koch, which is the 3rd Koch brother, during the pre-election in Mass? there is no deep state, just billionaires and we aren’t one of them. we are all on the same side but they have convinced one of those sides differently. please educate your kids, it is the solution to everything. and get rid of TV news, I am proud to say that I have not heard trump speak as president. I did re-watch Zoolander last year and heard him in that cameo with his latest wife .

      • That’s because people die and move.

    • Voter fraud is real: 170 Voters in Ohio Race ‘Over 116 Years Old,’ World’s Oldest Person Is 115

        • Wow Eric, for someone who never provides documented facts to support your own hypothesis or fallacies, how hypocritical!

          The Rule of Law:
          1. If the facts are against you, argue the law.
          2. If the law is against you, argue the facts.
          3. If the facts and the law are against you, yell like hell.

      • After thoroughly debunking this, Snopes says, “Even if we embraced the discredited hypothesis that the presence of all these supercentenarian “voters” on the voter roll were evidence of electoral fraud, the argument that such fraud primarily favors Democrats is undercut by the fact that the party affiliation of these oddly-aged Ohio voters is fairly evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans.”


        • yes you are right but what about when they count illegal aliens as citizens and then they put representatives into the house to count for those people/”citizens”

        • still a good reason to have voter ID. good job Kym, but this only applies to those who believe Snopes
          just make the federal government give everyone a free ID then they can vote with their free ID and if they loose it then make it really cheap to replace or free if they have to. or some other kinda last minute free ID

        • even if the voters are evenly based, someone still has to win. plus there are other ways to throw an election. i.e. they dont count mail in votes. if they do count mail in votes they can throw them out if they dont “think” the signature matches. then there is straight up rigging voter machines fist hand, check out the video https://www.inverse.com/article/48038-here-s-how-a-voting-machine-used-in-18-states-can-be-hacked-in-two-minutes

        • Who a dead person votes for does not correlate with party affiliation.

          ” O Oysters,’ said the Carpenter,
          ‘You’ve had a pleasant run!
          Shall we be trotting home again?’
          But answer came there none —
          And this was scarcely odd, because
          They’d eaten every one. ”
          Lewis Carroll

          • These weren’t dead people though…

            • Ok. Then who an absent, multiple or fictional person votes for does not correlate with party preference. It belongs to whoever takes it. Once voting, there is nothing to say that the fraudulent voters will be equally voting one way or another just so it all balances out. The whole purpose offraudlent votes is to not do that no matter what the registration says.

    • Voter fraud: 670 ballots cast in Georgia precinct with 276 voters

  • Annual cost of illegal immigration by state: CA.. $21.8 Billion NY.. $9.5 Billion TX.. $8.9 Billion FL.. $5.5 Billion IL.. $4.6 Billion NJ.. $3.5 Billion AZ.. $2.6 Billion GA. $2.4 Billion Annual national cost over $84 billion

    Illegals are a financial drain on our country

  • 2017 criminal illegal alien I.C.E arrests: Assaults…48,000 Sexual offenses…12,000 Weapon offenses…11,000 Homicides…1,900 Total…125,000 …and leftists want to abolish the agency that took these criminals off the streets

  • Did you know: Nearly 40 million Social Security numbers have been stolen and used by illegal immigrants and others to get work, according to agency records obtained by an immigration reform group

    • And unfortunately way too many employers are willing to turn a blind eye to what they know in order to get cheap labor. Or worse, know that they can safely withhold deductions from employees without forwarding the deductions at all thereby increasing their profit even more.
      If an illegal gains legal stature, the government will pay out benefits but never collect the taxes from either the worker or their employer.

    • Oh, well if an immigration reform group says so it must be true

  • The 15M Illegal Aliens in U.S. Give Blue States 20 Congressional Seats

    Illegals getting counted in the census is giving representation to foreign nationals – it is unconstitutional and disenfranchises American citizens. Only count US citizens in census!!

    • It’s so much more complicated an issue than Measure K, with its melodramatic calls for family unity, admits. It’s advocates try to turn any practical concern of citizens into hate speech. That is evidence of their poverty of reasoning.

    • Tell me where in the Constitution it allows the government to limit the census to citizens. Here is the provision on the census in Article 1, Section 2.

      Representatives and direct Taxes shall be
      apportioned among the
      several States which
      may be included within this Union, according to
      their respective Numbers, which shall be
      determined by adding to the whole Number
      of free Persons, in
      cluding those bound to
      Service for a Term of Years, and excluding I
      ndians not taxed, three fifths of all other
      Persons. The actual Enumeration shall be made
      within three Years after the first Meeting
      of the Congress of the United States, and within
      every subsequent Term of ten Years, in
      such Manner as they shall by Law direct.

      • for one illegal aliens are not free persons they are criminals avoiding the law. and by what you are saying if someone is here on vacation then we should count them in our census, which is to count the citizens in order to figure the number of representatives. if people want to be represented then they need to become citizens and pay taxes

      • damn did you read this part
        “and excluding Indians not taxed,”

  • Did you know: Donald Trump’s welfare ban for illegal Immigrants would be a $57.4 Billion tax cut for Americans

    • Its too late bro, trumps great grandfather got across the border, illegally, before we could build the wall.

      • Ah, so that is your evidence for why there should have been a wall back then?

      • Jan 15, 2018 – Donald Trump’s grandfather came from a part of Germany with a “nightmarish past” and was welcomed as an immigrant to America.

        according to forbes bro

        • he was a nazi like his grandson?

          • Trump got elected, with all his faults in clear view, because of people, who can’t find their way out of a paper bag they created, resorted to abuse and insult to bully anyone who disagreed with their pipe dreams. So the country got as President what they created as acceptable politics- someone who could match liberals ugliness for ugliness but at least would not do it ignore a large segment of the population’s views.

            To bad, so sad. You got just what you asked for.

            • Trump got elected because we have become a nation of scared old white men and their finger puppet women. Anyone who would promise to send all the raping, criminal, Mexicans back to Mexico would have been elected. Its all about fear of people who don’t look like us.

              • If you want to interpret it in such hackney phrases, no amount of reasoning is going get through. For me it was the unrelenting hate dumped on the USA by the left that got my back up. From Obama’s infamous post election apology tour to the bloody bathroom equality rules at Target, I’d just had as much hate dumping on the US and anyone who disagreed with the left as I could stand. I had such hope when Obama got elected that it meant we had reached a new plane of understanding. What it meant though was that everyone had the freedom to spew ever more hate. People did not get more tolerant of each other- they lost whatever tolerance they had. Not accommodation but vengence.

                Thank you for your post. It reminds me of why putting up with the Trump show is necessary.

              • it is not about “Mexicans” it is about facts. btw most illegal aliens cross through the Mexican border but they come from anywhere not just Mexico. and btw if Mexico was so great why dont they go there. Hint this country is better than Mexico for a reason.

                Illegal aliens have a right to vote. yes in their country not ours

          • Illegal is not a race All people who break immigration law, whether it be crossing the border illegally, overstaying visas, defying immigration authority, or obstructing our laws need to be held responsible and deported

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🙀☠️👽🛸😭🍄

            Are we talking about Adolf J. Trump or Prescott Bush? ☠️

  • Cry me up a storm.

    Bullshit from both sides. Especially the lawsuit threats. Either way it amounts to another expense and more paperwork for somebody (ultimately the public). California is already a “sanctuary state”, and the jack boot thugs obviously aren’t roping in stampedes of anybody, least of all in Humboldt.

  • BOOM: A recent Harvard/Harris poll recorded a 10-point spike in Hispanic support for @realDonaldTrump Law abiding Hispanic voters want a wall, they love ICE going after child traffickers, and they want LEGAL IMMIGRATION! Democrats are party of lawlessness & open borders

    • Nothing in the measure prohibits anybody from going after child traffickers.

      • Nor cartel grows or employer fraud or murder, yet it does nothing but throw a roadblock in the way.

          • Take one hired pot grower. Take him to jail. Report him to ICE and maybe he goes away. Bar reporting, he goes right back to his illegal activities. Caught driving while intoxicated? Or without insurance? Or with a weapon? For the third time? No fear that he will be deported. Maybe even this he has a few other citation thatvICE has on file, no one here will find out about it.

            Even the threat of deportation might act as a restraint on bad behavior. Why eliminate it in order to make a bad risk feel safe?

            • and if ICE will do it for free, how much taxpayer money does that save? right

            • That’s a lazy temporary fix. The guy who accidentally killed the woman in San Francisco had been deported 6 times. If they are suspected of a crime they should be prosecuted as criminals.

              Also, it’s not free. ICE will not reimburse for the detainer. Nor the training.

              • they are prosecuted for their crimes then when their time is served they are deported. they let the guy that killed stienley go free saying he didnt mean to kill her, total bs. and your whole deported six times argument has no standing, it is the reason we need a strong border like maybe a good wall system

      • In my 1911 I trust

        He’s a lawyer. Everyone knows that the more chaos and destruction that can be welcomed into our society is more business and a bigger paycheck for Eric Kirk. A true American Capitalist at heart, who can blame him for trying to grow his business?

      • When a citizen can only live where a political party says they can live, work or play, it is called many words, but illegal will cover it for now.
        “These victims are trafficked for the purposes of sexual and labor exploitation. Many of these victims are lured from their homes with false promises of well-paying jobs; instead, they are forced or coerced into prostitution, domestic servitude, farm or factory labor or other types of forced labor.”

        “Trafficking is the recruitment and possible transport of persons within or across boundaries by force, fraud, or deception for the purpose of exploiting them economically”.

        Fix the immigration laws and set our people free.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🐘💩⚖️🍺😭🍺

      The Republicans are the party of Trump, rape, pedophilia, treason, and religious right-wing hypocritical idiotic Pharisees.

      Not to mention the fact that Brett “Gang Rape” Kavanaugh is a partisan Republican judge who is almost as big a liar as Lyin’ Ted Cruz & Trump combined.

      • I am allowing this one but for heaven’s sakes–People on both sides of the political spectrum need to stop bashing their opponents and talk about issues of substance. I am getting close to just deleting every one of these instead of just the worst examples.

  • The county is pretty much admitting that the cost estimates were pulled out of the air.


    • You’re saying it could be much worse in reality? Simply having this on the ballot has already cost.

      • plus the burden of the cost of illegal aliens on taxpayers

      • No, it will cost next to nothing.

        Read the measure. I posted the requirements in the story above.

        • Printing the thing on the ballot costs. Counting the votes and certifying costs. If it passed, writing the regs costs. Then the real fun starts where illegals are mistakenly released or mistakenly detained and the county get sued either way. It’s not just routine clerical work at all.

          • Well it will be printed on the ballot because over 5600 registered voters signed a petition to put it onto the ballot. But how much more will the ballots cost by adding the one measure?

    • probably because who is going to pay for that report? these numbers cost money to come up with. monies have to be designated by a board.

      • No, it’s not like that. Staff hours have to be dedicated. That’s the “cost.” It should take about 20 minutes to type up each report in a busy year. Maybe 5 minutes if the typist is skilled.

        • 20 minutes wasted. Face it, this amounts to a symbolic gesture. But it’s not, not has it ever been, the government’s job to legislate morality. Remember Reagan’s promotion of the “moral majority”?

          Why didn’t you present this when Obama was president? Humboldt County doesn’t need nationalist distractions interfering with real homegrown issues. It’s not broken don’t fix it. No joint task forces, no lawsuits, no immigration baloney.

          • Actually, Obama was still in office and Trump not yet elected when Centro del Pueblo first proposed a Sanctuary Ordinance. And Obama’s policies were bad too. He actually deported more people by this time than Trump has.

            To be fair, Trump has deported fewer people because he is indiscriminate in his policy. Obama, Bush, and Clinton all focused on repeat criminals who therefore have fewer defenses to deportation. Trump is trying to round up anybody, which means the courts are clogged up and many defendants are successfully defeating the deportation proceedings.

            • He massaged the numbers by changing the definition of “deported” to include those turned back at the border. Not that is material to this issue that Obama’s Administration deported significantly less people who where actually in the country.

              • First of all, he was actually trying to downplay the numbers because the “Deporter in Chief” designation was hurting him with his own constituents. I can find no article which indicates that he changed the way deportations were counted. Do you have a link?

                What I learned in an immigration law training is that Obama and his predecessors focused on criminals for deportation. This was a “low hanging fruit” approach because those with convictions have fewer defenses to deportation actions. Trump’s indiscriminate policy has jammed up the courts especially since defense attorneys aren’t waiving defenses because the government has the burden of proof and the arrests have been so sloppy under the new policy that more defendants are beating the actions and slowing down the process. And now the “zero tolerance” policy is making it even more backed up because by charging people who are caught crossing with misdemeanors instead of the usual civil charges mean that they are entitled to attorneys paid for by the government.

                This is why Trump is deporting fewer people.

                • they are not entitled to a lawyer. the rights of this country are only for citizens and persons here legally even though they are getting away with this bulls

                • https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-deported-more-people/

                  Interesting that you think trying to enforce the law, as is required of the President, is criticised as “jamming up the system” and – oh horrors- giving lawyers more scope to delay the process. The rountine under Obama became to tell an apprehend illegal, when they inadvertently apprhended tyem, to show up for a hearing later and release them. Of course very, very a few would ever show up for that hearing, which became a joke about which nothing was ever done. That there are so many illegals is because Obama made it clear that the government was incapable of either changing the law or living up to it- why should an illegal take US law seriously when it does not take itself seriously? Why should anyone?

            • why do you suggest that “anyone” should be exempt? if they come here illegally what is their defense on your opinion?
              in the voice of the law no one is allowed to come here illegally period. (look up the law, there is also a good reason for it. if you disagree please explain why you want open borders, and everyone is a refugee if the leave their country without dual citizenship so that doesnt count)(unless they are a real refugee where their parents got murdered and they had to leave because the invading (new) government was going to kill them because of their family)

              • Oh, there are a slew of defenses. Asylum. Hardship of a family member who is a legal resident or citizen. Lots of other defenses.

                • i already agreed to asylum but only for those who really are running for their lives. by the way that is already a thing

                • Asylum definitions have be so broaden in interpretation under Bush and especially Obama that hardly a person alive couldn’t make meeting the reqirement plausible.

                  But arguing about asylum is like worrying whether flood waters at your door came from the west or east. Asylum has become something mostly used as a defense if caught and for some reason actually held for a hearing. It is a drop in the flood.

        • nothing takes a government worker less than half an hour and it is against basic government employee rules to work slow everybody knows that (if you work hard you will be fired)

        • Well that is equivalent to saying costs of anything are only the time for typing. A lawyer, who made their living from creating expense for others, can’t buy that nonsense. Even one illegal, not removed from the area by ICE, who reoffends will cost the county. And there will be more than one. And there will be suits, hearings and appeals.

          One of the worst part of the California Sanctuary law is the part about fining employers who voluntarily cooperate with ICE. https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article195434409.html

          This is the sort of evil that people who are seeking to nullify the law are willing perpetuate in the name of sanctuary. Not going an inch down that road is worth the fight. It has already created opposing regulations all over the State in the name of nullifying immigration laws of any kind.

          • Nothing in Measure K applies to private companies.

            And please, do you really believe that logging communications (once a week) and typing up two reports will cost $85,000 to 130,000 per year? That’s a lot of staff hours!

            Even the county is backing off that now.

            • No. I never said it did. But the State’s law does. And is where this mess is heading for everyone. To protect the illegal at the expense of citizens and legally admitted.

              You know darn well that cherry picking what to call an expense to the county is not going to be the reality. Just a couple of criminal illegals not deported before they commit another crime will total more cost than that to the county. Then the lawsuits when the county takes action will cost more. Or, though less likely, doesn’t take action when they should. It is a big sucking non necessity created out of social theories.

  • if i am running from the law and i talk to a police officer (even on someone elses behalf) they will run my name and arrest me so why do illegal aliens deserve any different. so should all people with warrants be allowed to call the cops to report a crime without being arrested?

    • if you dont do anything to discourage illegal aliens then they will keep coming here. we have immigration laws for a reason, maybe look into why we choose how many and who we let into this country legally and how illegal aliens screw it up for legal immigrants

      • Open the borders to everyone. man made the borders, man can take them down. Free trade and free travel for everyone. Or are we too scared.

        • Yes. We are too scared. We didn’t survive NAFTA too well. We haven’t survived mass illegal immigration too well. Our gains in human freedoms under the Constitution have been long, bitter and tenuous. An American moving to a less accepting country will become either dead or a tyrant, if that county unexpected opens its borders too. Which they are unlikely to do. A foreigner coming here at will to make money will not understand the benefits our Constitution and will demand every protection under it without seeing the need to sacrifice anything personally to allow another to benefit just on principle. Even most Americans don’t understand it, denigrate those who do and no longer take on faith it is a good thing, which used to get us by.

        • go look at Germany or Sweden. they are having a lot of problems because of open borders. look at France or Italy, i believe Italy says no more open borders just like England.

        • we arent scared, we are trying to make you smarter than that. if you want to try that go to that country and turn it around. illegal aliens have the right to vote, in their country, they should fix their home, instead of walking all over our laws and saying we are the ones who are wrong

        • Cry me up a storm.

          I agree.

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 😭🍺😭

            “Cry Me Up A Storm” should be the name of Creepy Brett Kavanaugh’s autobiography, which he will one day no doubt write from a cell at Club Fed.

    • I would argue yes. You don’t want to do anything to deter the reporting of a crime.

      • then how do you propose law enforcement to capture a fugitive? if cops cant run someones name then no one will show up back at court after they are released from jail

  • If a no vote saves just one life from a habitual drunk driver who is evading the law, then, I vote no.
    If a no vote saves just one life from a habitual murderer, then, I vote no.
    If a no vote saves just one life from a human trafficker, then, I vote no.
    If a no vote saves just one life from any criminal who is evading prosecution by crossing the border, then, I vote no.
    If a no vote saves just one life from a life of enslavement by those who dictate where they may live, work or play across the US, then I vote NO.

    If a yes vote means protection for those who seek to harm those who seek refuge and liberty from those who mean them harm, then, I vote oh HELL NO.

    Fix the dam immigration laws so that all may be free … or reimburse those who came in the proper & lawful way, since the days the immigration laws took effect. I’m sure Soros, Clinton Foundation, and all those other “foundations” still have a few unfrozen assets to get to.

    • Did you know: Illegals were responsible for 48,000 assault offenses in 2017

      and that is a conservative number, i believe that it was much more, especially if these crimes arent reported because who would know if they were committed by an illegal alien if we didnt look into who was illegally here

      • I have no idea if that is true, however, I find it interesting. The total number of assault offenses in the US were 1,250,000 according to the FBI so basically undocumented account for 3.8 percent of them. That’s almost exactly the percentage of undocumented to general population.

        However, I suspect that the numbers are even lower.



        • “It appears that these propaganda relationships are still ongoing between the U.S. government and corporate media outlets.” …..
          “This is yet another example of why the mainstream media’s reporting always needs to be intensely scrutinized, as you can never be sure exactly whose agenda is at work behind the scenes.”

        • First, most illegals have committed a crime by their illegal entry from the start. They just are rarely jailed for unless they repeatedly enter after a deportation notice. And in reality hardly ever then. They just get deported.

          Then, if an illegal is working using stolen or counterfeit papers, that too is a crime but almost never ends up in jail either. Again they get deported.

          So of course any study saying crime is less among illegals must be wrong. Not to mention these studies can’t really sort illegal from legal immigrants at all factually. They create their “facts” by inferences, many of which are pretty shaky.

          One of the big problems with arresting illegals for crimes is that they readily disappear across the border at the first whiff of trouble. Not to mention that, despite the theory that illegals would help the police more if they were protected from deportation themselves, they are unlikely to do so anyway. Their greatest danger doesn’t come from the police but from fellow illegals.

          • what we should do is when an illegal commits a crime we should not OR them we should keep them until they are done with court, and i go one step further that we should make a law that says if you commit a crime while here illegally then you get extra time, kinda like the law that says if you are out on bail for a felony then any other crime you commit while out on felony bail becomes a felony, it is not a new concept

            • Too expensive. The US does not need to create another money making scheme for lawyers. Actually the only semi solution I have ever thought would work is doing like Canada does and fine the employee who hires them. Then at least there would be less places for criminals to hide out among the masses of illegals. We don’t need to eliminate illegal immigration but reduce it to a tolerable level. Maybe if so many resources were not used be illegal border crossed a, more funding could expedite legal immigrant or refugee processing.

    • Liberals say “ if confiscating all guns saves just one life it will be worth it”
      By that logic, if deporting all illegal aliens saves just one life wouldn’t that be worth it?

      • Personally I would rather deport the lawyers In this country before people that actually might work for a living. It’s lawyers and lobbyists that have ruined this country not immigrants. Case and point there is a lawyer on this forum arguing for it and you can bet your ass he is making a profit from doing it.

      • What if those deportations take more lives than they save?

        • What if they don’t?
          What if the other country’s finally decide to follow Trump’s lead in stopping the corruption?

        • In my 1911 I trust

          Whose lives would those deportations be taking? This might sound harsh but if it is the deportees (invaders) that suffer and not Americans I am 100% ok with that. There are consequences to every action, good and bad. If someone decides to enter(invade) the United States illegally and they end up being deported (which somehow costs them their life?) that is the price they pay. I have no sympathy. If I rob a liquor store and I end up getting shot, should people feel bad for me? I don’t think so. If the illegals’ (invaders) being deported costs an American their life (somehow?), then that is an even stronger case for making sure our border is secure and preventing the invaders from entering our country in the first place. I think the wall is a stupid idea however; placing the military on our border will cost much less and be much more effective. After a few of the invaders are shot on sight, much fewer invaders will try to enter our country. If for some reason people can’t get behind that idea I would rather have a wall than nothing at all. Preferably with a firing squad on our side to pick them off as they come over the top. Quit sugar coating what is happening as anything other than a large scale invasion of our country. We should have declared war on Mexico long ago for allowing the passage of invaders through their country into ours, it is nothing short of an act of war.

        • do you believe that an American life is worth more than someone elses?

          and i like your what if argument ha

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November ⚖️🍄⚖️

      Speaking of foundations, New York state’s criminal prosecution of the Trump Crime Family and their fake foundation is moving forward. ⚖️🏌️‍♂️🍄


  • America is the only country in the world where even those who hate it, refuse to leave

  • answer this… how are you supposed to find out the immigration status of someone without the help of the government? so if people can call ICE “on their own dime” how are they supposed to know if the person is an illegal alien?

    • Good question. They shouldn’t make the call unless they know or have reason to suspect.

      • and a good reason would be if they are arrested for another crime. a good reason to pay the cops to call ICE to deport bad illegal aliens after they are arrested for an additional crime

  • “After trial Thursday, Judge Crandall ruled that SB 54 is an unconstitutional “overreach into a city’s right to govern its own police.”

    • so the way i see it is this new measure will just be a waste of taxpayer monies and a waste of time in court because the precedence is already there. great i bet humboldt in its infinite wisdom will still put this on the ballot and possibly pass it just to have it go through court and get thrown out. dum dum dum

  • Sometimes we just need to get back to basics. It’s easy to see the similarities between the King who over regulated the people out of their land and homes, and the same corruption that’s been plaguing America for too long, after listening to this lady.

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🏌️‍♂️⚖️🚿

    The fact is Measure K opponents are merely pissing against the wind & will only get themselves wet (with piss).

    “I like beer. I drink beer. I like beer. Guys like beer. The girls I hung out with liked beer. Beer is good. Do you like beer? We drank beer!” — Bart O’ Kavanaugh

    • Measure K supporters are either illegals, relatives of illegals or people who are feeble minded enough to be sucked in by a good sob story.

      • Darn it, Kym.

          • Tolerance for opinion should not be tolerance for abuse. There needs to be some basis of at least explanation, if not reason, somewhere in an opinion for it not to be in truth a self indulgent insult. Allowing insult at this level drags down everyone in the end by allowing belittling to become explosive.

        • I do agree that “Measure K supporters are either illegals, relatives of illegals or people who are feeble minded enough to be sucked in by a good sob story” is pretty insulting and I wavered on whether to allow it. I am, however, surprised you feel the same way.

          • Anti troll league

            I am studying Trolls. Getting satisfaction out of the freedom to make crude, irrational and personal insults from the safety of anonymity, especially to a person who is also unknown, was a foreign concept to me.

            I have recently had a breakthrough though. It came from finding out that childish insult is much easier than thinking things through. Simply that. The hard work of reading for understanding and thinking things through is totally eliminated. No self questioning, no reassessing, no risk, nothing stretching the mind is needed. Heck, it is not even necessary to read at all if you just choose insult to be applied at the mere sight of a poster’s name.

            It’s virtue is obtaining a sense of power combined sheer laziness. A good option for someone who can’t let the smallest contradiction go but hates (or can’t do) the work to debate. It suits the insecure, easily confused, lazy but truculent person to a tee. It’s easy and that’s what attracts it’s adherents.

            This experiment has been a success as to understanding trolls. And it’s the data that I got here that made that understanding possible. The question left is whether trolling is so damaging and addicting to a person’s humanity that it is dangerous. It’s worrisome. I suppose why liberals seem more commonly to be trolls than others. They feel that being a nasty piece of work is fine if it done in the name of saving someone else. Poor reasoning but of a piece with lazy brains.

            • This thing you do makes me crazy. You say such rational, well-thought-out positions. Then you say something like ” liberals seem more commonly to be trolls than others.” And you lose me completely.

              • Anti troll league

                You don’t think that many current liberals suffer from a “Robinhood” syndrome where the evil they personally do is fantasized as necessary, selfless and good? Being a “social warrior?” When it is none of that?

                People you call conservatives have a similar syndrome but they call it Being a “patriot.” And it is rarely that anymore than the “social warrior” is what they think they are either.

                • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 💰🔥😭🍺

                  If pimping for Putin 🇷🇺🐘💩🔥🇺🇸🔥 politically is your idea of American “patriotism”, then this liberal is just going to have to agree to disagree with your partisan Republican definition of that particular word.

                  # Impeach Kavanaugh ⚖️🚔🚿

                • The more the left threatens, bullies, irrationally insults, overreacts and deliberately misunderstands, the more they repulse the majority of the electorate.

                • Yes, I think both sides try to coopt virtue and demonize the others and it isn’t helpful. Some of the best people I know are conservatives and some are liberals. Neither side is able to claim virtue totally for themselves.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍄🇷🇺🏌️‍♂️

        Measure K supporters are WINNERS – BIGLY! Just you wait… 🇺🇸👍🏿


        • Trump- saving the country from zombies looking for brains one tweet at a time.

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🆘🏌️‍♂️⚖️🍺🧠🍺

            Trump has a brain? 🧠⁉️ NOT!

            You have provided no evidence to back up your specious claim.

  • definitely an emotional argument. they say illegal immigrants are good people, while that is true sometimes on the other hand there are lots of good people who break laws, should they all be given an exempt status from the law if they are “nice people”

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