With Help of Humboldt County Sheriff’s SWAT Team, Rio Dell Man Arrested for Drug Possession While Armed

policeOn Monday morning, “the Humboldt County SWAT team assisted the Rio Dell Police Department with the service of a warrant,” said Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Samuel Tennessee Fugate was arrested without incident and charged with possession of meth and heroin “while armed with a loaded, operable firearm.”



  • Sounds like this guy was persuing happiness while bearing arms. Lock him up!

  • Not sticking up for heroin or meth it destroys lives lots of them,BUT having a firearm is our God given rite as American citizens given to us by our forefathers who faught with their lives to give us a short little list of freedoms, which the rip off extortion scum running things today are trampling all over.

    • Meth and Heroin are totally legal, with prescription. If the government didn’t have so much wrapped up in protecting pharmaceutical monopolies, there would be no money in illegally selling meth and dope to begin with.

      Edit: I used the word protect, but “collaborate” would be more accurate.

    • No matter what you say about your (Constitutional, which has nothing to do with whatever you consider to be a god) right to bear arms, nobody has the right to be in possession of a firearm while committing a crime. Possession of the stuff the guy had is a felony. Ergo, possession of a firearm while committing a felony is a chargeable offense.

    • Not sure about “God given” but the second amendment is still the law of the land I believe

    • Meth might help a population poisoned with estrogen.in small amounts,something for the doctors.testosterone ,I don’t think would prevent early breast cancer.

    • Well said brother!!

  • Heroin & heroine are different words.

  • Most could careless if you do illegal drugs in pursuit of happiness, but don’t steal from us working stiffs to support your jobless bicycle riding lazy a#@

  • Yeah they will regulate the 2nd amendment rite out of existence.they will do it to all of them little by little. America the land of slaves. Done in the name of fees,fines,taxes,and permits that’s how there slipping it through real sneaky like.

  • My first week in Humboldt I had a man obviously high on meth pull a gun on me and say “what’s up”. I think it’s because he saw me twice in one day, on a bus and on a street walking and I think in his tweaker mind that meant I was stalking him. I was so shocked I just said “nothing” and walked around him. Somehow that worked. Meths so trippy because no mind can stay sane without sleep, it’s not the drug that turns you crazy. Tweakers with guns is about as scary as it gets!

  • The last stronghold is being wiped out.

    Yeah tweeckers with guns are a scary prospect,but the extortionist government chipping away at the Constitution is way scarier

  • On my block..f#$k junkies! Most of us have kids. Rio is a cesspool,

  • On my block..too close to home. Got kids…Rio is a cesspool as of late..f#$k junkies..good job p.d.

    • this whole county is a cesspool joke. 30 years ago whenever I left the area I used to tell people I was from eureka instead of Humboldt to try to disassociate from the marijuana sigma, now when I leave the area I tell people I’m from Sacramento because I am honestly embarrassed to to tell people I am from this area. Humboldt county is a joke and it isn’t a recent development. I love this place but I hate what has happened to it, and I am not solely blaming pot, narcotics and lenient punishment for drugs have ruined this place. Hands down.

    • What’s the matter with you people? Too lazy to put the Dell in Rio? Don’t call it Rio, makes
      you sound rather lame.

  • Well Mike you tell everyone you’re from Sacramento,lol I’ve spent some time there you think there isn’t any drugs or crime in Sacramento,lol. Quite lying to yourself and others dude

    • People are blind, the number one issue worldwide is overpopulation. It has led to the increase in poverty, they don’t just print more money every time a baby pops out. Since the world population tripled from 2.5 to 7.5 billion in a mere 68 years, about the average American lifespan, everything good and bad has also tripled. So there are at least three times as many hippies and enlightened folk and sustainably living people but there are also at least 3 times as many criminals and drug addicts, suicides, murders etc. All of this is exasperated by the growing poverty level from too many humans on the planet and poverty also increases the negative issues and crime. There are no parts of America that are immune to these effects and if people don’t start being responsible enough to only have 0-2 kids then this will continue to be our reality. I personally use to take issue with the greed of the marijuana industry and who it attracts to Humboldt but having moved away to the bay area for a year I’m scrambling to get back to Humboldt. At least there’s a higher percentage of ethical and enlightened people and Eureka Natty in Humboldt, plus the same issues as everywhere else. STOP BEING SELFISH AND POPPING OUT 3+ KIDS AMERICA, YOUR FUDGEING EVERYTHING UP AND DESTROYING YOUR KIDS CHANCE AT A GOOD LIFE. There’s already not enough room or water for the 7.5 billion here, the fires won’t magically go away with more people and more water used.

  • Back in the day meth was made from chemicals that were much less harmful to the user most were made from sulfates that did not make you tweek. The government war on drugs made these drugs impossible to get So now people make it out of harmful chemicals. The war on drugs is a war on americans that choose to use drugs in their pursuit of happiness a right that is promised to all americans.

    • Sulfates? Any dissacaride sugar is fermented with ambient spores in 14 -16 hours to ephidrine,to be reduced to desoxyephidrine with a car battery.the first part is now done in china(overseas). As thought to be compiclated.a box of serial weeds,corn leaf, and wheat straw is inoculated with agar fungus growth with psyloc. Albert Hoffman Oaxaca 1960. Microbiological production of psysocybin,U.S. Patent.

    • freedom doesn’t mean seeing how low one can go in life. it’s supposed to be about being your best

  • I feel you, spotted owl… my sentiments exactly.

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