[UPDATE 4:13 p.m.] Semi Vs Vehicle Near Orick: 101 Possibly Blocked

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA semi and a vehicle collided on Hwy 101 in Orick near the 40 mph corner.

The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page indicates that there is a fuel leak and possibly “both lanes blocked”

An adult male was seen walking north “with blood on his face,” according to the dispatcher speaking over the scanner. An ambulance is responding.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 4:13 p.m.: As of 3:51 p.m., the roadway was still partially blocked.



  • Let’s make Humboldt look classy and keep any Captain obvious comments or speculation to yourself and off your keyboards. Wait for the facts! If your bored and wanting to contribute to your community, get up and go volunteer!!!!

  • LOL! Yes, we can always trust government to give us all the facts, all the truth, only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth–unless some VIP is involved or the truth might come back to bite or embarrass the government.

  • Both North and South of Orick, the Hwy 101 right of way is narrow and twisty. Long ago when I lived and worked at Prairie Creek Fish Hatchery while they were building the Redwood Park By-Pass (mid-1980s), vehicle accidents closed the Highway on a frequent basis. On a few occasions, it was a vehicle vs an Elk/ Deer causing the accident.

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