North Coast Peoples Alliance Endorses Desiree Davenport for Humboldt Community Services District

This is a press release from the North Coast Peoples Alliance:

North Coast People's AllianceEureka, Ca: The North Coast Peoples Alliance (NCPA) has enthusiastically voted to endorse Desiree Davenport for Humboldt Community Services District. Ms. Davenport is an Environmental Planner working in the public sector as a Biologist and Natural Resources Specialist. The NCPA shares Desiree’s concern about our neighbors’ water rates increasing, potentially causing hardship to working families. Within our district, 42% of ratepayers are considered low and very low income.

“Water rates have already gone up by 39% and sewer rates have gone up 27%, and those rates are set to increase by a total of 52% for water and 43% for sewer over the next 5 years,” said Caroline Griffith, Steering Committee Member. “The new average monthly bill will be $86.50, while neighbors living within Eureka City limits will enjoy an average monthly bill of $66.50 after their rates increase over the next 5 years as well. It’s time for new energy, transparency and public involvement. It’s time for us to know what is going on and why our water bills are so high.”

“I will speak up for working families and find solutions such as an affordable water program for our low-income residents, seek grants that taxpayers already fund for infrastructure repair and upkeep and reward rate payers who are using water wisely,” said Desiree Davenport. “Meanwhile the current board of directors who consists entirely of appointed directors is attempting to increase its sphere of influence by annexation of both existing properties and new developments, which is not fiscally responsible. These rate increases were justified as a need for repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure – not creating additional infrastructure.”

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