Man Dead in Fatal Crash on Hwy 36

Hwy 36 Fatal fatalityThis is a press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On September 22, 2018 at approximately 1230 hours, [a male driver from Washington state] was riding his 2003 BMW motorcycle westbound on SR-36, approximately 3 miles east of South Fork Mountain Road. For an unknown reason, [he] did not successfully negotiate a turn.

The BMW left the roadway and continued down a… steep embankment, where it collided with several trees. [He] was ejected from the motorcycle and sustained fatal injuries as a result of the collision, succumbing to his injuries at the scene.

Alcohol or drugs are not believed to have been a factor in the collision.



  • It was very cold last night, down here in Swain’s Flat, it was likely a LOT colder up that far!!! There was likely some Black Ice on the road, that did him in!!! So sorry to hear of this!!! Peace be with him & his family!!!

    • 1230 hours is the same as 12:30 pm, aka 1/2 past noon. Zero ice on the road guaranteed.

    • Hello Dan it was not ice as I see you discovered, it was 12:30 in the afternoon. He was my 63 year old brother who had been riding for over 40 years and had driven this road many times before. He had taken the same courses the Washington state police take including a defensive course which is very intensive. He was riding with a group he always rode with, hot dogging it as some speculated in this blog he was not, and he wasn’t from the east coast as also speculated. He had a medical event and was gone before the Motorcycle left the road. My thanks to those on this blog who expressed condolence, I’m sure there are plenty of accidents caused on this road that are due to all kinds of avoidable causes but this wasn’t one of them. For those who speculated please reconsider speculation for the benefit of families like mine who are looking for answers from far away and have enough pain with a totally unexpected tragedy like this. Your world is still happy ours is not so much right now. I read this blog when first posted but couldn’t respond til now.

  • Rest In Peace brother rider

  • Thats sad, and a reminder those roads are scary and sometimes sneak up on you, dont let the jerk behind you pressure you into taking turns to fast !

  • Damn. Hwy 36 ate another one!
    36 is NOT the road to relax on when driving. Twisting and squirming… Some roads it becomes a dance, a flow.
    NOT 36.
    I am terrified every time I drive that road. White knuckle every time.
    There should be warnings that 36 (and 299) are the motorists version of Russian Roulette.

  • On 36, I witnessed 2x’s a black car passing people going so very fast doing what seems to be 65 miles per hour
    I’ve also witnessed a gray car passing on the curves going very very fast.

    • Sadly there are too many people who treat this narrow winding Mountain Roads like their personal racetrack, much to the dismay & sometimes DEATH of themselves & unfortunately innocent others as well!!! I have been driving this road for 30 some years & it still scares me, every time I do!!!

    • Please call in and give your report to chp 268-2000, when you get to service even if you only know the color of the vehicle. More reports mean more inforcement.

    • I passed safely twice. I do know this road well not saying it will not get me one day but I do pass cautiously and quickly.

  • Two weeks ago, a group of out of State Harley riders touring down 36 came around a blind turn to fast and had to use the whole other lane to avoid wrecking. Luckily I was going slow because nobody was tailgating me, and was able to quickly move off the road into somewhat of a shoulder. I would’ve easily killed two of them.

  • I’m wondering why my comment on the possibility of Black Ice being the possible cause of this unfortunate accident, was removed??? I didn’t post anything derogatory about the rider or anyone else!!! WTF OVER???!!!

  • I drive cautiously, I pull over for vehicles that get behind me and it’s really crazy when others can’t-won’t do the same but if you can’t Cruise at a constant speed and you corner weird I’ll be behind you and do pass when there is a passing lane and between mad river and Carlotta there is only 3-5 so I really appreciate when people pull over so we can all travel at our own pace! I don’t like traveling right behind or in front of others that’s why I live in the sticks! Drive safe everyone 🤩 thank you firefighters and emergency responders EMTs !

  • Sad to hear about the crash. I was out 36 yesterday on my BMW and Tuesday to Red Bluff. Some of the corners on 36 are pretty bad and not always posted. Someone said they know the road well NOT you never know a road, deer, rocks, firewood. You never know a road period. It can only take a small rock to change the front tire from tracking where you thought it would. It does not take a great factor to change any road, it is up to the driver to drive in a manner to cope with any issue that may arise. I drive everyday and understand how this happens but will not go down that path.

    • Haha… As a mountain grown adult I use the 101 sides of the mountain (299& 36 & alderpoint/ect.). To say I know the roads would be incorrect as Baird has pointed out.I will say I know the usual route that the road would travel. See every other week the alderpoint side changes and when the wet season starts it will change more frequently- the road won’t be there sometimes either. Then with all the road construction even 36 is completely different in some places then a couple months back, 299 and recent detours and fires. The list goes
      on. We should all be cautious when driving. Think how other peoples driving makes you feel and treat the other drivers the way you’d like to see them treat you. Your life and your families are just as important as the other lives on the road. I pray for this person’s family and all the others that have experienced the devistation these roads can bring.

  • People drive way too fast on the 299 as well, 36 is curvy

  • Weeeeeeeeeeee!

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