Former Humboldt County Man Wanted For Rape of 12-Year-Old

Sean Michael Hunter, also known as Sunshine, lived in Humboldt County and may have headed back to the area. He is currently wanted in Washington State as a suspect in the rape of a 12-year-old.

Press release from the San Juan County, Washington Sheriff’s Office:

Sean Michael Hunter Sunshine Hunter



  • Alright, people, let us not assume anything here, nor try this guy in cyberspace. He may even look the part. But he hasn’t even been arrested yet, much less been indicted by a grand jury or had a pre-trial.

    • Wanted as a suspect, on the run, and you dont want people to judge? What world do you live in?

      • A world with laws and due process. If you don’t like it, I’m sure that North Korea will take you.

        • There is no US law condemning people talking on the internet as long as there is no personal and creditable threat. Now that is the law- that the government can not make such a law suppressing freedom of speech. However, there is no law against making up crap too.m

        • Where is this world of laws and due process of which you speak? (It doesn’t exist btw.)

      • Aw, jeez. Looks as if I’ve opened up a whole can a worms here. Just . . . the thing . . . All I’m saying is, after they track this guy down, let’s just let this guy’s attorney and the People of California settle the matter. Okay?

        • The People of California? Does California now settle Washington state child rape cases?? Hmmmm….guess I didn’t get the memo on that one. I also seem to be missing the memo verifying that our nature loving chi-mo camper is actually in California!! I really must talk to my secretary…..I seem to be missing some memos!!

    • He look like Brett Kavanaugh – GUILTY!

      • Guilty as sin Brett Kavanaugh. This guy I’m not sure about!

        • Very sick. Typical Marxist response. He’ll get through. Smear tactics by traitors won’t work. Roe v Wade is HISTORY.

          This is the beginning of the end for liberalism in America. You wept November 2016? You haven’t even started weeping.

          • Keep telling yourself that, bub. This is the modern world. Women are allowed to make their own decisions about their bodies whether or not it offends you. Go back to the 1950s.

            • Their bodies holding human life. Choice about THEIR bodies? After you realize you murdered, you cannot forgive yourself for taking a life. Wow, sounds like an animal who eat their own young. No woman should have a baby that will kill her own.

              • “No woman should have a baby that would kill her own”
                You are so close. It’s almost like you’re saying that a woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant….. shouldn’t be pregnant!

          • and you KNOW hes innocent because? what? he represents your political slant? so…by that logic…if im a frat boy drunken rapist, youll ignore my assaulting your daughter if i sound like i vote the way you do? [edit]

            • worse, drunken prep school privileged party brat. therefore he is presumed guilty. if we wanted perverts on the SC we could have had bill cosby.

    • John, he’s wanted for rape of 12 year old. Very clear. That means there’s plenty of evidence if you understand law. He’s not wanted for questioning and if he was innocent, he wouldn’t be on-the-run. If you see him, call the cops! Who wants child rapist hiding out in the community.

    • youre right of course this is why we have a judicial system. perhaps he is guilty, perhaps he isnt. we have the moral duty to aid police in this
      circumstance, but not to try, convict or punish, as citizens. he is “wanted” thats what we know. those of you who call for vigilantee justice, those of you who think due process is too good for him dont understand due process. saying he deserves a trial is NOT defending him. an accusation is just that. when he is caught, he will get what he deserves. sometimes innocent people are accused and arrested for crimes they didnt commit. thats what trials are for. its fun for some to get all riled up over situations like this, like they want a badge for being against child rapists. dude! get a grip this aint the wild wild west

    • With a nick name like that hes got to be bright good luck finding him

    • Let’s not assume anything? This asshole was just charged with a second rape. Are you secretly defending a friend?

    • Need any more proof

  • May he be arrested, tried and justice served in the real world.

  • When was this warrant released for him was this a recent occurrence?

  • When did this happen is this a recent warrant?

  • I’ve seen him before at festivals and on the plaza. I noticed the stupid tattoos.

  • How come after child it says second?

    • Rape of a child in the second degree. I think it has to do with the child’s age and the age difference between the child and offender.

      • Correct. Says she’s twelve y’all, not 17. Doesn’t matter what the hell she may have done to, what? Provoke it? Is that what crossed your minds when you read this? Christ this shit makes me sick… Comments are relentless on any given day…But THIS dude deserves a break? I remember him, in his van by the Shell Station in Garberville. Sunshine huh? Stick it where the sun don’t shine dude!

        • He may indeed be guilty but in America we must presume innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

          • A presumption of innocence does not bar discussing the nature of crimes, who did what or seeking protection from crime. What would happen if such a philosophy was applied in ordinary life? Someone comes at you with a tire iron. Are you required to keep standing there until he hits you because he hasn’t been proven guilty? Would you hire the man in question, not convicted but being sought, to work in a day camp for children because he”hasn’t been proven guilty?” There is a difference between conversation about a possible crime, even in the worse terms, and asking people to take action or taking action against a specific person. The first is ordinary human activity. The second is the thing the presumption of innocence warns against.

            I’m surprised that people who admonish others not to say anything aren’t busy writing outraged letters to the editor over the current Supreme Court nominee situation. Because if there is ever a case where their philosophy of not saying anything harmful before conviction exists, it is this.

            • no, dont hire a guy whos under investigation of child rape to coach kids soccer. just like as with cavennaugh. wait for his trial to end before making a decision like that. but be careful how far you push this logic. the guy with the tire iron DOES have to either hit, OR threaten you in order for charges to be filed. otherwise someone could be arrested for changing a flat tire. you act as though you dont think our judiciary system works. no one here is suggesting anyone aid or abette this man. just have some faith in the law. “admonishing others not to say anything is” ridiculous and twisting things here. nobodys interfering with your right to free speech. say all the dumb shit you want. reminding potential vigillantes that charges do not a conviction make is very important in civil society. dont get out your pitchfork just yet. let the police do their job, assist them if possible, but leave being a judge to the judge. he has all the facts, maam. we do not

              • If miss purty had advocated being a vigilante, you might be right about “reminding” her about the rules of civil society. But she didn’t so the comment then becomes a supercilious attempt to bully. The comment section is not a court of law. Play acting as if it was In order to fault other commenters has an ugly motive.

                How do you resolve the illogic of your very deliberately rude judging of me with your saying to let the judge be the judge? You actually prove my point that it is humanly impossible not to judge and still comment, even when your point is that judging is wrong. But then you can always substitute insult to bridge over any illogic.

          • Your insistence on standing up for a suspected child molester is contrarian bullcrap at best….

            • I think pointing out that Mr. Hunter has only been suspected of rape not convicted is an important distinction to make.

              • When is the presumption of innocense to be applied? The title of this article is not “Presumed innocent Man is wanted for Alleged Crime.” Of course not because this presumption is only applicable for establishing who is responsible for providing proof when seeking to apply a penalty.

                Until someone says that they are or they are asking someone else to act ex judicially to effect a penalty, they have a perfect right to speak their opinions. That it causes distress to the accused or irritates another person is no cause to bully them into being silent.

                • It’s good practice to actually wait for evidence before making a judgment. The information in the press release is not very detailed so I’d recommend waiting until more comes in before recommending torture.

                • Conservatives don’t need pesky, stinkin’ facts!

                • Kym, I think having reservations on any news report is appropriate but the point was that no one is required to think or write as I want them to, under penalty of insult and verbal assault if they don’t cooperate.

                • Sparkle- it’s true that generally conservatives prefer facts that don’t stink.

              • I think that regardless of whether he’s only suspected or is dead to rights, the point is that he’s being sought for questioning, and so anyone with information on his whereabouts should come forward. If he’s innocent then he will be released.

                • I agree that anyone with information should come forward. I don’t think that everyone that is innocent is always released. But mostly justice works.

          • No Dorothy. The judicial system is required to presume innocence. Individuals are not. I am free to presume this guy is a guilty scumbag.

  • Wait, does five dots tattooed down the bridge of his nose mean “good guy” or “bad guy” ? HMMMMMMMMMMM, can’t wait to have this guy show up on one of my high dollar clients properties to scare the shit out of them and lose the job.
    Seriously, “Sunshine”, what do you think an employer, hot chick in a bar, potential mother in law, cop, judge, jury, or D.A. is going to make of a dumbass that decides permanently marking up his face with (wtf) ink is any kind of asset to the human race? Meh, whatever… Yawn… Unless of course, you hail from the Sudan, or Uganda, Nairobi or… Except for the blue eyes … Now, back to your cell[edit]

    • I like it, makes them easier to spot, not a bad reference point either if need be.

    • um, yeah- wrong approach. How he decorates his ugly face has nothing to do with his alleged actions. He may ultimately be a pos child rapist; nonetheless your comments may appear to some as self-righteous and judgemental profiling on a rather moronic level.
      Give a shout-out for me to all of your “high dollar clients” you lucky bastard.
      And if he is tried and convicted he’ll get his soon enough.

    • I’ve seen this… miscreant around Humboldt all the time in the past years and never knew it was Sunshine. An acquaintance of mine used to be his running buddy when they “were in Rainbow Federation,” but apparently they fell out quickly. All of the boring, drug addled stories from my acquaintance make more sense and are far darker now that I know Sunshine is also a child rapist, and it turns my stomach.
      I hope the law is executed to the fullest extent.

    • bigotted much?

  • F this guy. How many people on here try anyone and everyone for whatever. As soon as some white hippie guy gets accused you’re all “let’s not put him on trial”. Equal justice for all, as well as equal injustice for all. All things equal.

    • Hello. That is not what anyone said, to let him off from trial. If exaggeration and spinning a story is wrong, then assigning race as a motivation among commenters is wrong.

  • He raped a 12 year old girl during broad daylight, at a park in the middle of town.
    This is very recent. Warrant obtained 9/20, I believe.
    Please report any sightings or information.
    RCW 9A.44.076
    Rape of a child in the second degree.
    (1) A person is guilty of rape of a child in the second degree when the person has sexual intercourse with another who is at least twelve years old but less than fourteen years old and not married to the perpetrator and the perpetrator is at least thirty-six months older than the victim.
    (2) Rape of a child in the second degree is a class A felony.

    • CPC 837 allows any of you to apprehend him for the magistrate or a LEO turnover.. (citizens arrest for a felony)

      since all of you feel so strongly about this, stand tall, and go out and apprehend this fellow..

      seems simple to me..
      anon traveler

      • So this happened on an island. The minute the situation was reported and evidence received, they were able to issue warrant and the suspect/defendant was already on radar for months due to his belligerent and other behaviors in open public spaces.
        This is a small island, and we were boots to the ground just prior to warrant being issued. The alarm was sounded. Unfortunately, at this point, the last he had been seen was heading to the mainland on a boat, before the evidence and incidents were reported, possibly a couple/few days or more.
        The reason you are seeing this is the manhunt had to be expanded to his previous known locales, or places he would have headed to. We need your help.
        And from what I am privvy to, there are possibly more who may come forward.
        This is not injustice to a homeless or hippie man. This is trying to catch him before he takes any more victims than he already has.
        And I believe I recall it also having been stated that he possibly committed similar offenses in your neck of the woods.
        If you care about other, more vulnerable human beings, you will be aware and report this monster the minute you are able.
        Our community appreciates your support. There are hurting young people that were preyed upon.
        PS: Sheriff told me warrant is good nationally, so don’t hesitate to report if you see him in another state. And he may have headed to Nevada, as well.
        I am positive they have a solid case and evidence to proceed.
        And why are we giving benefit of doubt in a no brainer case, to the perpetrator/predator?

  • I’ve seen him in arcata this year he camps in the redwoods by hsu he has a white dog.

  • Wait, you mean 12 is not the legal age im Humboldt… It is in Laytonville

  • Homeless scumbag, Not a hippie…..

  • Probably walking around wearing a hoodie up to hide is face.

  • He’s ready to be a Supreme Court Judge in Trump’s America.

    • Certainly, the presumption of innocence by anyone is not even noticeable in that case. Certainly your comment aligns with the “hang ’em first, ask questions later” advocates. Even uglier on fact than discussing this case because your remarks are based in political expediency, not even ever having seen anyone involved at any time.

      • Why is everyone jumping to defend this guys presumption of innocence ? You think it was maybe a different wolf in sheeps clothing with the same face tattoos and ‘fro? And calls himself sunshine? The front is as big as the back…makes me leery of stinky hippies with fake names..

      • Yup, the Republicans did obstruct the nomination of one of the three Obama picks. They did so by the underhanded tactic of doing nothing about it until it expired.

        It is probably to be expected that a person who believes that name calling and insult is some kind of moral victory would not see that attempting to obstruct a nomination by destroying a reputation based on unsupported allegations is inappropriate retaliation for refusing to to be agreeable.

  • Because someone said what you did? There is a great difference between discussing even a belief he is guilty and advocating his murder.

  • This guy is a scumbag low life POS he’s been in town a few times in the last year’s and has been ran out every time sits around in front of the shell and ask for handouts . He asked me for money I told him I would pay him ten bucks to wash my windows of my truck nothing’s for free he laughed and walked away. The next day hit me up again so I walked inside and got an application he wouldn’t even take it out of my hands . So praying on little girls yeah it seems like something he would do cuz a girl with a normal mind wouldn’t get near this guy.

  • Did I step over the line Kym with my comment? Sorry. What did I need to say to avoid the censor button?

  • Sounds like the authorities need to put Sunshine where the sun doesn’t shine…after a speedy fair trial, of course. Here’s hoping they can bag him and keep him.

  • How do you all know it’s a girl he raped? Is there another report of this crime somewhere with further info?
    Not that it matters, insofar as we really shouldn’t know anything about the victim to protect her/his privacy.

    Just wondering because a few of you are mentioning “little girl,” etc., as if you know–or maybe are just assuming. It is statistically the most likely scenario, i think, so the assumption is reasonable. But not necessarily true.

    • The sex of the victim is entirely irrelevant, and why would it be relevant at all? I honestly don’t even know why you would possibly bring it up?

  • Umm…hello people! Grown men shouldn’t have sex with sixth or seventh graders no matter what!

  • Gosh! I really screwed the pooch on this one Kirk… Let’s see, I can’t think of anyone that has been accused of RAPING a 12 year old, that was just sitting on the front porch drinking a cold one. Now, correct you are about not jumping to a verdict without due justice, but in my experience, loser shitbags like this guy, while not guilty of anything without a trial and verdict, SHOULD be considered dubious at best… We shall see, we shall see… If he didn’t do it, lunch is on me…

  • The face tatt’s weren’t meant as a skin color slam, (I wouldn’t know, and couldn’t care, as I am color blind). But culturally, tribal face marking is not seen in Anglo’s in North America. By scumbags. That are accused of RAPE. Of a 12 yr. old. Ever. Period. I must be “self righteous, moronic, and judgmental” guessing that some junkie bum could do such a thing… Yawn. Next crime report, please. Big Bang has spoken…

  • Check the mateel..used to frequent the meal.
    He was a “good volunteer and valued community member”

  • He looks like Post Malone

  • wow this toilet tried to pick a fight with me in town one day and I just laughed at him. Boy do I regret that now

  • I got my dog from him a couple years ago. He was basically replacing him with another dog. A white pit named Roo. Kept him locked in his van 10 hours a day and got mad cuz my dog would shit on his pillow. I’ve always had an idea that tig was abused. But this solidifies it for me

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