Drunk Driver Caused Yesterday’s Multi-vehicle Collision, Says CHP

Battered vehicles litter 101.

Battered vehicles litter 101 after multi-vehicle collision yesterday. [Photo by Mark Nelson]

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 09/23/2018, at approximately 1207 hours, a white Subaru Forester was traveling westbound on the westbound SR-299 transition to northbound US-101.  The driver of the Subaru, Mr. Alexander Sarver, failed to negotiate the right turn of the transition road, and left the roadway traveling in an westerly direction.

The Subaru collided with a right-turn arrow marker, a utility junction box, and then entered the northbound lanes of US-101, where it collided with a dark grey Toyota Corolla sedan, which was being driven by a Mr. Trenton Pruitt, that was traveling northbound on US-101, in the #2 lane.  The Subaru then continued to the west, where it collided with the metal median barrier, traveled over the barrier, and subsequently landed in the southbound lanes of US-101.

As a result of the impact with the Subaru, the Toyota went into a spin, and was rotating in the northbound lanes of US-101, while sliding in a northerly direction.  Mr. David Berrey was riding his 2008 Harley Davidson northbound on US-101 in the #1 lane, to the rear of the Toyota.  Mr. Berrey observed the collision between the Subaru and the Toyota, and applied his Harley Davidson’s brakes, and steered to the left in an attempt to avoid a collision. As the Toyota rotated counterclockwise, the right front corner of the Toyota collided with the right side of Mr. Berrey’s Harley Davidson.  The impact caused the Harley Davidson to fall to it’s right side, onto the roadway.  Mr. Berrey and the Harley Davidson slid on the highway in a northwesterly direction.  After the collision, Mr. Berrey, and his motorcycle came to rest on the west median shoulder of US-101 N/B.

Mr Pruitt’s  Toyota came to rest on it’s wheels, in the northbound lanes of US-101, facing in a southwesterly direction. The Subaru driven by Mr. Sarver came to rest in an upright position, in the southbound lanes of US-101, facing in a southeasterly direction.  Upon contact by Officers at the scene, Mr. Sarver showed obvious signs of intoxication, and was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Mr. Berrey sustained major injuries as a result of the collision, and was transported to Mad River Community Hospital for medical treatment.  Mr. Pruitt, and his passenger, Erica Wennerholm were uninjured as a result of the collision.

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  • It’s sucks when anyone but the drunk driver is hurt. Praying the bike rider keeps all his limbs and recovers quickly.

  • He just kept going straight, looks like he didn’t even notice the 90 degree right turn he needed to make.

  • Fucking DRUNK DRIVERS!!!! Take their driving privileges away or life, there’s absolutely no excuse for driving intoxicated.

  • I sat in the hospital ER waiting area with Trenton and Erica while they waited 10 hours to be treated. They were both injured and in pain, traumatized and needed medical attention. It is untenable to not be properly triaged.

    • Weird that the report says they were uninjured. To avoid a wait at the ER sometimes it’s worth it just to admit your injured at the scene and take the ambulance ride just to be seen quicker. You can file for medical after and be reimbursed for the ambulance ride. Medical does cover ambulance when you are in an accident and your normal means of transportation are clearly gone and you needed medical attention. Even if it’s not life threatening you can claim it was unknown how injured you were, typical for accidents because you don’t know if there is internal injuries. Not saying the victim’s made a mistake, just FYI Incase anyone reading this experiences a wreck.

      • My neighbor went by ambulance to St. Joe’s er having stroke symptoms, only to be triaged to the waiting room! Her adult son was with her and tried to tell them she was having stroke symptoms but they told him she didn’t look that bad to them and she’d have to wait her turn!
        She started having more symptoms after two hours of waiting and he informed the intake clerk, who told him he’d have to wait his turn as she’d said before! A few minutes later as he looked at his mom, her face started drooping and he went to the window again to tell clerk of new symptoms and she again told him to wait! Fortunately, the triage nurse overheard the exchange and rushed out to take them to exam cubicle. She is now wheelchair bound and St. Joe’s docs convinced neighbor and her son that “immediate treatment wouldn’t have helped because it wasn’t that kind of heart attack/stroke”! I know this sounds unbelievable but it is God’s honest truth.

      • Thanks for the tip. I know our hospitals are in crisis and short-staffed, but 10 HOURS?

  • 10 hours in ER! Terrible and I know it happens all the time. I wonder if one can take themselves to a different hospital. I know I would want to. Why 10 hours? Inhumane and it happens every day. Hire another damn doctor and nurse.

  • Drunk driving, Humco’s favorite spectator sport after Shoplifting at the Mall and Parking Lot Destruction Derby.

    • Few weeks ago I took my mom to ER in Fortuna for breathing issues with her COPD. They did tests & ended up admitting her, said possible heart problems (never had heart problems before). When I left her she was resting comfortably in her own room. Looking forward to coming home the next morning. Sometime later she asked the Dr for something between tylenol & morphine for a terrible headache. He ordered IMITREX. Nurse came in gave her the meds into her IV. Immediately mom said something was wrong! Asked nurse to please get the Dr. Nurse just kept telling her to relax & that she’d be fine! Long story short…IMITREX is NOT an IV med. She ended up coding, intubated, & put on life support & flown to Santa Rosa. Shes living with me now, unable to do ANYTHING without gasping for air… Dr said the meds shocked her system, shocked her heart & shocked her lungs. We’re still waiting to see how things turned out. Anyone know of a good attorney???

  • It’s pretty obvious our local hospitals are suffering more than ever since Providence took over for Sister’s of Orange that have run St Joe’s and redwood for as look as I can recall.
    Long story short IF it is Not life threatening and you have the means get yourself to UCSF.
    I used Mad River ER this spring but might reconsider if I ever need care for none life threatening issues like a broken bone. I avoided St Joe’s on purpose and things went well enough for me but I’d still consider not going back to the ER there again either.
    Too bad the article about a bad highway accident tolls into a discussion about how bad the medical care on the North Coast is these days. It’s not just in the hospitals either. A lot of the clinics are struggling to recruit new decent doctors to our area.

    • Crap. I went to St Joe’s in Fortuna a couple times and they were good. So sad to hear this… I wonder if Willits is better?

      • I know Ukiah hospital is. My husband had same day surgery there and was healed and back to work weeks before the date he could have gotten in to the specialist here in Eureka. The staff in Ukiah was amazing! Very attentive and NOT short staffed! The facilities are newer and very pleasant.

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