Convoy Headed Up Alderpoint Road Monday Morning

End of a convoy

A convoy exits 101 onto Redwood Drive. [Photo by a reader]

A little before 10:30 a.m., a convoy of law enforcement vehicles exited Hwy 101 and eventually turned onto Alderpoint Road. One person reported seeing “10-15 trucks with a chipper.”

Another said there were about a dozen. He added that they appear to be Humboldt County Sheriff vehicles as well as vehicles from the Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as “a couple other unidentified vehicles.”



  • Carpoolers have more fun.

  • Elric of Melniboné

    They said this was going to happen.

  • pimper gotta pimp,
    chipper gotta chip

    wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka

  • So where to this time? Rancho again?

  • Didn’t know you could get to tooby ranch from the alderpoint rd. Wher you from????

  • Destroying our economy and sending our recourses and finance’s to corporations in the city,and government in Sacramento. Some of these supervisors are ruining the very thing we’re paying and elected them to protect. OUR lIves,our communitys,our county

    • Let’s see. We should be paying our supervisors to protect 5000 plant out of state greenrushers with their enviromental damage who sell their weed out of state which is where all the money they make goes. They don’t even fricking bother to get California plates on their grow dozers to help pay for the roads they are trashing. Get real.

  • Another great day for a bust!!!!

    Loving it.

  • Yes you can. Your NOT local.

    • Can’t say I’ve ever seen a Tooby Ranch rd up there. Not that I’m actually looking for it. But please tell us if there’s a road sign I’ve missed? But we all up here know what happens to road signs lol.

  • There is most definitely a tooby ranch road off of ap rd.

  • Tooby ranch road is between Mahan Rd and Dyerville Rd, on the right as your going up hill.

  • On the documentary Murder Mountain Sheriff Honsel was crying the blues about not having enough resources to investigate all the missing person cases in Humboldt. Doesn’t seem to be any problem staffing convoys three times a week. Priorities.

    • There is no money in finding missing or deceased persons. Issue 10s of thousands in fines and the boys can have a party, with cupcakes.

    • Missing persons don’t have a safe for them to plunder

    • And if the deputies were out in the woods every day looking for missing persons you would complain that they weren’t in town busting meth heads. Or catching thieves. What would you propose, the Sheriff’s dept search every square inch of Humboldt in the off chance they would find someone?
      There are 15,000 illegal grows in Humboldt, they aren’t going to eradicate themselves.

      • Most of the illegal grows will eradicate themselves economically in the next year or two. The sheriff’s office is just cashing in early.

  • humboldt poor humboldt. Everyone is gonna be growing elsewhere selling it to there buyers who used to come here elsewhere. Welcome to the stupidest political party with cupcakes ever! People can talk about how good this is. We will see when HUMBOLDT is gangsters and heroin addicts..oh an don’t stop an mention honeydew creek farms owing people million dollars an rex bohn speeded up his process for permits. I love this wreck that’s happening I cannot wait till after summer to see all the buyers elsewhere and legal guys sellin it at 600$ minus the tax😊

    • What are you talking about? You obviously don’t grow or have an inside track on what is happening.

    • It’s already full of gangsters heroin and meth addicts. There is a reason it was ranked second most deadly county/ city (Eureka) right behind Oakland. It’s turned into a shit hole because of weed.

      • Alt right the turd reich

        LMAO eureka isn’t even close to how dangerous Oakland or any major city. [edit]

        • Yeah funny how there’s a murder every week. Check out the counties around you, far from. Born and raised in this nut fuk, but would never raise my family here. Good luck when you drive the streets and all you see is for sale on the Windows. Oh wait it’s already starting to display that way.

        • Yeah you are right it moved to number seven this year( Google deadliest cities.) definitely something to be proud of. All morons unite against violence. Alt right the turd America.

      • Eureka is the most dangerous city if you are a car window or a padlock.

  • “Convoy.” “Cab over Pete with a reefer on and a Kenworth haulin’ hog!”

    What a great song……..

    • Deserves a parody. Somebody talented please take it and make it topical and interweave several different convoys:
      a chipper & enforcement convoy like the one from today’s news,
      a convoy of fire crews like is totally common to see, and redux on foot, cutting literal fire lines,
      a convoy of growers, moving their product down the line,
      a convoy of prisoners in buses with escort, on their way to Pelican Bay,
      a convoy of incoming buyers, hippies from the Bay Area singing duets with Siri or Alexis AI voices…

  • We should all go to the meeting in eureka tomorrow and we the people should abate estelle fennel and rex bone out of there positions of power over us. Supposed to be for us not over us

  • Eureka has turned into a shithole because of meth and heroin.lived here 41 years Evan in the 80s early 90s that town was so methed out.there was way less weed around then.after weeds legal for awhile and our economy has turned to shit and all the other buissnesses that depend on the weed money to come out of the hills have gone under do you really think it’s gonna get nicer in What a joke

    • There has always been less pot in Humbolt compared to now because we said come here from all parts of the world and you will prosper by blowing up small mega grows, large mega grows or just a massive mega grow. Meth( biker meth) was here, very little heroin, now the blue meth from below the wall has taken over this communit.

  • Does anyone know if any “abated” folks have actually paid a fine?

    • my understanding is that the ‘fine’ amounts are being added to the property’s tax assessment. it is not a typical judge issued fine. i could be wrong.

    • According to Planning Dept head Ford, they have collected over 1.4 million in fines as of a couple of weeks ago. People pay them directly, they are not added to the tax bill. The Measure S tax is added to the property tax bill

  • This ‘mocumentary’ that FUSE channel put together on Humboldt is a glossy, sensationalized hype of the canibus industry. It started with showing the beauty of the area and turned dark quick. As for the SD guy that went missing, he was a punk trying to make a quick buck, raping the resources and disrespecting the locals. Look for trouble, it’ll find you.. Lumping Alderpoint and Rancho together is bullshit.. I grew up there. Two separate sets of people(no Bulges)that are still good folks and care about each other and the town. Unfortunately, the area keeps going further down the rabbit hole with all the derelicts that are there who roam the streets, stealing shit and disrespecting the environment. This negative spotlight on Humboldt isn’t doing it any favors and will just show government and reinforce the efforts of law enforcement to clean it up. Way LONG overdue..

    • You are so right, but we know that the people that put these shows together aren’t from here and have no clue. A Netflix crew has been here off and on for months. They have actors acting out a lot of their content, not locals. I can’t wait to see how they demonized Southern Humboldt as if we are all a bunch of drug crazed criminal dope growing maniacs, every last one of us.

  • Permits are a scam! The facts are that very few get permits. And the BOS knows it! It’s dirty politics as usual. That’s why the BOS paid the sheriff $ to add deputies to this Marijuana crew. Deputies that are now NOT working regular patrol. So the sheriff gets money from the BOS then the county gets money from the fines(Big money) and they want more money in measure z or O, cause they don’t have enough deputies Or $$$ ?!!
    But hey, all you guys that hate weed and the weed growing industry get a regular photo op from the media loving sheriff showing all the weed getting cut down!
    The thing I’ve failed to see is ANYONE going to jail for it! Lol!!!
    Nope it’s simply a message that if you don’t have a permit, you don’t have any plans. In other words, “pay up the man from your ability to make money or we take your ability to make ANY money at all.”

  • 10-4 that, and keep the bugs off your bumper, and the bears off your tail. 10-7 on the side, and OUT!!!!!

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