Coast Guard Medevacs 93-Year-Old Woman from Cruise Ship Near Shelter Cove

This is a press release from the United States Coast Guard:

MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. —  The Coast Guard medevaced a 93-year-old Austrailian National from a cruise ship approximately 20 miles west of Shelter Cove, Friday evening.

Cruise ship Island Princess crewmembers contacted Coast Guard Sector San Francisco watchstanders at approximately 5 p.m., requesting assistance for a female passenger requiring immediate medical treatment.

Sector San Francisco watchstanders transferred the case to Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay due to the cruise ship’s location. Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay launched an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew to assist the woman.

Once on scene, the Dolphin crew lowered a rescue swimmer who assisted with hoisting the woman into the helicopter from the cruise ship deck.

The helicopter crew arrived at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka at approximately 8 p.m., and transferred the woman to awaiting medical personnel.

The woman’s condition is unknown at this time.

“When people go out on the water, things don’t always go according to plan,” said Lt. Thomas Cogley, the pilot who flew on this case – his first search and rescue case. “That’s why we continually train for situations like these. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better crew to execute this mission.”



  • Love our boys! Good job as usual!

  • the description of events here do not make much sense. did she fall into the ocean? why 3hrs between call and arrival at st joes?

    • The times give are approximate. Factor in time to get crew in flight, travel time to and from ship, time to assess patient and prep for transport. No indication she fell in ocean in article. Rescue swimmers usually are charged with the rescue, assessment, and rendering of medical aid to persons in distress in the sea. Likely other circumstances not covered in article.

    • I doubt very much that a 93-yr-old would survive the fall from a cruise ship into the ocean. More likely age-related health problems.

      And IMO, the response times are quite fast if the call was made at 5pm, then the Coasties transferred the call from SF to McKinleyville, then McK prepped & scrambled the heli, then flew 20 miles PAST Shelter Cove, located the boat, then hoisted the 93-yr-old up off the boat, then flew back to Eureka and landed by 8pm.

      Bravo, Coast Guard! Great work, as usual.

      (This story does make me wonder if the cruise ships have adequate medical staff/facilities on board… never been on one so I wouldn’t know.)

  • So Trump wants to reduce their budget by 25 mil. to incarcerate little brown ones at the border.
    Makes perfectly good sense!

    • He did when starting the budget draft early last year, along with cutting budgets almost everywhere but changed his mind after hearing from the coast guard. Right now, as far as I’ve heard, it equal to Obama’s last budget.

  • There won’t be any sea ice if magot guy trump gets his way

  • We need SPACE FORSE
    To the rescue

    • And we need advanced cyber security. Cyber warfare is the norm now and the Russians are kicking our butt. I guess we can’t expect the President they elected to do much about it though. And the lowest form of life on the planet, Republicans, won’t do anything except spend as much money as they can while they can and try to blame it on the Democrats the next time around. At least the rich are protected.

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