Multiple Vehicles Burglarized Early Today

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficeThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating multiple vehicle burglaries that occurred on Saturday, September 22, 2018 in the Cutten area between the hours of midnight and 6:00 am. A total of seven (7) vehicles were reported to be burglarized on Sundial Ct, Excelsior Rd, Walnut Dr, and Primrose Ave. HCSO would like to remind the community to remove their personal belongings from their vehicles including extra keys, garage door openers, anything of monetary or personal value, and lock their doors. Anyone with information or possible surveillance footage during the above times is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity at the Sheriff’s Office business line at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Get a good security camera system, folks. We’ve busted two tweaker/thieves with ours so far.

    • We would like to remind the HCSO that they have a job, and please do it. More patrols, organizing citizen watches, and hire more deputies. The property taxes alone should take care of this. How about stop and frisk? Take their drugs and money and phone, and send them to the unemployment office to get a real job. Since our greatest president ever has brought the economy to new highs, there are lots of new jobs and openings. We wonder what the candidates for mayor say about these things, do they have a plan to change this? Are they bringing in new companies, some manufacturing jobs? More jobs and opportunities mean less crime. [edit]

      • Oh yeah, these young movers and shakers will be lining up for some legit work once the opportunity arises–
        just haven’t been given a fair deal, right? [edit]

        • This symbol has nothing to do with Trump, and if I cant call Obama and his elites monkeys, you shouldn’t be putting up swastikas. Pull your head out, and once you leave this area and check out all the accomplishments he has opened up for people, you may have a different outlook. 1800 businesses are started by women each week, more jobs than people, 4.5 million new jobs, and freedom for all. And yes, as soon as you present an economic opportunity to most people, a job, they change. I have seen it many times first hand. We had job training for welfare people, they saw what they could accomplish, would get off food stamps, and become drug free to get their commercial license. Some went on to operate equipment for mines and road depts. But none that I know of went back to a druggie life.
          The real gestapo is Hitlery, Bill, Pelosi, Feinstein, Swalwell, Brown, Booker, and lead monkey, Kamala harris, who takes nazi to a new level. This shithole state is the result of democrats failing their constituents, we are paying one dollar more for gas than the rest of the country, and we get nothing for it. Just drive out into Alderpoint, and you will see. Property taxes are insane, we get nothing for them. Also, I saw a bumper sticker on a dark green ford van in Fortuna, it said to join the new democrat party, and it had a swastika infused in it. That little group is the enemy, you must be a part of them.

          • Stuber, you say ” freedom for all” while kissing up.

            But earlier you suggest a “stop and frisk” concept.

            I suggest you find some consistency in your political ideas.

            Trump was a Democrat. He is a liar. He is an asshole. He is stoking fear and anger.

            How a patriot thinks that is good for the US, I still dont understand.

            • Fear and anger? He just made a deal with Mexico for a better trade deal, and he, Trump, negotiated for Mexican workers to get $16 per hour, much better than they had on NAFTA. The economies of Hispanics, Blacks, and other minorities in this country has risen a lot. How is that divisive? When asked by the press about how it was going with Trump, the Black Freedom caucus told them, “he is working with us, he is helping us.” At his direction, there are small companies and businesses going into poor areas with jobs, as well as work training programs. Stop and frisk works, ask a New Yorker, as crime there has gone way down because of it. No kissing up, I want freedom, which means that Maxine Waters calling on fellow Democrats to confront me and throw me out of a gas station or place to eat is not freedom, it is divisive and dangerous. Trump, a republican, wants us all to work together, and include everyone, Maxine, a democrat, wants to divide us, and throw us out.
              If you are a bigot, on either side, Antifa or KKK, or any other kind of so called superior person, you still have to play by the rules. So, if you, as Mr. or Ms. superior, go into a place of business, Burger King, NAPA, Bank, anywhere, and there is a line, you have to be at the back until it moves up and it is your turn. No matter how superior you think you are. No matter who is in line in front of you, any color, sex preference, appearance, what ever, and you consider yourself superior to them, you still have to wait your turn. So what has all that hate and violence got you? Back of the line dude, and wait your turn, because in line, we are all equal. While waiting for our burger or spark plugs, we are all equal.

              • Tucker, is that you?


                I mean your so full of talking points…

                But still, stop and frisk aint freedom, ask a New Yorker.

                If New York is free to you I would put $ that you aint been b4, and especially not after 9/11.

                “Is it so hard to say Nazis are bad?”- obama

                I didnt vote for Obama but i agree with him there.

                David duke bud, David Duke. Thats what your inviting into your party. Good luck with it

              • Yeah Yeah, Whatever

                Weird, he negotiated $16.00/hr for workers in Mexico, and yet Federal Minimum wage in the US is only $7.25…but I’m sure he’s totally going to get on that…probably those pesky Democrats getting in his way. Man, if only the House and Senate had a Republican majority…I bet they’d get a WHOLE lot more done to help American workers…

          • Secondly;

            Equating trump into a Swastika is entirely normal.
            He was endorsed by David Duke, remember?

            And Trump could not condemn the new american nazi, i mean alt-right, fucks that killed a woman and injured others by driving into a crowd. “Good people on both sides”, remember?


          • Please pause and consider before posting any further. This is not civil discussion. If needed, I will put you all on moderation.

        • Mr Richards –

          You are entitled to your political opinions, whether I happen to agree with them OR whether this is the appropriate venue for airing those opinions, or not. You are still entitled to your opinions.

          However, I feel that I REALLY shouldn’t have to look at swastikas when I am reading the local news.

          It is truly inappropriate, and the image certainly undermines my opinion of your position and its merits.

          • What is really ugly is that so few people generate so much hate with so little cause. There have been awful times- world wars, terrorist attacks, depressions, malfeasance, recessions, riots, etc. What will be these people’s recourse when some truly awful happens? They have made all the extreme statements, calls to violence, foul language routine over what they should have understood was not anywhere near those levels. Deluded toddler temper tantrums. All mouth and no thinking.

      • True so true…..

  • But there non violent crimes? It’s not there fault they have to steal shit and go unpunished to feed there unpunished drug habit! Isn’t California great people.

  • Folks need to get an extra large bug zapper.

  • Aggressive proactive hunting and catching them is required. No violence is required though people, I would be armed…

    Also, the counties cannot play their catch and release program, or we would be catching them to financially benefit our counties and they’ll be out in minutes….some, if not most are booked and released within 15 min. [edit]

    • Sick and tired of all the tweekers everywhere. We all have to bust our asses to get ahead in life and they just steal. Useless pieces of shit.

  • Don't yell at me I'm minding my own business

    HCSO needs to address their admonitions to the rip offs !! Stop every low-life scamp and remind them that folks have a right to possess personal property – like cars – and things of monetary value which may be in them undisturbed or molested or taken by anyone else. [edit]
    But no. Instead, the criminals are allowed to set the rules, and responsible people have to adjust their behavior! And lock everything up, hide all their hard earned crap and install surveillance equipment to combat the epidemic thievery and selfish crimes.

    Who taught these goofy tweakers to live by taking from others? [edit]

    Ah woe. The world is getting darker.

    • Don't yell at me I'm minding my own business


      A colt .45 suggestion remains un[edit]ed but a glib remark to remove the offending appendage gets blown up? Ouch! U so heavy handed on me today! A colt .45 will kill u ! I wasn’t suggesting anything near that drastic… Not out loud anyway… lol

      My other worthy suggestion – to go up the family tree and punish the perps peeps – is not outside the realm of possibilities realistically. People forget that parents ARE legally liable for the acts of their minor offspring.

      Ah woe. But in Humboldt accountability , and personal responsibility is sometimes lacking, and some parents successfully raise not good productive citizen’s, but addicted criminals. And then *everyone else* is expected to modify their behavior and just accept getting robbed as a likelihood.

      I don’t like it.

  • Does anybody think the crime and trespassing around here has gotten worse in the past few months?

    • Humboldt. “The Green Ghetto”. To answer your question Al. Yes. And it’s only gonna get worse…. loss of money = loss of business’s= loss of employment=desperation=depression = alcohol and drug use which turns to taking things that are not yours.

  • The petty crime has gotten worse in town lately. The police don’t or can’t do much. I think we need to do some creative things of our own. I heard of someone electrifying their car so if someone touches it they get a serious zap.. maybe you could leave a chainsaw in the back of the pickup and do something like that.. or the exploding amazon package on the steps of your house (you tube that) .. I can’t stand tweaker thieves.

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