Boys and Girls Soccer Roundup

Arcata’s Sarah Jensen, left, clears the ball while under pressure form Eureka’s Liza Crassweller during Saturday’s game.

Arcata’s Sarah Jensen, left, clears the ball while under pressure form Eureka’s Liza Crassweller during Saturday’s game. [Photo by Ray Hamill with Humboldt]

We’ve joined forces with Ray Hamill of to bring you local sports. We’ll be sharing a teaser and a link to his stories here for easy access. Click through to his site for the latest in local action but here’s a teaser about what’s up in soccer:

The two frontrunners in the Humboldt-Del Norte League each won in boys soccer on Saturday. The Fortuna Huskies, who are unbeaten in league play and atop the standings, scored four times in the second half to defeat South Fork 5-1, while Del Norte rolled over St. Bernard’s 15-0 in Crescent City.

And in girls soccer on Saturday, league leaders Eureka played at Arcata and defeated the Tigers 3-0 with some big help from their two center backs…The Fortuna Huskies, however, remained right behind them with their fourth straight win, defeating South Fork 7-1 at Fortuna.

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  • Combine the teams, since there is no difference between the Jenders according to social equity experts.
    Men and women must be combined into a broad, wholesome nothing.
    Then, and only then, will sexism be aborted.. .
    The comparison of biological sex, to sociological gender is sportingly comical, and will soon reach the blatant stereotyping crescendo that Barbie and Ken did, in generations past.,
    Nothing about “social change” gaurentees that the benefactors of new adjusted norms don’t become just as dunced and predictable as the normies of previous eras.
    Therefore, always criticize and sabotage emerging trends, wether ideological or cultural, because when they become inevitably predominant.. they will become just as intolerant as the “dominant paridigm” they advertised to replace.
    So combine all the teams? Trans, female and male?( in order of importance, right liberals?)

    Give the activists the idiotic social order that they think is so liberatory.
    If women need to join the military, then they need to join boys soccer teams, etc..
    We need to implant wombs into men also.
    Everythings open.
    If I state to you that I’m a woman, then you must submit that I am..
    Never mind my anatomy.

    • Hi Canyon Oak. Wow, so….what you’re saying is…..wait…what are you saying? These kids work hard to train and compete, there are plenty of co-ed teams in our small districts by necessity. The games are a lot of fun to come out and watch, you should get out more often.

  • The ole oak must have a family of wood peckers working on it

  • Understood.
    I intended my animus not at small rural districts making ends meet, but at the bogus social reality these unsuspecting kids are soon to be entering.
    Myself, Always the master of tangents, was piqued by the title of the article..
    After all, some Factions in our culture are trying to tell us that binary “ gender” is antique and irrelevant.
    How these kids come to be born is anybody’s guess, nobody seems to know.
    Forgive me, I’m not rippin on the kids, I’m rippin on the culture. And no, I don’t think “coed” is a good idea across the board, weather on the field, on the hill or in the board room. Separateness is important for appreciation, and coed work environments may be a major reason why the epidemic of workplace sexual harassment has manifested over the last 3 generations. thanks Martian feminists, thanks male chauvinist pigs.
    Well hey thanks NIMBY for the invite, but I can’t make those games. I do try to attend local games in my small community to support the kids and the town, so same affect hopefully.
    I wish them the best

  • Your aim wasn’t vary
    Good. You almost hit
    One of those kids with
    Your mouth running
    A million MPH but hopefully the kids are to young to hear about your BS Caution children at play!!!

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