Missing Man Sought by Worried Family, $1000 Reward

UPDATE: Mark’s mother sent in this photo and another photo of him also.

Mark BurleighMark Burleigh



  • Not to be rude but those pictures are not good examples of what he normally looks like , way to cleaned up. If he’s out on another long drug binge he doesn’t look anything like those.

  • Is this the same guy, from yesterday. Man missing , last seen at Bellsprings rd.?

  • Is this the same guy… caught him trespassing in redway.. he is alive and drugged our of his mind

  • I saw this guy cruising around on a bike during Cruz’n Eureka. The fourth picture is a better likeness of who I saw. I was at a booth on F most of the day so I had a good opportunity to watch people.

  • I’ve seen better rewards for lost dogs in Humboldt. Hilarious

  • Dam right. $1000.00 is a lot a money for most folks

  • B. T. W. How is chayton still alive.

  • I’m sure I will get a lot of flack for this comment but here it is anyways…..There are a few comments regarding the amount of reward money offered. Please understand that $1000.00 is a lot of money for some folks and that may be what they can offer. It is a shame that a reward would have to even be offered for info about someone’s loved one. Regardless of this man’s life style. That info should be free. I realize that this is the society that we live in.

    I do not live in Humboldt county but close by and like to keep up on the news. I often see very rude and often times hurtful comments regarding missing people or those who have been murdered etc. I would like to remind people that these people are or were someone’s brother, sister,baby or grandbaby. At some point they were loved by someone and that person is hurting for the lost.

    I work with at risk youth and I hear comments all the time how this one’s a druggy or this one is no good, or even worse disgusting comments etc. At some point in their life something has happened to change them.

    When babies are born they don’t pop out and make the decision to be drug dealers, murders, homeless, rapist or thief’s. Something changes…whether it be in their brain chemistry or life.

    Moral of the story is that there is already enough hate in this world. Please do not add more by degrading this man’s family because of the lack of reward money. Remember that we have no idea of what shoes or how far someone has walked or the reasons they have taken the path they have. We are not judge, jury and executioner. I do not have sympathy for the people who choose the criminal life but I do have empathy for them and there families. I’m a firm believer that we choose the path we walk down..some are weaker than others and stray to far and lose the light at the end of the tunnel. Please be safe in our crazy world.

  • Well said lady guest 😉
    No matter what his faults are I hope he is found for his family!

  • I Couldnt say it better lady guest….
    Thank you

  • Ive heard he has family in idaho maybe thats helpful i hope hes okay

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