Labor Council Reluctantly Endorses Measure O

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At the September general membership meeting the Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor Council (CLC) delegates reluctantly endorsed a “Yes” vote on Measure O after significant internal discussion. Measure O would replace the expiring Measure Z Funds, and once voted in, would not expire unless by a county wide vote. The distribution of the funds are determined by the Board of Supervisors annually following recommendations from a committee appointed by the same board.

“We are opposed to regressive taxation and its effects on the least fortunate and underemployed. However, we also understand the immediate and substantial impacts to essential services that the citizens of the county at-large would face if Measure O is not passed,” said President Mike Hetticher. “We are committed in the interim to working towards an eventual replacement for this essential funding that will not impact those who can afford it the least.”

Delegate concerns also centered around the formation of the committee and where the funds are used. “We are constantly being told that the funds go to the general fund, and hence only a simple majority is needed to pass the Measure, but the committee and funding is dominated by law enforcement,” said Secretary-Treasurer John Frahm. “In fact, most of the arguments in favor, and the supporters of Measure O, are from law enforcement. We just believe that if the Tax is supposed to be for the general fund, than a much more diverse committee and disbursement are in order.”



  • Vote no!!! It’s a joke even local volunteer fire depts think we should vote no!! The money goes to many different entities not just public safety as it was sold to us as.

    • Telegraph Ridge Fire Company Volunteer

      Please don’t pretend to speak for the local volunteer fire departments unless you are an active member of one.
      I am.
      Would you like our department to show up at your emergency in a slow, partly broken, thirty three year old engine, wearing worn out hand me down gear? That was our department before ‘Z’.
      Measure ‘Z’ has provided our department with new structure gear, new wild land gear, new, state of the art SCBA’s (breathing apparatus), and a modern engine. None of this would have been possible without funds from measure ‘Z’. Millions of dollars have been spent for better engines and gear for most of the poor rural Humboldt County Volunteer Fire Departments. We are all volunteers, nobody in our department gets paid. We serve our local communities, and hope you will support us by voting for
      measure ‘O’.
      I speak only for myself, but I have yet to meet a local volunteer fire fighter who doesn’t support continuing funding emergency services by passing measure ‘O’.

      • i think everyone agrees they should have better funding for firefighters but thats not the only thing associated with this bill. so if we vote no, remember it wasnt because we hate firefighters it was probably because of the other problems with the bill. please consider everything not just one aspect

      • I work alongside many who know and say this bill is POOP!

        You live in a rural area for a reason. When you choose that, you should not then expect an outfitted LAFD to show up when you have a problem.

        Furthermore, as citizens, you don’t get what you pay for. If that were true I would say we pay enough in taxes already to cover it. So you got some new turnouts and an engine to polish. Count it a win. But no, now you will need a ladder truck to service your community of 1500 people. And a new building to park it in?!

        It’s SAFE to say you favor the bill…in fact it is beneficial in government to say you favor it. But it is not safe for your career to say you’re against it.

  • remember people, when they passed measure Z the sheriff got a hefty raise. in fact he took the title of two jobs to get double pay (kinda like horrible bosses the movie). and that raise led to a huge retirement

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      They need to take back that raise, because the current unelected Sheriff is pretty much worthless apparently – and a liar!


      • vote NO on measure K .
        measure k stops law enforcement from deporting illegal aliens that commit crimes in our community. only those who commit crimes not all illegal aliens

      • A criminal who is an illegal is a burden to the county. So why not hand him over to the feds for processing to remove him? The cost is on them and he’s gone- a win/win.

        Measure K is one of those things that advocates for protecting all illegal foreign nationals from being returned home because it supposedly makes county residents feel noble, generous and tolerant. Does it matter to its advocates what harm those so protected do to the locals? Not a word for that is spared in this in the proposition. Almost its whole many page length is devoted to what is owed to illegals in order that they might trust us. Right, no two way street there. It says that no evidence should be provided to ICE by any law enforcement official then, having neither gathered nor acknowledged any evidence of wrong doing, this measure then goes on to say no one should be exposed to immigration officials because – tah tah- there is no evidence of wrong doing.

        Sheesh. If citizens were given the same protection, there would be no federal action on any crime at all. In the first place, it is not within the authority of the county to usurp Federal law on immigration. No exceptions, no quibble room on that. It is one of the few things in the Constitution which is most clearly defined as a Federal power. But what the hay. Feel good delusions are always more comforting than messy reality.

        • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

          You clearly have NOT read Measure K. Go read it. Seriously.

          # POSTPONE THE VOTE ⚖️‼️

          • you are wrong. this is a farce. they try to claim that criminals in our community doesnt cost us money but just holding criminals and calling ice cost too much

            “local law enforcement agencies continue detaining persons based on non-mandatory civil immigration detainers or cooperating and assisting with requests to notify ICE that a person will be released from local custody. It is not a wise and effective use of valuable County resources.”

            so what they are claiming is that the federal government doesnt pay them to hold and report illegal aliens that commit crimes even though it is a federal mandate. then they spin it and say that they are allowed “voluntary cooperation” because its not fair (guess what life is not fair). so to sum it up they are insinuating that if the federal government paid them they would do it but we know that is a lie

          • Did you know: Illegals were responsible for 48,000 assault offenses in 2017

            • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 💋🍄💋

              Did you know racists were responsible for a minimum of 70,000,000 murders during World War II? 💣💀

              # IMPEACH TRUMP🏌️‍♂️🇷🇺

              • 70,000,000? That’s a way lot of bullshit. Also, we teach the 3 clicks. Click 1, take a picture of an illegal. Click 2, send it to ICE, they have an app. Click 3, on go the hand cuffs. Teach the children well. They know there parents don’t have as much money as they should, because of such high taxes, given to illegals at 25$ billion a year. The 3 clicks eliminate the need for local law enforcement, ICE just picks the illegals up right there on the street. Seems to work fine. Q 17

      • Tall drink of lube

        While I agree the sheriff is a liar, at least he is a tall handsome liar that tries to make you feel better about the screwing he is giving you!

        But I cannot vote yes for Measure K … it’s ludacris.

    • That was after he said he was not going after the raise. Downey was a lazy piece of crap. He was not even the one that did the work.

    • THE Sheriff, only one elected, got that raise. Not the deputies.

      None the less, measure Z was a joke, and measure O is no different.

  • It would be helpful to get a list of who got money for what. Is there any such public record?

    • yes see below. but i must say it is not specific, you have to do your own homework sorry. like for example i would like to know exactly how much they spent on those little solar signs that tell you how fast you are driving and how many they bought but i cant find that info

  • However, we also understand the immediate and substantial impacts to essential services that the citizens of the county at-large would face if Measure O is not passed,”

    and he thinks he can stop right there? Mr. Hetticher why dont you make an exact list of things so people can rally behind you instead of just that vague statement. and yes you can look at a vague list on the humboldt county website but that list is also very vague.

    • This link has a lot more detail on the projects funded, with quarterly reports and contracts going back four years. Seems pretty detailed to me.

      • i would like details like how much certain things cost. like say they patched a piece of road and they put up a huge sign to say it was paid for by measure Z well i would like to know how much the road patch cost and how much the sign cost too but i understand that would require a very big list, but still

  • Corrupt supervisors and dirty sheriffs giving themselves raises, permits to there partners,children on the backs of the 99% that there isnt this looking great.too bad they had too mix in firefighting money and other REAL services for the people with this smokescreen. Vote no because look at the people that are delegating wher the moneys headed.

  • Probably goes to hiring more permit processers and consultants in the name of public safety

  • Isn’t Measure O based on the only Constitutional way of raising taxes, via volunteer tax via sales tax?
    All other taxes are unconstitutional because they’re forced.
    All regulations that forbid a person from a livlihood that frees them to support their communities via sales taxes is the first part of ‘create a crisis (joblessness and high taxes) then offer a solution (depend on govt for all your half-assed needs).

    I’m for the measure O, but I fail to see it doing much good until the people take their power back.

    Having to give up your car is next. Check out the globalism plan that the city is calling their own creation. rolling eyes. No cars, no escaping the increasing govt controlled rents.
    How many politicians have grown filthy rich due to the property involvements of their spouses?

    Live free or die enslaved.

  • Not surprising,
    The progressive (far left) Central Labor Council supports candidates that OPPOSE any long term good paying family sustaining jobs that would be created by harbor development, infrastructure improvements( rail, highway widening) manufacturing, or industry. Instead they support candidates that prioritize social engineering, tourism, bike and water trails, housing the homeless, and beautifying our town. Eureka is becoming a bum magnet, and the word is already spreading to would be tourists about the break-ins and crime in our area. The majority of members on the Central Labor are public employees so it makes sense to tax the rest of us peons, kinda like fleecing the sheep. The labor councils used to represent middle class working men and women, but now they are more of a rubber stamp for the local progressive Democratic Central Committee.

    • so lets sum this up. the far left as you call it, which progressives are not, are against a tax measure and the far right, which I assume is you, is for a tax measure that will only end if we all repeal it. but the far right is currently trying to repeal the gas tax which is for infrastructure improvements. times sure have changed.

      • The extra gas tax to pay for the infrastructure that the original tax hikes were supposed to do but barely did. Of course there are individuals and groups against that same old same old rip off nonsense.

        The progressives want full control of every individual’s life.
        The rest of us want full control of our own lives.

        The #walkaway campaign, the Trump rallies, the Q-phenomenon, & all other heavily censored by the progressives, prove that MOST individuals prefer individual choices which the Constitution secures.

        • everyone has a different angle based on their level of knowledge.

          • Or they simple don’t agree with interpretations that someone tries to force on them.

          • The Constitution secures the rights of each individual to believe what they will as long as they don’t force their beliefs on others with no way of escape.

            • No it doesn’t. It lists what powers the Federal government has and what the States have then leaves the rest to the people to decide if they turn over their powers to the States or retain it.

              That is the direct opposite of your vision of the right to do what you want as a sovereign individual as you can’t usurp the Federal or State powers with impunity no matter how you massage interpretation.

              • I do believe that would be considered forcing your beliefs upon others, which leaves my assessment in the correct and yours in more of a twist.

              • For those who are confused, it helps to understand the difference between
                A. Principles (code of conduct, which here in the USA can be summed up in the 10 commandments. No embezzling, murdering, robbing, kidnapping, forcing others, etc).
                B. Beliefs (each individual has control of their own belief system, from religion to UFO’s).

                The Constitution is based on Principles. These principles allow freedom to believe whatever you wish to believe as long as you don’t assault or use force against another.

                The line between Principles v Beliefs can sometimes become blurred, but is easy to identify once the definition of Principle and the definition of Belief is understood.

                Principle: Nobody has the right to force others to believe what they don’t find believable. We are free, through principles, to believe as we wish, but we are not free to force others to believe what we wish them to believe.

  • The general fund has increased significantly with all the taxes and and fees collected from the commercial cannabis permitting process. The public is already concerned about the misallocation of funds and the corruption within our BOS and Planning Dept. as well as the sheriff’s dept. with the sheriff receiving a big raise and holding two positions as coroner and sheriff. If one looks at the budget for the Commercial Marijuana Land Use Ordinance and compares it to Measure O, you will find that the sheriff’s dept. is receiving an absurd amount of dinero. Don’t give them more money, make them spend it better. Our county government has more than enough, don’t let them use scare tactics to convince you they don’t have enough cash, our county governments pockets are fatter than ever and its all our money! We already have one of the highest sales tax rates in California. California has more taxes than any other state in the country. California also has the most overbearing and inefficient government in the country, from the state all the way down to our local offices. Make them spend the money that they already have better and quit voting us into poverty!!

    • well said, the only thing i would like to add is there is also no sunset on this bill and everybody knows that once you give a tax increase to the government they wont let us vote it out. (if you dont believe me look into how to get a bill on the ballot p.s. no matter how you write it up “they” get to change the wording before it goes to the ballot)

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Thats the biggest problem with the bill. Sunset dates are good because they force the gov’t to be better stewards of the publics’ money and HELPS to keep everyone honest. The fact that a bill will be voted on to reinstate it every 4 years is a good thing that helps safeguard everyone’s interests and funds.

        • Yes I agree. The only question is whether, if the measure is rejected, there would be a new one created, with a sunset clause, by the 2020 end of the current funding. If that were done, it would be better than voting for Measure O as it stands.

          It is almost inevitable that without an automatic review by the voters, county officials would be uniformly using the funds for things not under the guidelines as they felt the need. A few years down the road it would be just the same as before Measure Z- the county would suck up all the money to direct as they wanted and those getting funding now would go back to begging. Heck, even with a review they stretched the definitions of safety to use Measure Z money to pay for what should have come from general budget anyway. Without a review, they would cease to care at all.

          • you better believe that if O gets voted no they are going to write a new one to ask for more taxes, i mean hell it worked once why would they give up so easy.

  • Nice play who orchestrated this measure “once voted in, would not expire unless by a county wide vote.” Measure O, like oh shit measure Z money expires!! Measure O, we used a circle cause it looks like a bottomless pit. Measure O cause that is what the end of year balance will be after we waste millions of tax dollars.

  • Thanks Mr Madrone(supervisor) for calling in and talking to us in southern Humboldt this morning on thank ja it’s Friday you give the locals of our district some hope.wish our representative did the same.good vibes and good carma too you man!!!!!!

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Whatever happened to a Dale Mensing? Did he fall all the way off of that Alex Pizzagate Jones Agenda 21 conspiracy cliff? 🍕🍕🍕🤪🤣🍕🍕🍕👾👽🛸

  • Democrats never met a tax they didn’t like.

    • What I hate most about the Democrats is when they legislate petty tyrannies as their solution to social issues. They screw up people’s lives with regulations that have more problems than they are trying to solve and then, dammit, their solution to the more problems is more legislation and more problems.

      The current political blame and victim game is going to kill us all.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🏌️‍♂️🇷🇺💰

        “Petty tyrannies as their solution to social issues”?

        Sounds like the Republican Party! 🐘

        P.S. – Aunt Lydia is a Trumptastrophe.

  • Nnnnnnoooooooooo. Nnnnnnoooooooooo nnnnnnoooooooooo nnnnnnoooooooooo nnnnnnoooooooooo nnnnnnoooooooooo nnnnnnoooooooooo. On ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Tax us to rob us!!!!!!!

  • In my 1911 I trust

    The sad thing about our system is that no law is up for judicial review unless someone takes the gov’t to court on that law and refuses to settle until the judge makes a ruling on it. The government has done a good job of making that process extremely expensive and time consuming, even though the 4th and 8th Amendments are supposed to protect us from this very thing. If someone were to challenge that process on the basis that it violates those two Amendments, they would have to spend an absurd amount of money and time. Its a very cyclical system, around and around we go….

    • That;s why it’s so important to know our jury duties.
      It’s also why it’s important to ask the GJ to investigate all judges who do not allow their juries to judge the case/law in question. Judge duties do not include threatening the jury with what to judge, like they’ve been doing.

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