Humboldt County Library’s McKinleyville Branch Offering Free ‘Overdrive Program’ Classes

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Library:

The McKinleyville branch of the Humboldt County Library is offering free classes in order to teach patrons how to use the Overdrive program.

   Overdrive is a program for computers or mobile devices that allows users to access a large collection of e-books and audiobooks straight from your device, and is free to all patrons with a library card.

   Sessions are available as one-on-one, or in a small group of five or fewer people. The class will only be offered in the McKinleyville branch. Thirty minute training sessions will be available most afternoons — for more information, or to register, call 707-839-4459 or email

    All events are free to attend. The library’s programs and services are accessible to persons with disabilities; please let us know if you require assistance. The McKinleyville branch of the Humboldt County Library is located at 1606 Pickett Rd. in McKinleyville. For further information, call 707-839-4459 or visit our website at



  • E-books, audiobooks, kindle. I don’t like any of that stuff. Okay, maybe audiobooks are acceptable, as they’ve been around for decades, in the form of books-on-cassette, and have always helped the visually impaired. But my point is that I don’t like where all of this technology is taking us. One day there won’t be any more real books, or if there are, they’ll crumble into clouds of fine dust when we pick them up, like in H.G. Wells’ Time Machine. No books, no independent thinking, period. Books should not, cannot, be replaced. Full disclosure: I’m a great admirer of the works of John Zerzan and Theodore Kaczinsky, and voted for the Unabomber in the 1996 presidential elections.

  • I was stunned to walk into the HSU library first floor recently and see nothing but a sea of computer screens. There were still books when I attended fifteen years ago. I pity today’s youth, chained to their technologies, slaves to the machine. They risk losing the “esteem” of their peers if they refuse to carry a cell phone like an extra appendage. Of course, these peers are brainwashed by Facebook and such, with minds made of mush. Thank you, parents. Myself, I read several books a week.

    More on topic, I walked into the Macktown library for the first time ever and laughed. Smallest excuse for a library I have ever seen. More like a computer tech’s closet with a few old books left over just for show. And hidden in the back with no sign to announce it, a room dedicted to wireless. Patrons were busy wasting precious minutes and hours of their lives perusing the same useless “content” their children watch on cell phones.

    John Zerzan was fine for a start, but he has fled anti-civ for being a radio star. His latest book is simply a rehash. He is the Harlan Ellison of anarchists, reprinting the same writing over and over again, rewriting the same hits from decades past. He and mad Ted play to the same disgruntled college student audience. The same young hypocrites who use cell phones and drive cars while the world descends into technophelia. A reel anti-civ warrior would be blowing up civilization and watching wild grass grow in its place ….

    • Jonah, thanks for the input. Now I know that I’ve (sort of) opened up a dialog, even though it looks as if it didn’t progress beyond this point. I myself finally broke down and got a cell phone a few years back, after pay phones ceased to exist. And, of course, I’m using this insidious technology as I key these very words in here. However, I don’t have a car, and get around on public transportation. And when I’m on the bus, you better believe that I’m not diddling around with my phone, like everybody else, but am reading a book while phone stays in my pocket.

  • I love using Overdrive! I’m 60 and the App is super easy to use. You only need a library card and thousands of books are available to your smart phone for free. I frequently drive long distances, so the audiobooks really keep me going. Choosing books is easy through the Advanced Search and a brief description opens for each book if you want it. Definitely cool!

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