Sunday Afternoon with the ‘Pioneers of Pot’

This is a press release from the Kelley House Museum:

Brian Applegarth and Pebbles Trippet

Sunday Afternoon with the ‘Pioneers of Pot’ by Anne Cooper

Medical cannabis patient-defendant turned litigant Pebbles Trippet will be joined by cannatourism company owner and cannabis heritage expert Brian Applegarth September 23 at Mendocino’s Kelley House Museum, from 4 to 5:00 p.m. “Sunday Afternoon With Pioneers of Pot” will trace the history of cannabis, its roles, and those who trailblazed what is estimated to be an $8.5 Billion dollar economy in California alone.

Pebbles Trippet grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she began her lifelong activism at the age of 17, helping to integrate public restaurant lunch counters with the local chapter of the NAACP. From there, Pebbles kept on working to change the world by educating herself, attending rallies, debates and the first national peace march in Washington D.C., with Students for a Democratic Society, in 1965. For the next seven years, Pebbles’ commitment to social justice took her all over the country, to New York City, Boston and back to Oklahoma to form an anti-war committee. 1970 found Pebbles moving to Mendocino as part of the back to the land movement. She then joined the California Marijuana Initiative as a petitioner and organizer. Pebbles moved to San Francisco in 1974, where the work to achieve some measure of legal status for the medical use of marijuana continued. She made it all the way to the United States Supreme Court on a Cert petition as part of the appeal process in her various prosecutions. People v. Trippet was heard by the California Court of Appeals in 1997, retroactively after the 1996 passage of the Compassionate Use Act, California’s Proposition 215. Her victory resulted in the “implicit right” to transport marijuana for medical purposes and a quantity standard determining the allowable amount. Pebbles’ knowledge of the laws relating to cannabis is vast and personal. Upon returning to Mendocino and residing in Elk, Pebbles has gained recognition for her efforts. She co-founded Medical Marijuana Patients Union in 2000, and received the first Lifetime Achievement Award from both the Emerald Cup in 2003 and Women Grow of Mendocino in 2016. Since 2013, she has been a contributing editor and “Tokin’ Female” columnist for Skunk Magazine. She delivered the keynote speech at the 2017 Mendocino Cannabis Resource Conference. At the end of last year, NBC’s “Bay Area Revelations: Cannabis Rush” profiled her key role in medical marijuana litigation.

Guerneville resident Brian Applegarth has a passion for northern California cannabis culture and history. In 2015 he launched The Cannabis Trail, a non-profit dedicated to preserving and celebrating northern California’s cannabis heritage. He also established the cannabis tourism company Emerald Country Tours and, in 2017, the California Cannabis Tourism Association. He has collaborated with Pebbles Trippet to create graphics relating some of the cannabis heritage of California’s North Coast and the Emerald Triangle. He earned a BA in International Relations from UC Irvine.

The presentation is part of the ongoing “Sunday Afternoon With . . .” speakers’ series and is presented in tandem with the autumn museum exhibit, “Outlaws of the 20th Century: Rum Runner and Pot Farmers,” which runs through November 12, 2018. Seating for “Pioneers of Pot” is limited, so please arrive when the doors open at 3:30 p.m. to assure your place. The Kelley House Museum is located at 45007 Albion Street, at Lansing, in Mendocino. Cost for museum members is $5 and for non-members $7. For more information, please visit or call 707-937-5791.



  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    OH Brother!

    The “pioneers” of the current and future mess in Humboldt… Whew!

    Went to the “Assisted Living” where my mother lives, yesterday. The Director of the facility and I had a conversation, and Marijuana came up, since every doctor now wants to give pot for “pain control”…

    I told her, as I do everyone, that weed needs study, and that it is no panacea.

    No substance is less understood, or, probably of less value, than cannabis! Many many substances purported to be “medicines”, have no value, and many of them are harmful.

    Cannabis is slated to become one of the biggest public health problems in history. Just look what pot farming has done to your beautiful county!

    I certainly hope that, at some time in the future, human beings will escape from the trap of intoxication, but I certainly expect things to get much worse first, and prescribing Marijuana for old ladies could be the first step!

    Cannabis Tourism is about the most flawed concept I can imagine, but screw it, Humboldt, go smoke another one, and dream on…

    Thanks for pointing out that the whole thing was about money, from the start, and that pot had little to do with “benefits to mankind” of “personal freedom”, and was mainly about “personal financial benefits to the grower” from the beginning.

    Pot should be free, and everyone should grow their own little “dope patch” if they feel that it is needed.

    Get the money out, and at least some of the harm may disappear!

    It seems impossible that promoting drug use will benefit anyone at all…

    • No one gets out of this alive. Not even you. Ever had cancer? No i didn’t think so. Big talk, no game. Good luck with that chemo bro.

      • groba dude trustafarian osnt

        Cannabis will not cure Cancer.

        Nobody gets to live forever. Embrace the beauty of your existence. Getting high adds very little to the experience.

        The main benefit of marijuana, is it makes people into sheep, who are content to perform mundane tasks in between smoke breaks. There are whole countries full of poor folks who do not need pot, and who will do dirty, repetitive jobs, for a dollar a day and a bowl of rice…

        Smoking that weed will make you into a whiny little baby who insists that weed is “beneficial”, but it will get you nowhere, and it will make your life pass you right by.

        Insisting that you “need” cannabis to “survive” cancer treatment, makes about as much sense as saying that “personal strength” has nothing to do with success.

        If you had any “personal strength”, you would never need to do drugs, and, life is much more rewarding to the sober, clean person who builds a life around personal accomplishment, rather than sitting around, smoking weed and complaining about everyone else’s viewpoint.

        • There is a huge difference between a wake and bake Stoners that likes to stay stoned all the time for no good reason and somebody trying to recover from say chemo treatment or anything else that leaves them with no appetite .Pot may not cure cancer, but it could possibly make the person a little more comfortable during their last couple years of life, or while recovering from an intense round of treatment like chemotherapy. It’s certainly better than being fucked up on morphine or other opiate painkillers. But I would have to agree the medical benefits of pot are way overblown. When somebody is dying or in their last few years of life, and smoking marijuana make them a little more comfortable then why not let them, what’s it going to do kill them?

        • Someone on both sides of the fence

          You’re wrong. Research it.

        • hrmm. from personal experance there is a bennifit from canibus medicaly. i was prescribed sever hundred perc 10 each month for pain management for chronic pain caused by years of military service. since i started using cbd oil several years ago i can tell you i have had to take less than half of a single monthly dose. so please mister keep your opions to yourself , yes you are entittled to them, and yes you are free to express them wither they are right or wrong. i fought for those rights so you and others could enjoy them. But please realise that you actions could be casuing others to live half lifes filled with pain that got so bad at times , you really concidered just painting the walls red or suck starting a shotgun, because life for all its wonders was becoming less and less worth it for the pain experanced.

          • groba dude trustafarian osnt

            I believe that you are promising too much. Being free to grow and smoke, is also different from bulldozing the forest, building greenhouses, trucking in diesel and plastic and potting soil by the ton, and demanding $5000 for a pound of flowers. The greed exhibited by the “medical pot community” in the past, was, well, pretty unbelievable. Flower is still sold, by the eighth in dispensaries, for $6-7000 per pound.

            This level of greed has ruined the image of “medical pot”, and anyone trying to convince me that it is “valuable”, that “CBD oil” extrated by, whatever method, is somehow going to “improve the last few years of anyone’s life”, will be wasting their breath.

            For myself, no weed, no oil of weed. If I was dying of Cancer, I would be calling for 100 proof Vodka, Cocaine and Heroin, and I would only get Morphine, Amphetamines (possibly) and Alcohol, in this country. I don’t waste my time speculating about these things, and prefer to live healthy, sober and clean, for as long as possible, and Doctors have little that I want.

            Pot people fall into that category. Use all you want, but please don’t tell me that it’s good for anything besides making a few people rich, and everyone else delusional and placated in their intoxicated state.

            • I would not combine the little maroon pill with a 30 on it with the vodka. serious dehydration will occur. best combo I found is an IPA 7% or higher combined with gorilla glue (30% THC). dehydration, constipation, confusion, grumpiness all leads to a bad life. I am on my 17th year excessive pain management. double absolute on the rocks with a twist of lime will put brown spots on the backside your hand.

              • groba dude trustafarian osnt

                After 17 years, it is hard for me to imagine that you get much actual relief from Opioids of any description. After that much time, you are basically just controlling withdrawal, not pain. Regular beer use is expensive, and the same as far as controlling withdrawal.

                You would be better off going clean and sober. Check out St Helena Hospital Recovery Center, as it is usually full of people who either bottomed out, or who decided to go without.

                They will teach you something, and if you decide to explore sobriety further, you will find out that life can be beautiful, with out any drugs at all. Learn meditation, relaxation, yoga. Go for massage therapy. Try it without drugs. You might find out that pain actually does not hurt that much…

                Medical detox is one of the best treatments you can consume, and they can teach you a new way to treat and deal with your condition.

                Good luck!

                • Pain doesn’t hurt that much? [edit] I have bone spurs growing into my spinal cord and the risk of operating is too great, so the solution is to go home and take drugs and there are days when that’s all you can do.

                  I’ve done yoga, for years and meditated for even longer. I can put you into a relaxation response is a short period of time that will lower your blood pressure and pulse. I’ve tried all the mind tricks and body tricks.

                  Exercise, works great, except I can’t walk for 3 or 4 days after. Chiropractors and massage therapists, aware of the consequences of screwing up on me, opt for their license. I don’t blame them.

                  I tried injections directly into my spine, that did not work either. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke tobacco or pot. If I take the recommended dose of Percoset, 4 per day, I watch big fucking spiders and snakes crawl down the walls of my bedroom and I see other things that do not exist.

                  The one thing that helps that does not seem to produce any side effects that I cannot live with, 100mg to 200mg of pot infused into a fruit juice base.

                  I have lived with various addicts for most of my life. My extended family, a big one, consisted of about 80% alcoholics, 15% drug addicts and 5% totally screwed up individuals, who if they were smart, invested in the best therapy they could afford.

                  So, don’t give me that horseshit that pain doesn’t hurt that much. Come visit me for 5 minutes and I will convert your [edit] righteousness and teach you something about pain.

                  Thanks to the pioneers that make it easy for me to relieve pain. I am grateful for your efforts.

                • groba dude trustafarian osnt

                  Good luck, Mr Guest. Others have done without their pain meds, alcohol and pot. I have gone 8 years clean and sober. It was not easy.

                  Everyone’s experience is different.

                  I wish you well.

            • In my 1911 I trust

              I was with you right up until the point you brought up CBD and lumped it in with THC. The medical effects of THC are far overblown and people use it to get high. Thats the reason why the majority of pot being sold are THC heavy strains. CBD has many many medical benefits and needs more research dedicated to it. CBD also doesn’t get you high, which is why so little of it is actually bought by the public. However, if you are going to talk about a naturally chemical compound like CBD that has ZERO psychoactive effects yet is proven to be the only medication that stops seizures in people suffering from epilepsy almost immediately and say it has no medical value, then I cannot take the rest of your points seriously. There is a reason parents in Texas are risking decades in jail to grow CBD rich strains to provide to their kids suffering from epilepsy.

          • You just counterdicted yourself by telling him to keep it to himself and then glorified yourself as a person who fought so people could express themselves. So which is it? Without sharing our experiences and opinions, you just shut down conversation, debate and education.

            • In my 1911 I trust

              I believe its contradicted. I just think that people should have their facts straight first before they put forth arguments. If you are arguing points with invalid facts your argument itself is then invalid. I try to urge people to have their facts in order and put forth relevant arguments supported by facts not feelings. Feelings are good to have, but they have little relevance in the real world unless they are supported by facts. [edit]

        • “countries full of poor folk doing repetitive dirty jobs”… These are the people who need cbd liniments for their repetitive damage to joints&and muscles. Even racehorses benefit from cbd rubs. Large scale pot farms will have lots of repetitive dirty jobs available. They will need vats of cbd liniment available on demand….maybe some good smokin weed too. To each his own. And don’t forget how good the nutritional value of the seeds are for essential fatty acids, necessary for proper brain function. Plus the discards can be used to make cement& paper.

        • You certainly don’t need weed to sit around complaining about everyone else’s viewpoint.

        • Your on to something! I agree totally smoked 25 yrs straight quit and the lights went on I sure wasted a lot of valuable time being loaded. Recreational and legalization will set back an entire generation.

    • Drug policy sucks huh Grobadriveldrivel? I’m sorry due to this fact your mother can’t get the meds she needs.

  • You mofo’s done shit for pot except make money riding the shirttails of those who have …

    • Huh? I don’t know about him but Pebbles has been messing with the Mendocino County government people for a long time trying to get basic medicinal marijuana rights established. She’s not pushing for huge farms or making piles of money- just trying to help out sick people for real. She has my respect.

  • Interesting story. I am glad herstory is being told! Thank you Pebbles Trippet for your bravery, dedication and trailblazing! Let’s hope moving forward cannabis can keep the vision to a higher place.

  • Very interesting and very much appreciated. It’s good when the true pioneers of the Cannabis industry are recognized. I am happy that I have the choice to use medical cannabis thanks too activists like Pebbles. One love.

  • I remember a day in 2007 when I came upon a little tiny elderly woman, with her f250 stuck in a ditch along Branscomb road. I stopped and used my tow strap to yank her out. Afterwards she shocked me by offering me a handful of some of the best bud I’ve ever seen in my life for the help, and introduced herself as Pebbles. I declined as I do not partake. Good vibes, Good people. Keep up the good fight.

  • The problem with pot is not that it turns people into sheep, but rather that it has a long track record of helping people become independent. That is why pot is illegal in the first place–the government has a harder time controlling people who smoke weed.

    As far as pain and medicinal effects to, it’s different for everyone, as it is for many substances. I prefer ingesting for pain relief as smoking makes it worse–but eating it makes me feel better.

    As far as recreational use versus medical–hey y’all–what’s the biggest killer in the USA–STRESS! So there is great medical value in relaxing and having a good time and while some of you may not think of that as “medical”–it certainly has a long track record of keeping people alive. So do other forms of relaxation and enjoyment. Putting kittens and small children in senior homes has had wonderful results as well. And pot is yet another way to assist people in relaxing and feeling good. That has great health benefits whether you call it “medical” or not.

    • Not sheep- just stupid people . Very resistant to new thought. That is not exactly the same as independent unless you consider rocks independent.

      But it would certainly take care of one objection if people would eat it rather than smoke it. It would remove the 200 ft circle of repugnance that surrounds a pot smoker. If the producers would effectively reduce the stink, it might be possible to ignore it better. At least until you had to repeat the same simple thing for the fifth time. Then you might wonder why they don’t remember.

  • wonderful article, great idea. treacherous comments!

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